Dance in marriage of Pakistani Black People

Dance in the marriage of Pakistani Black People

By Sheedi Yaqoob Qambrani,

Black sheedis settled in Sindh Province in Pakistan are the owners of great happiness and heartfelt nature. They make many opportunities to laugh for everyone in their happiness, especially at the wedding ceremony, their dance is very tender and happy. Their dance makes this event a great deal in which the children and the old ones dance well with them.
On the occasion of marriage, Pakistani blacks show their keen style of happiness. On this occasion, they completely express their happiness by eliminating all the differences and doubts. And dance on the drum of your drum and dance, this element is a special part of their ritual, in which the bride is prepared and riding in the car, and the friends and relatives of the car dance better after the car. Where is the marriage ceremony, and afterward everyone is fed up If seen, it is a charming pattern of love and a better relationship between Pakistani black people.