GM Pilpli is a good spring artist

       Artists have been quite significant in the displaced martyrs, while it has also highlighted their culture. Her favorite expression in her happiness and festivals has been widespread, many names are known as art references and values are worthwhile, who are gonna lose their grief and be scattered for others. This is the history of people who are told that “Whoever is there, we are the ones who passed away from you. We have made you step-by-step”. Even though these people suffer from injustice, they do not get rid of complaints and quietly maintain their passion.
G M Pilpli
There was a time when a song from Hyderabad was broadcast “Shaheed Raja We Raja” daily, this song got a lot of reputation and made it known to the martyrs in Sindh. The song has been very beautiful in the song and it is still in the form of a simple song. The new generation may be known by the poet and creator of this song. Mr. Gul Mohammad Puppal, the creator of this songwriter song, is known as GM Palpali. He started his fascinating career as a religious actor from Radio Hyderabad, he was able to transmit the different types of animals, but his reputation was also involved in his reputation. The artist belonging to the fertile head of Hyderabad Sindh was a friendly, loving, loving-kind person, who was acknowledged as a comedian of his era, and he admitted himself to his godly powers with superior status and reputation. Pie. The Museum of Bombay, which is set up by Mumbai, is also known as the Academy of Artists. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “O Allah! Amen