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Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 15, 2018

History of Black Person

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Zirayb is a Jennies Black Person 

Zirayb is a Black Person 

It may be possible that you too wonder how it is possible that a black person has made the new innovations that track the world's point of view of being decent. Because historians have expressed their views in many places negatively, so they can understand this fact and get a little bit of trouble. This person has been shining for a long time due to his skill in art, music, style, beauty, and many other fields, this genius is counted among the advanced people. He not only sent himself to his godly powers but also got the reputation and superiority and has also been inventing many things. Today's educated people have very little knowledge from this personality, and this is a great syntax for those who write it or say that black ones are allocated for slavery or they have a great lack of mental ability. The East Middle East writers are writing a lot about this. Let's know what the person is.

                The name of this person is Abul Hasan ibn Bin, who is called 'Ziryab' instead of his beautiful voice. It is said that this title was given to a happy bird. Baghdad used to be a center of knowledge at the time, where the knowledge and artists were bestowed in value. The way we know that Ibn al-Hashim and Alarabi, physics, Jabir ibn-Hijan, alchemy, al-Azeri and al-Azeri, by Biology, Al-Azeri and Al-Azeri, the History of the New Testament, Al-Nusrud Dudrassi, the  Geographical al-Jihad and Al-Ghazali philosophy, Ibn Rashid, and Tausi knew wisdom and astrology and all Kandy and Kharzemi in the world to know the knowledge of mathematics and al-Jazeera and the hands of the West adopted their hands. Similarly, ziryb also got a good idea of art music as well as the well-being of the well-being and well-being. Its summary is recorded in Ibn Khaldun in such a way that "a black slave named Zirab, here is such a time, which is a great teacher of self-educated Ishaq al-Moussil, who taught the song and when it was a great pleasure in singing and music. When the other disciples started taking the oath, the inspector sent him out of control by the inspector. When it reached the west, Amir Atak was born in Andalus (Spain), Abdurrahman Hakman, who ignored him and welcomed him. Due to Zerab in Andhra Pradesh, the music got a tradition and especially in Ashbela, when the government of Ashbel became weak, those who knew this art came to the west and west of Africa. " (Sueba Ibn Khaldun)

                In Baghdad, 182 AH was one of the brightest cities in 799 CE, where the court of this time, Caliph Aaron Harshid used to worship. This era was called a period of cultural and psychological and religious tolerance, the era of wisdom and art, art, and cyanence in the era were musicians and music as well. They liked music as well as music, as well as the compassionate caliphs, in such a way, the rare stars of the music and art of this era kept awake. Ishaq al-Moussili, a senior professor of Baghdad, introduced a zaryab to the court and said that the leader of the tribe should be heard to me as well. Caliph did the river with the inspiration student, what can you hear? The student responded to the great literature that Mr. Ravi says to you, many countless songs and soul words are safe in my chest, which will not be heard till today. The Caliph ordered a song in an intuitive manner, the caliph was very influenced by the astonishment of Zerab and concentrated on it. Similarly, the special focus of the court created many opponents, as if they do not give examples, and there is no need to argue to fight against anyone if you become a particle, then the opponents will receive you as a gift. This example is honest on zoology, in this situation, Zerab was very difficult to live in Baghdad, and after the death of the caliph, he barely escaped his life and escaped from Baghdad.

                Zerab arrived in Tunis, Tunisia, in 813 AD, settling Damascus, Cairo, Alexandria, and Egypt. Where rich Zeddahullah of Tunisia kept him guest and showed him well. When this news was received from Andhra rich Amir Hashim bin Abdulrahman, he invited Zerab to come to Spain, Zerab was welcomed in Spain, and it was raining. It was the appreciation of his art due to which he was so honored. Zerab began to change his style of consciousness with his intention, which he initially started from the landscape.

                Zerabab had great influence over the renovation of royal jurisprudence, he did this in a good manner that the rulers and the leaders would be stubborn, the elite and the people considered it as an ordinary person. They used to Zerab specially introduces amazing changes in the style of the diet, such as the tradition of food on the table, the use of the spoon and the vinegar, the fact is that the tradition of these traditions in English, but it is not The beginning was introduced in Zaina Zainab. It has traditionally been used to put the sheet on the dining table for cleaning and drying, as well as the use of leather and plastic sheet sheets is introduced. In Andhra Pradesh people used metal woven utensils to drink food, which was said by Saturn Zerab of glassware vessels, which people are still using today. The use of glass vessels used to be inaugurated in big invasions in Andhra Pradesh. The celebrity sweets of the people of the subcontinent, counted by Zerab while living in Spain, Jabby's word is "Zabulabia", a form of change, especially in India with him. It means to say that Zerab emerged as an individual of Andalus history, which has played an important role in bringing qualified speakers to modern posts. Even today, the festivals that claim to be our favorite today are the innovation and invention of a black zoology, which has been well-equipped with artistic music as well as health and well-being. What has happened to you by yourself? There is definitely something that can be used in the world's harbor with the mind and experience of this dark (shade) ninth century CE.

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July 01, 2018

Watauo Faqir

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Vatauo Faqir

panions today we discuss this composite, master, and Sufi of Sindh, which is less material in Sindhi writing, yet its accounts are extremely famous that individuals frequently portray in the gyms. The vast majority have taken these things of knowledge and shrewdness, however they have not possessed the capacity to comprehend the theory behind it.Vatauo Faqir says regardless of being three hundred years even today While reflecting in the time, such an illustration is less normal in writing and history that little things of a non-essential individual and little existences of his life have achieved our new age while going on the cross side of the waterway. Horoscope, However, the expressions of a shortcoming are the same as you seem to be, it complimented to the astute How fear is the individual disturbed, he has said incredibly.

Once the stream conclusion was debilitated, Landlord  told his kin that he should capture the general population for repairing the dam, individuals of Landlord  began getting everybody, he stated, "I am a worker of Reis." Someone else is a bondman, who has been asked from the past, who is your hireling? So when he said that I am God's hireling, it is said to him that he ought to be repaired. The voice of shortcomings turned towards paradise and said that there is no regard for three’s slave and there is no time for your worker, that implies that your ward isn't respectable. Presently it is the part of society that has the impact of each worker of God and in the present time frame you ought to go anyplace for any lawful work, except if you don't give any cubic superstition, you are destiny that your work Otherwise, the work is an obligation of a man or a man to know. Because of this, the class framework has been strong to the point that it is difficult to free it from no place. The expressions of Vedic Poor are a sort of amusingness against pitilessness, in which man's brain is viewed as a slave of the entrepreneur framework, and that is the reason he is seen by God, whose mark shows up in the expressions of Vedic Vatauo Faqir. That is the thing that they say.

Your workers who don't know about your understanding and are infatuated with an identity, who are searching for things in your name, and uninformed of things that we have adored and pride in. This is humane and poor, Deceptions are bamboozled by contempt and disdain, and however wherever I go to God's workers who couldn't care less for social concordance and harsh conduct, and some of them have some sort of turmoil the style communicates its own benevolence. The reason for these is to advance positive conduct in the public eye's consideration and considering.

Vatauo Faqir was a writer, idealize individual whose otherworldly goal was propelled, whose address works with his words. When her mom said to her, Go masterminding wheat and go home in wheat, it left the house and went straight into the mosque and continued wearing a paper pen a while later. He started to state that if not, sign on this paper (if the fortune is vacant) in such a decent sense, he sent wheat sack to him, and he heard the sound of the mosque and stated, "Saw wheat for you" Come here The voice of shortcoming grinning towards the sky and grinned and stated, "Amazing! Presently, in this section, he delineates the ideal faith in Allah, showing that the sustenance is the guarantee of the ace, however, it is a down to earth battle for him. Obviously, the level of such individuals is in an abnormal state, which is important to comprehend mindfulness.
Vatauo Faqir
Vatauo faqer