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February 08, 2019

strong confident woman quotes

Alice walker
Alice walker

strong confident woman quotes

In American history, the label of slavery is the stain, which will not be able to detect even though it has been tried to eradicate millions, because of the American people's attitude that continues even today. While the black people have always expressed their vivid expressions of love, the three men are headquartered in the struggle for rights where the black men came forward. The Alx Walker's count is in the aspect that has played a major role in highlighting public rights. His writings are a combination of public rights. Let's know what their situation is.
Leading Fiction Writer, novelist and political activist Alice Walker born in 1944 in Georgia. Walker was the eighth child of his father's parents. Due to the growing growth in the South, Walker felt that there was a lot of blemish among a particular black family, and it was due to external motivation in which it has to be disrupted from injustice, unemployment, and other people. When a walker was eight years old, a gun disappeared from an eye. Her parents could not provide proper medical facilities to her. A Walker's Eye got a black scarf that lasted forty years. Walker's disability gave her the opportunity to think separately from the people, and this observation helped her become a writer. Walker started writing the diaries and reading with a steady step. "The books became my world," she says, in the world I was present, she was very tired. " When Scholarship was received, Walker studied at Atlantis Superman College and then graduated from Sara Lawrence College New York in 1965. When he was working for a public rights movement, he met a Jewish lawyer Melon Lenththal. In 1967, both of them moved to Jackson, Mississippi, got married and shortly after New York arrived. This marriage did not last long and divorced a few years later. Walker started his literary journey as a poet. His first collection of poetry was published in the name of "Vince" in 1968, and six more collections were published. Walker set books on writers of the South, wrote articles. Walker made Womanist's term and highlighted the feminism approach to highlight the identity of black women. The two collections of Walker stories were published in Love and trouble (1973) and you can not keep a good woman down (1981) and its initial novel The third life of Grange Copeland (1970) and Meridian (1976) was published, Who highlighted the awareness of public rights movement in fiction. Whose historical American history is? Walker's reputation received from the color purple novel, published in 1982.

strong confident woman quotes

This novel is written in rural African American women's words, and to tell about how women and sex characteristics are related. The novel received a patent prize in 1985 and became a film. Walker's later novels include the temple of my familiar (1989), Possessing the secret of joy (1992) and by the light of my father's smile (1998). Walker wrote about the relationship between sexuality and spiritual nature in the context of women, African, Asian and the Middle East. This situation highlighted a new point of view of fame's. Alice Walker is currently in California and is constantly writing. The book Chicken Chronicles, including his memories, was published in 2011. Walker regarding the United States's black women writers says in an interview in 1973, "Black women writers were ignored in the US, even black male writers ignored them." There are two reasons for which women writers were not given importance instead of black male writers. One reason is to have their women. Critics consider the intention of time to do their intelligence only on their work. He never tried that dark travels passed through the writings of black women in the writing of life. Men are always cruelly with women due to their sovereignty. Nathan Haggins did not fully recognize the work of Chhundanel Kersten in her famous book "Every leg Renaissance". He illustrates the role of the work of a white writer, based on the views of Gundanel Herbert. That is, you are not mentioning the work of the original artist and talking to the person who made the subject of the work of this original artist. Hospitals mention many attributes, without the name of Huston and they also say that they used to master language spelling but were neutral about their work. I read Histon's work myself and wondered what he had on the statement where the other words could not be found, he wrote the poetic language. He was among the writers whose black and white were friendly friends from both writers and he never made his dark identity controversial. Black women were not treated well with the writings of writers. Even black critics assume that the book in which the family of the black family is mentioned or related to women and men is less important. The book on such a topic that is related to white people. That is why most of our books do not tell much about black culture, imagination, future, and possibilities, as they tell about the white world. A book that mentions people's collective awareness, dreams of dreams, creations and rituals and is considered as important as a collective reality, how much is it written about black women writers? And black, which are the native inhabitants of Africa, and the blackout of the white outside, but the dark culture is not offered. When the white people are mysterious, they inspire themselves to darken themselves so that they forget themselves, in their original and in the imagination of their culture. In a magazine when my own novel began to be published. It was read very little but soon the magazine published a comment that the novel was like white critics and was written in my comment about my life. I complained about the manager, so he answered me a little bit. Regarding my image what is right for others. It does not matter to me what else others see. I assume that the other is so intelligent that they will get out of the shock that seemed to be due to me there. Female writers are given less importance than men. It is understood that women who write are not so important to read. How do women live, how they think. What do they think about their generation? It is necessary to see. I do not read comments on my writing as long as he is not about any complete work. I hope that one of the men and women of our generation will surely wake up who will forgive me, which I do not agree and will read my work for this, that I have my feelings, concepts, and it itself Will be out They will also be free throw
it out of the window. They will do what they want

Great Leader Fredrick Douglas

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February 05, 2019

Maya Angelo quotes about life

Quotes about life
Maya Angelo

 Maya Angelo quotes about life

Maya Angola is a Blackman American black racist. The status of a singer, Dancer, actress, musician, and Hollywood, is the first black guide. But due to this, the dominant part of reputation emerged as an ally, editor, drama, poet, and civil rights activist. He worked with Dr. Martin Lutherking Junior and Human Rights for Malcolm X. He also served two presidential committees Gerald Ford 1975 and Jimmy Carter in 1977. In 2000 US President Bill Clinton awarded him the National Medal of Arts and in 2010 American President Barack Obama has given America the greatest civil award of the presidential mediator, given to Maya. Maya Angel was awarded more than fifty credentials. Maya Angelo faced many problems in her personal life. May a woman feel guilty of being a woman at a young age. Sexual violence, being women, concepts of second-class creatures, etc., exist like an oxy with Maya. The concept of sexually abused does not forget the age of them. Detailed mention of sex abuse in Maya is described in her biography. Maya writes that I lived in my childhood with my grandmother. After being abused by her mother's close-hearted friend, Maya went to a 5-year-long period of silence. At that time Maya was only seven years old. Maya lost herself in the study of books after this incident. So Maya did not read books only but also started searching for a woman's civil, nature and identity. Meanwhile, he studied Edgie Allen Po, Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, Luther Hughes, Paul Larsen Dunbar. Professor Mrs. Floror, on the age of twelve, turned on to speak Maya again. The mention of the Maya Children's Book in Moment of friendship:

Pun Flora told me about the importance of speaking. I know the importance of education and created poetry in me. "
Maya Angelo has six diabetes. Write down the issues that they have in their lives. Maya is not the only actress or Hollywood actor, nor has become one of the knowledgeable civil rights activists. He left many problems in his life. They are sometimes cooked in dancers and sometimes singers in different hotels. Even Maya Angel worked as a bus conductor.
Maya's wedding was accompanied by a shipwright Tosh Angelou, who was racially American white. A Maya's Passing Pass Opens the Private Life of Maya in Maya. Maya states that the husband and wife belong to such as the morning and night.
Maya Angelo was a black poet. They fought the abortion of all ages. She is also considered to be despised and less caste in modern American society due to a black slave and a woman's life at once. Maya sent her position and told me a very good message. Maya's poetry is not just a book or a creative poem. But also reflect their biography. Maya talks in most of the poems in most poems, but a black woman becomes a collective voice that wishes to save slavery, gain right in life, and get a place of courage. \ "I will wake up \" Maya is the order that covers his firm commitment, which has also got some autobiographical effects of Maya's life
. Maya Angelo Einstein is a fanatic around the globe. He died in 2014. In that
The poems are human rights, especially the rights of women.

"Maya   "unusual woman " is also an extraordinary order. Regarding the authentication, this poem has been coded in many places. In this poem, Maya Angelo can be clearly believed and trusted on her own, and as a representative of a general woman, it can also be seen that she is the woman's unique personality. But want to have a sense of beauty and beauty. The woman who is considered second-class creatures in male dominant society. This poem is seen more confidently than the qualities and qualities of its personality, and perhaps Maya Angela wants to see every woman such unusual confidence.
One reason for Maya's reputation is to write a poem on the "invitation of the morning" and read under the invitation of American President Bill Clinton. This poem emphasizes non-racial racial respect, religious discrimination, and human harmony.
Maya Angelo has a distinct identity around the world as a settlement. He died in 2014. Their poems have become human rights, especially women's rights. 

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January 30, 2019

how has the internet changed our lives

how has the internet changed our lives

 how has the internet changed our lives

It is a fact that the promotion of present-day technologies is far away, it has got the importance in our lives, which is why development is impossible. Due to this, the contacts are over and over soon, the distances have been removed, this is a revolution which is a result of the work of a few people, which needs to be known.
In this era of technology, Internet services cannot be denied. Because of this, the whole world has become a global community. Now no information is far from any human being.
We talk to our loved ones, send a message, write a video, send photos, read and watch the news, many books download songs, listen to the radio and play online games Booking is available on fingerprints. It's only the best source is the Internet. Now, where did it come from, who made it? This is an interesting question. Actually, this is the result of the hard work and efforts of many intelligent humans.

how has the internet changed our lives

Internet services cannot be denied at the time of this technology. Because of this, the whole world has become a global community. Now no information is far from any human being. We talk to our loved ones, send a message, write a video, send photos, read and watch the news, many books download songs, listen to the radio and play online games Booking is available on fingerprints. It's only the best source is the Internet. Now, where did it come from, who made it? This is an interesting question. Actually, this is the result of the hard work and efforts of many intelligent humans. Internet history is not too old. Only 55 years ago, in 1962, was a JRRL scientist, who founded the network called Intergalactic. Actually, it belonged to an agency named "DAPA" - Defense Advanced Research Project, which was the first goal of making people access all kinds of information using computers in the world. Just by taking this dream, JRL went to the field and became the head of Dripa. His two sons, Vent Craff and Bob, who put Internet name on Internet interrogate network in 1974, and forwarding the JCRL mission, introduced the TPP transmission control protocol system. After this, Dr. Robert Cliff invented a wire in 1976, called Ethernet Kochelle Cable, which could be transmitted from a computer to another computer. Such as file text etc. But it could work in a limited space. Only inside the office, school or any building. Then in 1983 Vent Kraff and Bobo Khen renamed DAPA to Arpa Net and made sure that whatever internet is required, it will have to take TCP. It was just started. Further development occurred in 1984 when Dr. Johann Postal created the web. It could be done in different ways for different organizations, like today we search for .com, .org, .edu, .gov, but now Internet Travels started barely. In 1989, again, Vent Kraft and Bob Juan, both sons of JCRL, took a major step and a company founded the ISP. I.e. Internet Service Provider. It's 2 advantages. One's father's dream was fulfilled, the other hard work was going to turn into a business now because the Internet connection could now go home. It is exactly like telephone wires and a receiver with which we know the name of the modem. So easily, any user's computer was connected to the Internet connection and the company used to receive its bill. This is called Dialup System. In 1991, Tim Burns made www modes - the Worldwide Web. After this addition, many jobs could now be online now. The result of this success proved to be an important breakthrough in the way of many amazing revolutions. The first pizza adopt online service made it easy to book pizza, but there were still plenty of problems.1996 was the year when the first email service hit the Hotmail. Electrical posts could be sent anywhere on the Internet. In 1998, our known search engines were Google Live. The amount of making it leads to the Larry Patch and the Cold Brain. In 1999, tired of internet wires, a young man began to think differently. He thought that sound like a wire can go from one place to the other, why there is no data in the radio, WiFi was born in that struggle, ie the wireless fidelity, which also got a difference between the modem. It was an important milestone that works well for us today. The performer's name is Napix. Wikipedia was a website in 2001. It could be used to solve any issue of education. Now a new era started. The arrival of 2003 began to provide entertainment on the Internet. Apple uploaded up to 200,000 songs in the site called Icon.2004 was the time Gmail launches and data storage capacity was 1 GB, while before Yahoo! only 2,4 MB was given. Now on the Internet, the video was resolved, this problem was resolved after YouTube's arrival in 2005. This element was also done by Google. There was an extra advantage of its launch because both video downloads and uploads could be done.

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how has the internet changed our lives

More interesting work was done in 2006 when Facebook and Twitter appeared. The makers of them are Zuckerburg and Jack Darci. What are the advantages of these sites, they are not in need of any introduction? And many of them have introduced new things that will make life more easy and easy. This development of science and technology has become an important source of ease for humans.

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January 24, 2019

Solar paperback, for charging smart phone

smart phone charger
 charging smartphone

Solar paperback, for charging smartphone:

The charger is very important for charging the phone, there are various tools in the market, as recently a newspaper reported that a Chicago company has invented a great technology called Solar Paper, like the Solar Charger. Works, its size is so precise that it can be kept in notebooks too. The company claims that the laser can charge up to 3000 MAHs of smartphones in an hour.
solar Paper

Solar Paper, this charger is designed with a flexible melt, which would turn it down to 160 degrees, if it was turned to 160 degrees. The company has designed this charger specifically for colleges and university students, who need tablets smartphones to complete their different assignments. An important feature of this device called Solar Paper, which makes it distinguished with other charges is automotive disinfected technology, i.e. the phone automatically shuts charging after hundred percent charging, which does not harm the battery. A solar charge also has a digital screen that is compatible with a typical calculator screen, which shows the charge rate of the phone or tablet, as the charger designs with modern design requirements. Due to this, it has been not only water-proof but also magnet has been installed to increase the power of charging, that you should apply with solar sheets and increase the power of charge as much as you want.

January 24, 2019

Samsung's Galaxy S series

 Samsung's Galaxy S series
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung's Galaxy S series…
The phone introduced to Samsung's Galaxy S series for over 10 years will be equipped with revolutionary technology and there will be features that will make people mockery.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Galaxy S10 will be the flagship phone of this South Korean company, with which 4 versions will be introduced, out of which 3 will be Regular Galaxy S10, and the fourth is the BMW-based model, 6.7 inches Display, 6 cameras, and 5 g support.

 Samsung's Galaxy S series

Regular 3S10 models will be given 5.8 to 6.4 inches display, while 3 to 5 cameras will be on Front and Back. This company is about to introduce the Reverse Wireless Charging feature to its flagship phone, with the help of Galaxy S10 models sharing their battery life with other devices, just like Matt 20 Pro.

Beyond X model will be Samsung's largest display, with 6.7 inches screen, four back camera and 2 front cameras, next-generation 5G network support.

In fact, it will be a phone like Apple's iPhone's 10th birthday, which will change the phone design of this company.
In order to keep at least the basil in the S10 models, Samsung's new touch display will be used.

These four phones are likely to be introduced during an event in the middle of February, out of which 3 S10 models will be offered for sale soon, while the Wi-Fi support phone is from the advice of mobile operating companies providing this service. The market will be introduced.