June 2018 - (Sheedi) black people in Pakistan.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

June 30, 2018

Jumo Kineta. The first president of Kenya

Juma Kineta

Juma Kenta. The first president of Kenya

                  Juma Kineta is counted in Kenya's leaders who are considered to be a great scientist of Kenya's independence against English imperialism. It is said that it took out the tribal rebellion in Kochi to find a better life, it was a period of innovation when it became a member of the struggle of freedom by joining the national movement. In 1963, Kenya appeared on the map of the world in the form of a free country, which became the first President of Jamaica, after the struggle for the day of Ramadaña and his companions.
          The birth of Keena Ta was held on January 1, 1889, at that time the British had been in Kenya for a while and they could not take more land for the population nor were they influenced by the traditional life of Africa. This was followed by European practice when it was undergoing treatment in a British hospital due to an operation, so that it was so much later that a mission came out of the house to study at school and tried fate. Arrives to Nairobi. While young people continue to find opportunities for a person while doing small jobs, some youth of the Kiwu tribe in Nairobi, founded an organization based on East Africa such a goal that was against the greed and domination of the Gordon. In which Kenneta joined secretly because at that time he was a government official Could not associate the view. This organization was abolished in 1925 and its members named Morgan, a new organization (K.C.) Kiwi Central such as the Sewation, leaving Keena to leave his government job and became the Secretary General of this organization. Along with this, the organization's magazine "Megi Vihana" released the release of the editor, whose editor also made it himself.
          Canadas in 1925 to match the three occupied territories of Kenya, Tanzania (Tanzania) and Uganda. CA left London, where he would meet the government secretaries and smooth the way for the freedom of those areas. The idea also supported the blues of Kenya, because they believed that they could also get the right to contribute to the Kenya government, while some Africans were expressing that doing so would make African in Kenya The government will either be reduced or it will be overwhelmed
Wake up. When British government secretaries insisted to meet Kenneta, he wrote a letter in which he wrote "If Africa's independence is ignored then conditions can turn away from the censure and the riots may be likely. Therefore, recognize the rights of Africans on Africa's land, provide them education and basic facilities at official expenses and give them the right to represent in the government. He wrote an article for the Thesis of Anthropology during the formation of London, which later published In the form, "Festival of Kenya" was published in the book. Cook in this book
          When blond settlers refused to accept all their demands in 1948, at that time, an organization called "Mooo" started a violent attitude and started a movement of independence. The organization targeted Kenya's fertile areas, and Kanna was arrested in the same period, which was also sentenced to seven years imprisonment. It was a political case which was criticized by which the government started considering Kenya's independence, and started doing it by 1961. That year, another new party "Kenya African National Union" came into existence, which has won most of the Legislative Council seats. The party, after seeing Kenneth's delays, made him head of his party, and Kenneth was also released from prison in 1962.

Kenya was completely liberated in 1963, whose first president was made of Kenneth. Under which head of Kenya began to be stable from other African countries, and this step-by-step adopted the attitude of African values and started moving toward development Kanetta ensured the representation of all the tribes in the government, which led to a decree in tribal rituals and stability of law and order remained stable. On May 23, 1978, the unbelievable leader of Kenya died in Mumbasa.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

June 21, 2018

Mugerman ( like Durme )

Mugerman ( like Durme )

Mugerman  ( like Durme):--

An unbreakable part of our culture that has been coming along with us for the centuries, and the most important source of our solidarity and understanding today, is the devil who has loved the whole world and love each other. In the relationship, it has introduced an ideal model. Mugerman is actually the word of African, which is related to our ages that the "caller, caller, mover" means this. Whenever an object of insulting is practiced, practically everywhere it reaches from the mugerman, there will be no sheedi, leaving all his work and comes near the devotee, that is called in his voice that attracts everyone. she does.

Musical instoment

Music has a special possession in the lives of martyrs and is his spiritual bond with especially the insignificant object, whose vocals are on the sound when they dance together, the enemies are going to leave and all the people are invited. Love loads are offered in a fierce battle. On the occasion of special festivals or festivals, the moonly nights oppress the Mugerman with the Brazilian Sheedi " Berimbau", its reactionary kind of insulting, and it is also standing. Similarly, the Caribbean race shepherd calls it " Bata" and it runs it in different festivals. Our people in India play it on the occasion of Baba Gore, (the sent of sheedis )with four insults who are called Mydani and Jalpa, they have to be four, except when the rainbow rings mount The number is to be number three, in which one dowl is called Rahmani and the other two Caesar. The Brazilian Sheedi also uses three dhool to "Otaa Kabo", in which the big dhole is called " Rum", the middle dhole is called "rum-pi" and the small Dohol is called " Li  ''. Africa's archeological arena is arranged for inspiring mourning. Sudan has a large range of (dhamal) known as the Sufi Dance, which they mention. Their reaction also looks like heat in which there is no difference in the particle.


A variety of vomiting sounds of mourning or rotating butt sounds like this, and this sound is represented in other compressors. Singing songs on which we call the words to have their own special effects. There are three main types of infectious mugerman, which include the first type of (ketovero), that contain three rhyme in a classical style, and it requires a lot of special skills. No one can save this rhythm, this requires Especialist. It is called Mai, which is mentioned on this rhythm and this (Mavai) is most questionable, it also includes many disorders. The second type (Lus) is a simple rectangle, which is also commonly known as the plains. This rectangle is played in a simpler pattern with its simplicity, which is more flexible. This style is mentioned earlier and later, songs of pleasure also become part of it, so that style comes when all the martyrs are comfortable with an idol. The third type of style that is usually called dhmal, which is considered as a mother-in-leva mother. It is quite similar to the style of lava and it is in the style of lava. In general, in Savalhi, Sindhi, Urdu is mentioned in the same manner, which is understood in the same way in general.
There are also mugerman and makers in which "pure" is made from the sea sail; it is like a mixture that makes our martyrdom in India; Misera would be like a flame that called Shekher in English. Are there There is a lot of difference between Karachi and Interior Sindhi Sheedi Dhamal rituals, but the chain is the same, the interior Sindh also grows in Rajab and Shaban. Families usually mend people like mourning. By looking at it, the concept of emotions emerging, which is especially used in a great deal, while attracting the sound of its sound and its head of convergence.

The Culture Of Black People Of Pakistan: ---

Sheedi (Black) Cultural Dance In Pakistan

( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan

June 21, 2018


Old Rsdio


Many new innovations have created many facilities in today's technology, as well as many problems with them. They say not the machines have played a major role in eliminating mutual relations. On the part of the particle, on the back of the past, the radio first had a great significance, the radio that was in the middle was considered as an important one, everyone used to have a good relationship with them, when we sat in the evening So uncle Hussain waited very intensely, he had a radio that was the only radio set for the local community. Uncle Hussein was the oldest person in our community, and there were great men, they always used to be very kind to children, they had also begun to tangle in their youth, and they always had happy clothes, because their children Kubri used to do business and was well-equipped with reasonable income, so he had stopped his father uncle Hussain from working.

Old Radio

          In the year 77, the radio cell grew up, when Bhutto was executed, the radio was the only source to listen to the news on which people listened to the great news. The popularity of BBC was very good at that time. Uncle also came at seven o'clock in the evening and sat down in the chambers and after the attendance, BBC news was made by eight people who listened to great interest. This atmosphere used to be a big blow, then the tape came to the radar, as well as the TV fell on its own side. TV news cannot be made, but its plays have been stirring public for a long time. TV had to face a lot of conflicts in the beginning period, but at this time, it succeeded in making its own new invention. Along with this, innovations were created in a variety of markets.

old radio

            Those who used to wait for the holiday were no longer such feelings, now their mobile phones have taken place, but the Internet has shown that the entire meeting has been made easy. Now, if we compare that the race before us was developed or on the basis of growth, then the difference seems to be significant. Yes, it has created a great lack of love and mutual sympathy, cheaper and cowboy is also seen which is not possible. We have been very comfortable and because we have used them to maximize the rituals of the rites while using them more than the limit.


Thursday, June 14, 2018

June 14, 2018

Naturا al law of development and success of nations

Naturا al law of development and success of nations  

Naturا al law of development and success of nations 

Every kind of consciousness is concerned about the nurturing society which is moving towards the fall, but the question is that this fall is under pressure. Whether politics or economy has any other means, if it is considered to be deeply reviewed, then it will come to know that the laws and regulations of power for the life, development, and development of them are the laws of reform and goodness. Is the most important That's why it has been said that no one should break the heart, ie, the person who is aware of the goodness, goodness, and the benefit of the nation, will be rewarded and respected. The people who do not have these attributes will stand on the decline and destruction of the destruction. If the whole of human history is studied, it shows that this principle of power is always applied to humans.

Black people in the world are lesser and slave is said that this lack was largely, and where they were well aware, they were also desolate kings. The power of helping each other is far better. There are many examples which can be considered a way of peace and hope if it is considered. This means that the fall of the fall has to be more moral disorder in the national life and the loss of human attributes and the welfare of the welfare of prosperity. Now, if we compare our ethical values, it is a great situation, the fact that the entire human history is roaming around the attribute of good, good and well-being and in the case of growth and development. Any dominant nation or group adopts cruel practices, which means the welfare of wealth and human beings, then the nation starts traveling towards fall.

As far as our national life is concerned, it is very sad to say that we believe in belief in faith and belief that it has been named just a few pure words, and these The heart was not related to the surroundings or thoughts. Due to this, lightness, brightness, and purification in the serenity and character have disappeared, but the ability is not left, which is a lesson or a lesson from the history of ancient history and ancient and modern, and lessons and lessons. It is necessary Therefore, it is necessary that the idea of collective goodness should be developed, poor and poor, rather than a stomach, it should arrange measures to eradicate, arbitrary knowledge and good training should be organized by the nation. It should be avoided to deal with someone's selfishness, without it, it is impossible to move towards development. Allah will grant us the right path.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

June 02, 2018

The story of love and determination

شاہراہ محبت

The story of love and determination

Shah Abdul Latif Bhatti is the star of Sindhi rhyme whose brightness is still full Sindh Munawar. His philosophy touches the heights of greatness in rhyme. It is said that the evaluation of the creation of any creative creator and the thought of thinking about the thought can be done after examining its recognized quality and criterion. The poem of this great poet and pole of thought is based on the emotional composition or belief-based, it may be a chain that will last for some centuries. Because the number of our poets were not even less, but the public popularity Shah Sahib got no other poet. The special reason is that they make such animated patterns in the poetry that they are also worried about doing Ph.D.

           Undoubtedly, the painting of Shahi's words emits in the heart and looks like it is in front of the eyes. The determination of Sassi's commitment is to be mentioned or the love of the idol of love, the points of reference by Shahi Sahib are worth considering. We have considered Sassi's gloves just like love and love, but in fact, it is the story of determination. Whose main role is a woman who suffers every kind of misery and pain for her, with the strength of her intentions, and stirred the destination for which she needs very rationality? It is not possible to deny that woman is compelled to live according to the principles and behavior of the society but when she is borne by her qualities, there is no shortage of any kind in the woman's abilities. Shahi has tried to explain through his point that the commitment to the destination is the ladder which makes it easy to reach the destination. It is important that your commitment and commitment are perfect and reliable. They say (translate) will walk through the feet, those feet will get tired, the knees are gone, they will go to the waist, then the waist leaves the chest, the chest will leave, the chest left with the hands. But you will go on walking, if you leave your eyes with eyes and eyes, you will find the beloved in the woods of the forest and find the fall, then the nuns who did not find it would be sacrificed. The philosophy of Dasti Sansui Paints is the philosophy of women's determination, which Shahbaz has made in a beautiful sign of prostitution. Even today, people come to see that shrine of love and determination, even today the identity of this area is called Sassi.