August 2018 - (Sheedi) black people in Pakistan.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

August 30, 2018

( Sheedi) Black People in Pakistan

                                    ( Sheedi) Black People in Pakistan   

(sheedi ) Black People in Pakistan
Sheedi in Pakistan

Black settled in Pakistan:...

Black and white colors in the world are playing a major role in defining social status, while the process has been running since ancient times. Something is written about it and has been filmed that it is now in every corner of the mind, the black people used to prove their superiority have also used black people. But still, the decision can not be taken. It is God's command that all human beings are equal, the degrees are done with good deeds, whether they are black or black. As far as the matter is concerned about blacks, it seems unique in the world due to its color and race and it is also known since ancient times, but the way they have been practiced by their race But force us to do what is done by humans.
Now in order to solve the existence of black bodies in this region, we must study two units of this region, which has a daraware and a samat. According to experts from the Alanasan experts, since the ancient and original nations of this region are inhabited from here, since the world came into existence or those nations settled in that region when Africa and Asia were a continent. Where these tribes continue to walk, the size and height of the population and emigration of such people argue that there is a connection between the African nations of these nations. According to Dr. Feroroz Ahmed's statement, "The Arab government has been in Sind for three hundred years, in this period Arabs will bring African soldiers and employees together, who later settled there and joined the local population through marriage.
But the author, ancient author of the book, (Ancient Sind)  Bhero Mahal Mher Chand Addwani , says, "According to the research of geologists, it is found that in the ancient times when northern India was mostly covered by seawater, the region of South India was exported to Africa, Salon (Lanka ), And was found by Austrian drug. " Its straightforward means the black-populated inhabitants of this region are ancient and eternal here. Sind’s renowned historian Rahim Dad Molai Shedai referring to the statement of German historian Rizli regarding the ancient nations of Sind, that the colors of ancient and ancient people of India and India were black, wide, nose, and medium-sized bites. ". Commenting on the English Newsletter 'News Line', Hassan Mujtaba, "According to the historians, and Anthropologists,  Koli, Bhail Jogi, and other adjacent tribes belong to the oldest generations of the subcontinent, in the Dravidian tribe. Arya invaders enslaved as Sind’s civilization fell down. "
 This ancient history of Sind is always anonymous, therefore the date has been revised in the narrative of the narrative. The same hunter also happened with the history of blacks, black rings started by black people, whose primary center was Egypt. A large number of martyrdoms Kalhora ruler Yar Mohammad Kalhora invoked from the state of Jodhpur, who were placed here in the army. This was the last year of Mohammad Kalhora, the trusted guards and the oppressed soldiers fought a war against the Talpars. That's why the rhythm has been implemented in the second government's policy of consolidating them. The martyrs who had compromised them were also their employees and employees, who have given birth to slavery, while not mentioning any martyrdom in the context of the courtesy of Marines. Burns age coats come from Hyderabad and it is brought to the court in the form of a joke, nobody protector or citizen can see it, and there is no evidence in the court. This means that many things have been shifted to this point.
Similarly, in 1843 the motives of the British-fought war have also been targeted from history. On the contrary, the contrast has also been tried to declare the insight of the war hero, Hosh Mohammad Sheedi. The late Khursheed Kaim Khani writes in his book "Bhattakati Nasty" (Flattering breeds) that "it is not new to present or break the history, every ruling class is just as a friend of his own and family members. But now we have to look forward to the new history of history  So that we can reach the truth and the real facts by placing the hidden cover. We have to do so to understand the misconceptions and misconceptions about Hosh Mohammad Sheedi. "There are great questions about the writers, in which he writes who was Hosh Mohammad Sheedi and who came here? First of all, answering all the questions, it is necessary to understand the fact of Sheedi and it is important to find the justification of Shaheed Shaheed in this region, then by going, we can understand the facts of Hosh-Mohammad Sheedi. The fact is that the British After the occupation, slavery ended in the region, because wherever the British went away, they ended slavery, in this way the black martyr was also free. But the shadows who were with the talpur . And those who were not with the talpur were happier because they were extremely difficult for the talpur. Many migrants moved to this area and moved towards the region and difficult areas. It is also sad that the writers writing on behalf of the martyrs are giving the names of the historians the name of the history because there can be no mourning on the intersections. Shaidi was so busy in his survival war and it does not know who Where did you write?

Sheedi in Pakistan

Social condition:

  According to Dr. Feroz, "writes that there is no estimate of such people who are considered martyrs or who belong to the African race". See, as far as Sheedi women have married a marriage outside their community, just like Sheedi men have married women outside the community. These often do all the things that others do, they are highly educated and professor, There are also lawyers, doctors, engineers, and auditors. However, it is a feeling that socially they are considered lesser, they also have many prominent figures. In addition to consciousness in overall society, literacy ratio is also growing in the community. So ahead of the future, the future of the martyrs is bright. They have a new awareness of their social status. The pedestrian term "dada" does not like educated people, while Sheedi is also considered as an inauspicious term, Sheedi used to dislike the word 'sheedi' most often in Sind, due to which the main reason was that the caste and poverty of society Disadvantages have spread much negative propaganda to maintain their dominance in this region and especially in this region, it has been tried to believe that black women are slaves and falsehood, they should be enslaved by slavery. Belong to While there is no point of integrity in these things.


Role of blacks in the history of the occupation: -

The fact is that if any history of a nation is written, the beginning begins with its evolution, then it becomes understandable of its history. Not only do you know what is happening on the other side of the island, which is a collection of ingredients. Black people in the world belong to 'Ham Bin Nuh', they are whose infinite children settled in Africa and settled in other parts of the world. Blacks are known due to the fact that the region they live in, the region integrates themselves according to the climate. Apart from this, their patriotism, loyalty, and tolerance are also significant. Civilization and civilization and knowledge and skills are a great experience. Now, if history is reviewed in real style, black shadows look like a unique and distinct nation whose culture, customs and livelihoods are also different and prominent, whether people speak or speak African languages, but their values The element of culture is represented in an African way.
The unique beliefs of the tall bites and the senses reflect themselves, and most talks about them are attractive. In Sindh and the entire subcontinent, blacks are famous for their loyalty, and loyalty. Sheedi Malik Ambar has ruled a great ruler of South India, whose mouth of warfare lies in harmony with it, as long as he survived, he did not let the dream of conquest of the Mughals succeeded. His rule was  (1550-1620) and during the Mughals, there were numerous attacks in which he did not win any victory. In this war, Malik Shaidi Anbar adopted the strategy of guerrillas war and had long been facing Mughal alien. Apart from this, Shaddi has been in the region as well as his states and their two autonomous states were established until the time of division, in which there was a Sachin and a Zanjeera kingdom. The base of the Navy flew by the martyrs during the Mughal King Akbar period and they were called Amar al-Beher. While in many different states, Shaidi is enjoying major administrative issues for the past.
The role of Shallmen Sheedi, who offered a goat for integrity and integrity in the Kalhora era, could not be part of the history of their innumerable history but is still alive in our hearts. This is the role of Sind history that has been intensely targeted by history, and in the same manner, the role of Shaheed Hosh Mohammad Sheedi would have been if Charles Napier did not mention it in his memories. Hosh Mohammad Sheedi seems to be very impressed with many intellectuals, why this is why he is a scholar. For historians, it is not even less common that almost all the black Sindhi languages speak in Balochistan, what to do with it. If blacks are found in this region, then there are many areas where inhabitants of the world are like blacks, which can be known by research.

sheedi in Pakistan

Black culture:

Regarding culture, it is a fact that the black people combine themselves together with one's glory, and it is a major role in pride, and this is especially made by MugerMana, which is a hole in the middle of the hole. Is made. Camel is skinned on its upper part and it is surrounded by a velvet or a cloth covering it. It is the widespread remains of African black people in Pakistan and due to its survival, it is black No one else can save apart from the fans. It is still like a heritage and where there is a large majority of black females, it is arranged for it.

The mangho pir festival is called a combination of Sheedi Ransom, Karachi is a sign of the existence of the martyrs. It has been from ancient times, also known as the annual martyrdom gathering. The specialty of this festival is a crocodile, according to the tradition, the actions of Baba Farid, which is not meat-offering worship but belief. While saying that this meat does not eat, it does not go well for years of martyrdom or young girls offer this meat. It is all wrong, there is no truth in it. The crocodiles that make crocodiles happen to recognize their chief. In most of the black shadows of Pakistan, they are linked to Sufiism, due to which they are quite significant. We have been doing this tradition for our cultural past centuries, which also has our identity and belief.

Black People In Pakistan ) Mangho Pir Sheedi Festival In Karachi

The Culture Of Black People Of Pakistan:

Great Leader Fredrick Douglas

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

August 22, 2018

(Sheedi) Black People History

(Sheedi) Black People History


My name is Sheedi Yaqoob Qambrani, I am always interested in reading the writing and I am a teacher at a school. I have Research my community, which I want you to read for further information. What is the culture of black People in Pakistan, what is their culture? It is all research that has been presented to you and this series will continue.

          This video based on the detailed study of facts and their backgrounds about the history of black-populated black bodies. This region has been inhabited for black centuries, about which historians present their views differently, the research we have done in this regard has come to the scene hopefully you will be able to get it.




Great Leader Fredrick Douglas    


Saturday, August 18, 2018

August 18, 2018

Ancient Egypt Civilization


Ancient Egypt: -

Of ancient kings, in which the reasons for which the importance of agriculture was on one scale, and the use of other metals was common. The result of these two things was that there was a huge rise in the production of grain in Egypt and the lives of the inhabitants of Egyptian culture is undoubtedly ancient, but in the modern society, the tradition of tradition is seen in both modern and traditional rites. Egypt continued to develop from the era Valley Nile were different from those who were homeless, and were searching for food. In the land of fertile and dry land in Egypt, the birds of the Nile resurrected new methods of irrigation, canals, and stops, and the area of both sides of the river Nile grew fertile and dense. It was possible that the powerful kings of the country established governance in the country and made such a government that was interested in national needs and national issues. The Egyptian invented the art writing and took part in the development of various sciences, some of their buildings, paintings, and paintings have still not been able to produce their answers. From Ayram and Abelahol there are not few kings, but the history of the entire era is related, and it is far away in which the date itself was born.

The last major of the ancient empire was the Pharaoh's Pope, who ruled the government of Farahin after his government's demise for almost 90 years, but his power was reduced, resulting in that the governor's governor and the chief priests The freedoms and the foundations of the kingdom were shaken. Thus, a new era began in Egypt, which is known as the Middle East or the Jagirari period in history. At this time, the power of the royal officers increased so much that the power of the kings was almost over. Mimar was divided into different districts and was administered to the winners. As the weakness of the kingdom, the winners began to strengthen their strength even though they became the dominant ruler of their own districts. The civil war broke out on the prosperity of the country, and the districts of Nigeria, Libya, and Saina separately separated from the central government and there were problems in the country that are mandatory with the Jihad system. The conditions and events of this era are not very clear in the history, because it was of time, intimidation, and chaos, but still in ancient times of ancient Egypt shows a little more of the situation. Because of this, there were foundations of ancient Egyptian literature.

Ancient Egyptian Literature & Science: -

In the ancient times, the Egyptians invented art writing and made the first progress in the formation of different sciences of the world; this is their work that ensures that every kind of science reaches the common people. In this era, Egyptian drama and poetry got a lot of greatness, written in the name of the gods named after the gods, which were written about the most important drama influences, in which his life and death, buried and re-live the reflection was done with full sample. This book of this drama has disappeared, but its reference is available in two books because some books are present at this time. They also contain books that contain pictures besides songs that include instructional instructions. In addition, there are also ancient roles of paper in which songs and poems are written, which are written mostly about the praises of river Nail and the kingship of the kings. The development of art surgery, athletic, geometry engineering and geography was so much appreciated that many books were written about it, some of which are still stored in the world's large libraries.

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August 14, 2018

Julius Nyerere

Julius Nyerere

Battling and undaunted leads human to the statures of enormity and not having the capacity to be neglected according to his life resembles his survival just life makes the procedure of human power, with exceptional love and in addition purposefully It is vital to be solid. Also, if the surroundings are not human sensitivity, at that point it isn't conceivable to have security throughout everyday life. It is important to keep attention to love and power if these qualities are in a pioneer, its kin lives in peace gently, which is the primary character of affection and welfare.

Julius Nyerere
Julius Nyerere

There is likewise a broad part of peace in history that subjugated the opportunity battle for its nation with its serene battle. Tanzania once in the past (Tanganyika) is likely the main nation in Africa, which has not been murdered for a solitary individual, while Britain's administration was set up on this zone of joined countries, whose Governor General Sir Richard Turn Bill was. African patriot pioneer Julius Nyerere and Sir Richard Turn Bill, who had shared certainty, ended up being sufficiently dark to assist dark individuals with suing the administration, considerably more, in view of its national part and identity. It might have been conceivable to accomplish any flexibility of blood misfortune. It was a shrewd individual who battled with persistence and comprehension to accomplish his objective. At the point when Tanzania was discharged, he just did every one of his abilities to build up this new state, and soon India remembered it as the pioneer of the most elevated political idea, and it ended up known as the best government official.

States of Life: -

The Nyerere had a place with a little and fairly poor (two-faced clan) clan, it was freed in the north of the clan of Lake Victoria. A large number of its thoughts were shaped in their innate condition, similar to the next African clans of the district, the zanake clan of Lok additionally utilized uniformity with every single other clan, and helping each other and self-improvement as per their standards Used to spend Unless the European individuals did not force any head of them, they didn't have any ancestral pioneers, he consumed his initial time on earth in a lumped bungalow hovel, and gained from his dad inborn rituals, history, convictions, Pass. It was known in the state's government-funded school of Tabora  Roman Catholic religion where he embraced a similar religion. 

Siddi in pakistan
Black People

Political struggle: -

He began his political struggle (Tanganyika) from Africa, joining a Parte called Swash. The neighborhood network, which had been there, had been given over to the gathering in a couple of months. He later changed the Parte name to "Tano" and began a   struggle for a parallel government under a contracted political Parte. This Parte got less achievement in the good 'oil days on the grounds that there was an issue in spreading the message because of the absence of street in the nation, numerous different perusers who could help it originated from open because of government occupations. Frenzy was unsafe on account of which there was a law to boycott political individuals on the general population. A mission of the United Nations occurred in 1954 (Tanganyika), which was introduced by the Nyerere case, impacted by the perspectives of Member Nyrere mission, the inspiration, and appealing identity. The mission reprimanded Britain's organization in its report and furthermore set courses of events for the opportunity of Tanganyika. This report prompted the way that Britain's present Governor General Edward Twing had an extraordinary arrangement, yet it got significantly all the more reviving with the end goal of the vocation. It went to New York in 1955, where he authoritatively introduced his perspectives previously the UN Trustee Council while pronouncing that every one of the individuals lauded him, yet Britain stayed against this opportunity, and he did his own particular veto By utilizing full restriction, so the guide came back from the vacant hand.

In the wake of coming back from New York, he visited the whole nation whose objective was to help his perspectives. Twing began making challenges in her direction and Bail was captured in 1958 to capture the Nigerian. In the interim, the economy of Twing was finished and the new Governor-General Richard Turn Bull came and charged. Turn Bull Tanga was in help of Tanganyika's autonomy and the dominant part government, who simply asked for the Nigerian government to acknowledge this and in addition the general population of Tanga Nitaka, as the UK is liberating their different seats.

Jumo Kineta. The First President Of Kenya

Tanzania's freedom: -

Till now the turn charge was not finished for a long time that Tanganyika was discharged. Prior to Independence, the authoritative decisions were held in which the National Tano Party removed 70 from 71 seats and the leader was influenced prime to serve. Following a year, the president was chosen from the Nyrere 97% votes in Commonwealth, under a military upset in Zanzibar, when the administration was tossed, at that point, the coming government communicated fulfillment over the arrangement of the Union Government to the Union. In 1964, Tangda Naka has renamed Tanzania.

After autonomy, the Nyrere consideration concentrated on the development of another country under this idea bit by bit dismissed numerous British belief systems about the administration and society and started to depend on most African substances. Afterthought and thought, in 1967, the Arusha Declaration on the scene whose essential standard comprised of fairness, which proposed African hundred and twenty-five tests to set up a solid level. As indicated by which government and general cooperate for the benefit of society instead of their own advantages and notoriety. To center around agribusiness improvement as opposed to industry, guarantee the vocation of our territories together by building up towns of towns, as opposed to contending in all gatherings for political choices, a gathering ought to be given ground power And advancement will be advanced, reliant on its assets as opposed to remote guide and speculation.

The manner in which Tanzania's extraordinary pioneer assumes the part in the advancement and survival of his nation when countries grow just when they comprehend the intensity of solidarity, struggle to keep up it while esteeming opportunity. The solidarity and fraternity are constantly important for the conclusion to end.

NaturŲ§ Al Law Of Development And Success Of Nations

Ancient Egypt Civilization