Radio - (Sheedi) black people in Pakistan.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Old Rsdio


Many new innovations have created many facilities in today's technology, as well as many problems with them. They say not the machines have played a major role in eliminating mutual relations. On the part of the particle, on the back of the past, the radio first had a great significance, the radio that was in the middle was considered as an important one, everyone used to have a good relationship with them, when we sat in the evening So uncle Hussain waited very intensely, he had a radio that was the only radio set for the local community. Uncle Hussein was the oldest person in our community, and there were great men, they always used to be very kind to children, they had also begun to tangle in their youth, and they always had happy clothes, because their children Kubri used to do business and was well-equipped with reasonable income, so he had stopped his father uncle Hussain from working.

Old Radio

          In the year 77, the radio cell grew up, when Bhutto was executed, the radio was the only source to listen to the news on which people listened to the great news. The popularity of BBC was very good at that time. Uncle also came at seven o'clock in the evening and sat down in the chambers and after the attendance, BBC news was made by eight people who listened to great interest. This atmosphere used to be a big blow, then the tape came to the radar, as well as the TV fell on its own side. TV news cannot be made, but its plays have been stirring public for a long time. TV had to face a lot of conflicts in the beginning period, but at this time, it succeeded in making its own new invention. Along with this, innovations were created in a variety of markets.

old radio

            Those who used to wait for the holiday were no longer such feelings, now their mobile phones have taken place, but the Internet has shown that the entire meeting has been made easy. Now, if we compare that the race before us was developed or on the basis of growth, then the difference seems to be significant. Yes, it has created a great lack of love and mutual sympathy, cheaper and cowboy is also seen which is not possible. We have been very comfortable and because we have used them to maximize the rituals of the rites while using them more than the limit.


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