Bilawal Belgium

Bilawal was a black artist and was born in Lyari. He got fame for playing the banjo. He spent most of his time on the Hyderabad radio. He got the title of Belgium because of Banjo.

It is said that art is not a legacy of anybody, it is Goddess capable of which man is beneficial. Black breeding is larger than the rectangle, it has a birth element that is found in the heritage like head and lean. There is no region in the world where it will be there, art and culture remain close to them, today the artists and artists of the world are the only ones who hold themselves in an academy.
Today we talk about Bilawal’s birth anniversary in the birth of Bilawal Belgian. According to Professor Saba Dashariari, today, the present generation of the new generation has created Japanese toys as an instrument and created Anthony. “When I used to adhere to the topic of Taqi Shah’s funeral in Mirpur, then a listener said that if you are a Belgian, then I have named him,” writes Bilal Azad, in the monthly life of 1968. Affiliated with you “. He lived in a long-distance of his family life in Hyderabad, where he was a resident of Kochan Seth hotel, located in Khokhar Mahli. His work hard on Benjamin as an actor, while the producer was introduced on the radio as Orchestra 1950 or 1952, in this regard, the famous journalist Sheikh, in his commentary on December 21, 2001, wrote in his article that the specialist Composer and Broadcaster A. Bukhari opposed Banjo to join as Orchestra Radio but when he heard Benjamin from Bilawal Belgian, he not only accepted Benjoo as a builder but also set a stop artist to Bilawal. Thus, the advent of Bananjee on the radio has added a new color to Sindhi and Balochi music, today Sindhi and Baluchi music look uncomfortable.
 The fact is that such artists produce very little art as their own name, and Billy Belgian is also a figure of artists whose mathematics is a mixture.