Natural law of development and success of nations

Naturا al law of development and success of nations  
Every kind of consciousness is concerned about the nurturing society which is moving towards the fall, but the question is that this fall is under pressure. Whether politics or economy has any other means, if it is considered to be deeply reviewed, then it will come to know that the laws and regulations of power for the life, development, and development of them are the laws of reform and goodness.

 It is the most important That’s why it has been said that no one should break the heart, ie, the person who is aware of the goodness, goodness, and the benefit of the nation, will be rewarded and respected. The people who do not have these attributes will stand on the decline and destruction of the destruction. If the whole of human history is studied, it shows that this principle of power is always applied to humans.
Black people in the world are lesser and slave is said that this lack was largely, and where they were well aware, they were also desolate kings. The power of helping each other is far better. There are many examples that can be considered a way of peace and hope if it is considered. This means that the fall of the fall has to be more moral disorder in the national life and the loss of human attributes and the welfare of prosperity.

 Now, if we compare our ethical values, it is a great situation, the fact that the entire human history is roaming around the attribute of good, good and well-being and in the case of growth and development. Any dominant nation or group adopts cruel practices, which means the welfare of wealth and human beings, then the nation starts traveling towards fall.
As far as our national life is concerned, it is very sad to say that we believe in belief in faith and belief that it has been named just a few pure words, and these The heart was not related to the surroundings or thoughts. Due to this, lightness, brightness, and purification in the serenity and character have disappeared, but the ability is not left, which is a lesson or a lesson from the history of ancient history and ancient and modern, and lessons and lessons.

 It is necessary Therefore, it is necessary that the idea of collective goodness should be developed, poor and poor, rather than a stomach, it should arrange measures to eradicate, arbitrary knowledge and good training should be organized by the nation. It should be avoided to deal with someone’s selfishness, without it, it is impossible to move towards development. Allah will grant us the right path.