Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval

 Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval
Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval

   Traditional Manghopr Festval

Traditional Manghopir festival in Karachi is celebrated on the occasion of the Manghopir annual urse(mela) period. In which Sheedi people
participate in the number of Sindh and Balochistan.
This period of celebration is for seven days, in which Sheedi Dhamal is arranged throughout the world. If you are seen, this festival is a combination of sheedi rites, all of which contain straw Silsla Goreya while we call it a seasonal festival too. It is because when ancient palm trees were palm 
.trees, our people
Our commitment to the mango pir is from Baba Gore, about which our major 
traditions say that at the place where there is a mausoleum of Manghopir, there was a little bit ahead and there was a passage for a pilgrimage. It used to be used, and the same way was a pathway for Arabia.
Many caravans used to travel to this caravan, because there were four Wali’s elites in Hazrat Baba Farid, Hazrat Lal Shahbaz, Hazrat Bahawaluddin and Hazrat Shaykh Noubi al-Marof’baba Gore in this caravan, traveling to a  Hajj. On that same path, Manga Ram used to loot all the caffeers called lamps in those days, so when the culprits of these caves reached this place, their encounter also happened with Ram, Ramha Ram did not observe the eyes of four cubits.
After being cautious with their sins, the elders were intelligent to pay the right to these culprits. After being Kafla, it was engaged in rituals and worships, when the Kaafah returned to Hajj and returned to it, changed the world of Mingram at that place.
The Mongols also received feeds from these presents and also sought some signs from them. Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar released cold and hot springs from his kramat, Baba Farid, who came to his senses, shook his wings but smashed the crocodile which was still under the tomb. Hazrat Bahawal Dhalmya Baba Prayer prayed for the truth and Baba Ghor specified some of his intention to serve him.
After the arrest of the Mongolian Mughal, the patriarchs and the people of Baba Ghor founded the events of their era, which is established today, due to the Silsla chain of connection with the Ghorya chain.
In the Sheedi festival, regarding the ritual of meat openness. The biggest but the fish is named as Moab. This tradition has been coming for centuries, and many faithful people have also brought meat, they bring meat as a sacrifice and bring meat with no respect.
But those who bring Sheedi belief in the meat festival, but the chief of the crocodile, the mother-in-law, who is called Tikka, is marked by marks or marks, the tick is actually the Sindhi language. It is the word which means to be marked, so it is grounded to the fragrant wood of the Chandan Chandan.
Many people had the impression that it is a Hindu ritual or it is so it is wrong, but it is just about a person’s identity. And it is also wrong to imagine whether the Sheedi girls feed or offer this meat, while the guardian presents this meat, the rest of the other has no idea of its fact.
 Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval
Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval
 Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval
Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval
In the present era, four large Jamete(tribe) of Sheedi community organize this festival and all communities participate in it.
These are four groups.
1. Kharader Sheedi jamaat
2. Lasee Sheedi jamaat
Hyderabadi Sheedi jamaat
4. Belara Sheedi jamaat
All jammed have been united and formed a fifth jamaat, which is named Kambaine Sheedi jamaat, and its responsibility includes the annual Urse of the Mingopar. In order to determine the date of this festival, all members of all jamaat are invited and their agreed verdict meets the date of the festival.
On the festival of the festival are the oldest ones used to be in the past, from Friday to Friday, they have to pay their attention. Festival of festivals starts from Friday, on that day the Chader Sharif is mounted on Manghopir and a regular festival is being sold. All the people attend. This schedule is scheduled to be done.
On Friday, the Chadar Sharif, by all the jamaets,
Saturday  Amiri, Kharadar jamaat,
Sunday the first tikka, afternoon Amree Lasee sheedi jamaat,
Monday Second Tikka, Lassi Sheedei jamaat, afternoon Amree Hyderabadi sheedi jamaat,
Tuesday Third Tikka, Haiderabadi Sheedi jamaat, afternoon Amree Belara sheedi jamaat, 
Wednesday, 4th Tikka, Belara Sheedei jamaat


 Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval
Traditional Manghopir Sheedi Festval

۔ At present, peculiar houses have become home, and before 1990, we came here and made havoc, and an environment which was like mini-Africa. Where he thought that you are in Karachi but not in Karachi.
Our curiosity and preparation begin as fast as the days of the festival begin, shopping for new clothes and shoes for women start arranging new costumes for themselves, a goat for goats and goats.
Arrange other accessories, if any insult is buried or martyred then it is prepared again and ready to be ready. Along with that, some new dhole is also bought, so that there is no problem. And on the other hand, that day also comes that day, the day on which the festival is to be announced,
this announcement is done two months before the festival so that everyone will make it ready. After the announcement, God forbids someone else or is there any tragedy, the celebrations of the festival are not stopped.
In order to invite the Sheedi community of another city,  is the duty of the jamaat to send a call to every city till it is registered, now contacts have become easier now This notification is easily available soon.
In the field where it comes to normal, it is
used by all kinds of liquor, as soon as the zahir prayer is finished, then it starts with the heat, now this short journey begins to go inside the shrine, When the stairs of the shrine are climbed, they are mentioned in the mention of the swing of manghopir and approximately fifty hours are reached in the mausoleum and it is started early morning and its team is already prepared. .
In the mausoleum, this fluid chain remains approximately two to three hours, after which the journey of dormitory begins, which ends in the end from which it starts at the earliest. In this way, this festival is going on for four days continuously, and it is only during the hours of prayer.
The thing that is scattered in the hand of a person who is inclined, also called rod, statue, and mukta, there are also some straps in hand.
The rods actually take under the sign of Baba Gore, so those who worship especially do it with a great belief, also put the silver cover on it. It is necessary for women to be laminated, it is necessary for us to take care of every house.
Chunre is a special type of duplicate which affects women between Vajpayee, this often we give our girls the right to marry. In this way, the shadows of the festival are ending after the whole week, the final sheet begins on Friday on the day of Friday and the holiday is started by celebrating the festival.

The scene of the departure from the festival is also great, the passion of love, love, and dedication in fifteen days, which is a passionate desire for each other, gives an opportunity to express There are no words for It is mentioned in the irritable lips,
“The river sitting on the banks of the sea, Chen chooses Chen Chen, sitting on the big fish, keeps singing pigeons saying, then you will meet, then you will meet then you will meet again. In this way, everybody goes for golden memories of the festival and returns to their own desires, and untold love of love and rewards establish such a way that will always remain and remain the main source of the mileage of generations.