Mansa Musa, the richest ruler of the world

Mansa Musa


Male the Poor Country of Africa

 There is a country of Republican Africa in the Africa continent, which used to be the richest country in the world, which is now the poorest country in Africa. The meaning of word Male means that the river horse is in their own language is Mombasa most of the fiscal area comes in the great desert Sahara, where there are a great storm and storm in the summer due to which there is a dry drying in this area. Here, more houses are made of brick bricks.


 The country’s income depends mostly on agriculture, with more production of cotton and rice, vegetables, and tobacco. This country is also fertile with minerals, which include gold production, uranium, phosphorus, salt, and limestone. The total area of the Male year is 130,000 square kilometers km, it is the eighth-largest country in the world’s twenty-four and in Africa. The capital of the city is Timbuktu City, which is on the banks of the River Niger, the first military base in the city. There were established businesses that have been removed and removed.

This country is also dominated by the Franciscans who had made it as their colony and ever kept it with Sudan, sometimes counted with Senegal. This country, which is released on September 20, 1960, is currently known as Republican Male. It is an Islamic country where 90% percent Muslims and five percent Christians, five percent belonging to other religions are inhabited. A lie is the 69th largest country in the world with a population of 1 million. Its south is Burkina Faso, Ecuadorian and Guinea, along with north of Algeria in the north and Niger in Senegal.
 Manasa Moussa, a Commander King
From 1312 to 1337 AD, the government had a monsoon government, it has been a good name ruler, whose position was the rise of the financial empire. During this time, the famous cities of Tumblers and Gaal were conquered, but the most popular journey was due to Hajj which he did in 1324. This journey was so famous that its reputation not only reached the Islamic world but Europe. In this journey, he split gold as gold fell in the global market. He brought a specialist from Makkah Mu’ minah to Abu Ishaq Ibrahim alike, who built a palace for two mosques and kings from the brick and brick bridges at Timbuktu on his order. At this time there was no tradition of construction with strong bricks. During his period, financial relations first emerged from the countries in which his relations were more pleasant than Marakish wealth.

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