The story of love and determination

شاہراہ محبت

Shah Abdul Latif Bhatti is the star of Sindhi rhyme whose brightness is still full Sindh Munawar. His philosophy touches the heights of greatness in rhyme. It is said that the evaluation of the creation of any creative creator and the thought of thinking about the thought can be done after examining its recognized quality and criterion.

 The poem of this great poet and pole of thought is based on the emotional composition or belief-based, it may be a chain that will last for some centuries. Because the number of our poets were not even less, but the public popularity Shah Sahib got no other poet. The special reason is that they make such animated patterns in the poetry that they are also worried about doing a Ph.D.
 Undoubtedly, the painting of Shahi’s words emits in the heart and looks like it is in front of the eyes. The determination of Sassi’s commitment is to be mentioned or the love of the idol of love, the points of reference by Shahi Sahib are worth considering. We have considered Sassi’s gloves just like love and love, but in fact, it is the story of determination. Whose main role is a woman who suffers every kind of misery and pain for her, with the strength of her intentions, and stirred the destination for which she needs very rationality? It is not possible to deny that woman is compelled to live according to the principles and behavior of the society but when she is borne by her qualities, there is no shortage of any kind in the woman’s abilities. Shahi has tried to explain through his point that the commitment to the destination is the ladder which makes it easy to reach the destination. It is important that your commitment and commitment are perfect and reliable. They say (translate) will walk through the feet, those feet will get tired, the knees are gone, they will go to the waist, then the waist leaves the chest, the chest will leave, the chest left with the hands. But you will go on walking, if you leave your eyes with eyes and eyes, you will find the beloved in the woods of the forest and find the fall, then the nuns who did not find it would be sacrificed. The philosophy of Dasti Sansui Paints is the philosophy of women’s determination, which Shahbaz has made in a beautiful sign of prostitution. Even today, people come to see that shrine of love and determination, even today the identity of this area is called Sassi.