Ancient city of Hyderabad Sindh

Hyderabad Sindh
Today we talk to Hyderabad, one of the oldest cities of Sindh. The history of this city is ancient, as well as information enlargement, at present, it is Sindh’s second-largest city, and it is very charming and cool in the city. History states that this city is a hill which is called Ganoj Tucker, which is situated in Patiala, Patalpur, also called here for Patan Bunder. But Maroon Coat is famous for this city in history.
In the Sixth Century AD, the Raja Samajars of Household Samaras was ruled by the area which was under the control of the governor of the Brahmanabad.
At the end of seven hundred CE, Raja Daar was appointed ruler of India here, a Buddhist follower. Thus, this city is ancient and also has a commercial center, but the history of this city has become more prominent after the arrival of Muslims. The city was an Arab ruler from 712 to 1026 AD, and this city was long-term for Mahmud Ghaznavi’s minister Abdul Razaq. Mughals also kept this area in their control and kept sending their submissions, after the government of Somra and Samha, this city was built in central Chhattisgarh in the Kalhora era, also known as the golden era of Sindh, in which knowledge and skills The masterpieces were introduced. This shrine also got to the Kalohara era government that he named Hyderabad and attributed the name of Hazrat Ali Karam to Allah. Earlier, the central capital of Sindh used to be situated in Godabad wherein 1757, due to large floods coming to Neron Kot, Hyderabad. Kalhora ruler Ghulam Shah has a large number of skilled, craftsmen, populace, the populace of Hyderabad, cooked fortresses and crabs are great monuments of the era which are now on the mercy of archaeologists. This city also has Asia’s largest market as it is called the Royal Market, starting from the main gate of the market, it is set up to a kilometer up to the Raised Market. Hindu families were abundantly settled before both sides of this market, who are still known as their names today, such as Thadani, Advani, Gadjani, Vasani, Mirchandani, Barbanani, Lalaniani, etc.
Today, this city offers an ancient and modern building scenario, now some new fry and apart from new areas, it has also grown rapidly. Due to transportation sources and industry growth, this city is growing day by day. Now it is necessary that ancient and modern this confluence should be settled well.