September 2018 - (Sheedi) black people in Pakistan.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

September 29, 2018

In the world Black people of the black race

sissi in Pakistan
siddi in Pakistan 

                    In the world  Black  people of the black race                         

History is a mirror model for explanation and explanation of the current form of human society. There are different types of people's temperament that they reveal. Since Imperialism's coming, the societies that are purely pure, have proved to be extremely harmful, from which new trains appear to be exploited, and black people of a black race are dominant in its victims, while it continues. His motivation also includes the actors who advocate racist behavior, who have played an important role in promoting and strengthening the facts, he invented the White Nation's edge on a black race. Breeding ideology was promoted.

Social behavior

                Many symptoms are attributed to black color in the world, but most of this color is commonly mixed and it is a complex question. What are the factors behind which they do not get black color? Let's review this, the fact that black and white have come true and they all know well. There are different colors of people whose identity is visible from their height and the blackness, they also come black, but the people of discussion are equal, how can it be ethnic differences, if they do not try to prevail over each other Even if there is a mention about the black people, there is a sense of black race in mind that it is a misconduct. It is obvious that the black fits in this contraction, black color is also our purse. These racism trends have never been too low and it is difficult to assess damages

Breeding trend

       It is said that all Europe is known for racism. But especially in the United States racism trends have become extremely dangerous. America has proved to be a very bad country with regard to the sale and sale of slaves, where humanity is the story of human beings. It is a different thing that these are also great scholars of human rights, but it is also a real fact that the role of black people in their development is a real argument. History states that the world's first blood bank in the 40s, black doctor Charles Drew, was founded before Edward Buckey was the first black American, who had pacified eighteen hundred. H. D degree obtained from the University of Jabal. In the 18th century, a black doctor, Williams, made the first operation of Heart Surgery, US Ambassador Ralph Bianchi got the first Nobel Prize and was given to the second Martin Luther King. Black Nobel Tony Morris, a Nobel Prize of Literature, was given in the 1970s. The first black governor of State Virginia, Douglas Wales, has been able to reach only five blacks, including Barack Obama, in the New York City, while only two black judges have been able to reach the Supreme Court. Also in the history of America, whereas black people got a chance, they got the idea of racial racism. Mohammad Ali Wali is the King of Boxing, the world can never be forgotten, with which it has become a color correction. They will always rule in people's hearts. Revenue Jackson is the Black who participated in the race for a presidential candidate in Fortune Thieves, a while ago, during an interview, says that still there are strong roots in the United States. The blacks of the world still have to go far away. Blacks are known in the world with hatred and hatred behavior, which is the basis for the creation of the ultimate race of the white race
Europe finds justification for slavery, but in consequence the oppression and injustice increase in the European society, they need to be reviewed. Dark blacks fell into a human level, forced them to take care of them in the eyes of the world, by which the people of the world understood that Africa is such a state where there is no civilization nor civilization today. Does not exist. It is Europe's hand to decline Africa, before that they lived like wild animals in the wild, because of these ideas, black places fell in 
place of world history and its identity now slavery and racism The reason is

( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan

Written In Relation To The Black Months, A Historical Fact.

Great Leader Fredrick Douglas

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

September 25, 2018

Slavery and its causes in Sindh

  Slavery and its causes in Sindh

The end of slavery came from the whole world in August 1833 and when the British conquered 1843sindh, the law of slavery had settled for 14 years. Before that, there was no concept of centralism, there was a period of economic backwardness and conspiracy against each other was widespread. In this period of breeding rituals, the loss of their identity in the dark of Sheedi was so great, so Sheedi began to change his own, but his attitude and color proved to be a major obstacle, and when the knowledge of Awakening came, For the martyrs, it proved to be a very difficult stage. One thing in which we shared values in this whole situation is our culture that no one can deny. Because culture and civilization are always alive as a specific identity. To break the confidence of the defeated nations first, attack their culture and civilization and make them mentally humble, and then they continue to work differently. As we are about to have an Ashtanga Gada, a mixed or mixed race, which means that it is mixed or cross-generation, it is mostly used as a general rule of Sheedi in Balochistan. His second meaning is that the father and mother of another generation, while I think that this process has been running for centuries in the society. Barack Obama's father and black mother are from Indonesia, so what's wrong with this, you have to decide what the purpose of these things is to describe and reject the dark word. Anyway, the truth has to pass through three stages for self-determination, in the first stage it is fun, while in the second stage it is accepted and in the third phase, it is fully supported

slavery and its causes in sindh
Slavery and its causes in Sindh


The movement of slavery

Under the humanitarian sympathy, the establishment of a unit slavery committee against slavery in the UK in 1710, whose head was "Granul Sharp". This is the first Englishman who founded the movement of freedom of slaves in the UK, in this regard, Mohammad Siddique Musafir Sheedi wrote in his book 'Auspicious view of freedom and slavery' that "the struggle against slavery" Mr. Sharp retained all his work and studied the British and the oldest leaders and the law to get some clue that could easily make the sound of slavery. In this case, he started advocating himself, even writing a book titled "Unhealthy about slavery in England". In this book, he criticized the current lawyers or criticized some copies of various newspaper editors. After the publication of this book, the British started thinking of slogans in the UK, while Mr. Sharp became the norm that he was seen by the law, wherever he looked at the prisoners, poor populations, and ports. Used to free In 1722, the law became permanent in Britain that whatever slave stepped on to London's coast would be considered free Thus Mr. Sharp's day and day, the sun's freedom from slavery, and his light began to shout Europe too. In this mission of freedom of innocent people, his great friend and colleague supported them, which led to emerging voices against slavery outside the United Kingdom. After Mr. Sharp's death, the mission of the mission was 'Thomas Clarkson', who expanded the scope of the committee further. Clarkson's article titled a big blow in London, which he wrote at his student time, seeing the people involved in the slave business, they were very upset, and there was a wave of anxiety. He made several allegations on him to stop him and put a murderous attack, but he remained on his stand and actively fought for slavery. Clarkson proved in his book "ideas about the closure of slave" that slave-based Christianity is against the law of Christianity and UK, he expresses that he also used to be present in his appointment. In 1889, he presented a Bill in Parliamentary Bill against the promotion of the businessmen who used to destroy the entire force, but the quantities of slaves were fixed in the ships and the slaves who were free were free of freedom. Width was issued. William Wilber force' actions also have a historical heritage in the England Parliamentary, which took over the run-off of the committee after Clarkson. About the Wilbur Force, poet Cooper wrote, "O William and the Liberal Force, you took away the illiterate humans, and to free them from the chains of slavery, which led to toughness and struggle. This is the merciful and the wicked people are telling you crazy while all the country is listening to this process. “In 1829 a committee was held under this committee, which was chaired by the Labor Force, and in which the British Governor accepted the $ 2 million to £ 30,000, to compensate for the loss of US officials and manufacturers The slaves were to be released.
On August 1, 1833, it is the day and year, on which day the British Parliamentarian signed a law with respect to the freedom of slaves, and signed a covenant with some other countries, by which a ship carrying a slave No such port can pass through the European Union. All the slaves are free in Asia or the region where the European Union is dominated. When the British conquered Sind, the same rule was enforced 

The beginning and causes of slavery 

The beginning of slavery is due to the beginning of imperialism, Dr. Mubarak writes: "The availability of their slaves and the availability of their slaves was great on the society, and due to this, social behavior changed. Whenever a nation united, They attacked the poor and neighboring countries and started returning from their wealth, and in addition to gold, humans were also brought as slaves. This social behavior has also given birth to slavery and poverty, whose effects are still significant in different forms. The color and race base has been present in a controversial form until today, as much as the harm of human equality has happened. It's not possible to get rid of it. Peter J. Parish, the author of the history of slavery, has suggested that "the slavery would have to recognize the fact that it was based on injustice and non-human basis, which resulted in cruelty and cruelty. The horror has increased to a large extent, but it also comes to reality that slavery proves that in human history emotions of resistance are so intense that they can not be crushed even after hardship and also human Nature is so flexible that it makes every kind of environment favorable to itself and tolerates all kinds of suffering and difficulties. S retains the desire to live.
Religions of resistance against this social behavior are valuable, which make the way of human equality by teaching the equality to human values. Religion has played an important role in combining people of different species of peace today. But racism and slavery still appear at the lower level, which is important for promotion and education 
of knowledge

( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan

GM Pilpli Is A Good Spring Artist

Thursday, September 13, 2018

September 13, 2018

( Rosa Parks ) Famous Black Woman

 Rosa Parks Famous Black Woman

 Rosa Parks 

Today the load work has been high today, the opportunity to sit throughout the day has not been found. Now legs too have become uncomfortable, if you come soon, you will go home and relax. In his opinion, she was waiting for a bus that the bus came in so much, the rush was less than enough in the bus, but the seats were already sitting on all the seats where it was to sit, while it was untouchable. Hurray, she dared to sit on an empty seat. When the bus driver saw that a black woman sat on a specific set of white people, she asked him to stand there, on which the black woman refused. The bus driver reported to a policeman on which the woman was arrested. This is the fact that it has accelerated the ongoing racial movement in the United States. This great woman is known as Rosa Parks.

Rosa Parks , Famous Black Woman
Rosa Parks 

On February 4, 1913, women born in Tuskegee Alabama, this woman is the pattern of equal rights for black people, due to which all this could happen.
Problems in her life began to take place since two years old because when she was second, her parents got separated, her mother moved her and her younger brother to Pine Lele Album, Shortly afterward, this little family Minangar Shift happened. Rosa was admitted to an industrial school, where he was trained to make hunting, clothes chest, basket making, and arts like tension. When it was in Alabama State High School, there was a need to stop reading you're repeatedly due to the illness of your sick mother and granny. At the same time in 1932 he married a black named Raymonds Parks, a civil rights activist, and also began to repair the clothes of the people as an insurance agent. This was the time when African Americans were somewhat less likely to get jobs and opportunities. He writes in his book that "Blondes blame you to create a mess, even though you are acting like a human being." Such a type of discrimination has to die every time. "
The news of the arrest of Rosa Parks spread throughout the city, which all black people reacted strongly, boycotted this bus, they stressed that they could sing walking, but could not tolerate unhealthily. It was the path of peace and non-violence that the blacks used to activate their rights. This reaction led by a young leader MartinLuther King Jr. 

Martin Luther King Jr
ؐMartin Luther King Jr

Undoubtedly, this movement provided a determination leader in the form of King Luther, who led the lead to a long-term journey of dark-fighting journeys in the years. Along with this, Rosa Parks's denial also gave the historical status that further encouraged this movement. He was honored with various references to Rosa Parks, which was given the Springer medal in 1979, and in 1980 she became the first woman to get Martin Luther King Junior "Neon violate Peace Prize", where she had won eight people earlier. It is true that the civil rights movement influenced even more by Rosa Parks, due to which blacks were able to achieve high positions. This struggle is a lesson for the new generation that should always be remembered.

Rosa Parks, a new turning point in the Blacks history, is the person who took the first step against human rights deficit, which apparently was a protest movement against a bus company but he stirred new life in the movement against racial discrimination.

Famous Black Woman
Famous Black Woman

From my side

from my side World history is also studied, so high-profile women also look, who has been involved in delicate sexual activities, despite their actions that perform such acts in the world, which are not only proud of women but they We worked for our class and then we were struggling for the strengthening class, which brought their struggle for the rights to the end.

Such women's performance is not only written with golden characters on the attributes of history but today their name is considered as an authentic reference. Rosa Parks, who take the first time for the rights of the rotten black people in America, is also a prominent name in those women, who explicitly elevated the knowledge of equality in the wandering society. That he is considered a very golden reference to the human rights issue. He was standing in front of a country's dictator's law, despite being an American black family. His resistance and denial of the fate of black people in America started the struggle, today his mate is in front of us today as a Black President Barack  Obama

(Tanzela Qambrani) A New Chapter Of History

(Sheedi) Black People History

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

September 04, 2018

Nelson mandela the great leader

Nelso mandela
Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

Peace Love True, these are the titles of the universe, which will be written as a whole of the writings of the whole world, as long as it is established, the time shows the truth of human history which is based on the fact Understanding and understanding is essential. Man is recognized by his thoughts, but the condition is to express his views without leaving the right hand. Every aspect of the life of truth and truth, every aspect of life is a tremendous lesson, and their sacrifices are torrent pathways everywhere. It is said that subtle freedom actually plays an important role in human development
For those who suffer from freedom, they are immortal, and they live forever in their hearts. One such role emerges in the present century, which has played an important role in the politics of reconciliation and understanding for all its life to end the ethnic difference. It could not only make a practical struggle for the nation but for the political leaders of the entire world. This personality, which establishes a high example of peace, tolerance, and tolerance is in the hearts of the oppressed people of the world.

Early Life:- 

The child named "Rollahla Mandela" was born on July 18, 1918, at the home of the thumb tribe in the village of "Moizuoizu" in the eastern Rass village of South Africa, later known as Nelson Mandela. His name was Nelson behind Nelson's name that when Nelson began to go to school, his name became a masculine instinctive teacher, so teachers instantly named him Nelson from his family. Who has been with him for the last time and will always be a torch for those who are struggling throughout the world.

Start of politics:-

Nelson Mandela started politics with the "African National Congress" platform and remained attached to its death (ANC). In 1941 Mandela came to Johannesburg where he was employed in a legal firm, and passed the examination in 1952, and founded the legal firm for African black parties. The purpose of this firm was to provide legal assistance to those who did not have any good luck. His struggle was a problem in the eyes of the racial government, so they were looking for ways to ban it. By the fear of this ban, Mandela reiterated the struggle to keep secret in which it was a huge success. About Mandela, the author of the world's literary and political writers believes that he was a politician who was   The politics of reconciliation, peace, tolerance, and patience has given a theory that can not be forgotten. Everything of this comes in the category of national interest, this example is not found anywhere in the revolt politics. The opposition tried hard to destroy it in the eyes of their people, but they failed every time, how could Mandela get the promise of his 27-year-old prisoner not even dispose of this commitment.
In the ink of sun-breeding ink in continent Africa, addictive greeds were also praised by the knowledge of humanity, which was placed in just a window semi-dark prison. But the sun is never imprisoned, his long patience in this long war of 27 years has given the heat to all humans of every region of the world, awakening the consciousness and spirit of freedom. The walls of the living cannot prevent Mandela's conscience from going out, so alone, Mandela blamed the breeding bliss rulers throughout the world until they were forced to release it. Because respect is to prove independence, on every country of the world society, it has become necessary that the right of the racist rulers of Mandela deserves them, so the Breeding regime was then alone in the world. He could neither trade nor sit with a global community.

The purpose of struggle:-

This great leader of the world describes himself as saying, "I was not born for the freedom of freedom in the hope of freedom; I was just born free, free in all that I could know. I was free to run to my mother's hunt, I was free to swim in a transparent stream that flows in my village. The corn under the stars was free of frying and was free to ride slow slopes. Human or God's rules have never hurt me, as long as I remained my father's subject and banned the tradition of the tribe. It only happened when I realized that freedom of my boyhood is now a mirage when a young man has been revealed to me that my freedom has already been touched by me,  then I began to feel hungry. In the first instance, the freedom of a student wanted freedom only for himself. The interim freedoms of staying out at night, studying your choice and going to your place were my motives. Later on in Johannesburg, a young man had the desire to achieve goals and to earn his money, to become the main and respectful freedom to get married and to keep the family, and begging for such freedom, in which life-bound No obstacles.
This was the time when I gradually saw that not only was I free, but my brothers and sisters were not free, I noticed that this was not just my freedom, but it was restrictive but was stuck in everyone's freedom restrictions. Had happened that was the time when I joined the A and my appetite for my freedom turned into my great hunger for African National Congress the freedom of my nation. It was a desire for the freedom of my people to live their lives with honor and respect, which has spread a new spirit in my life, which has made a fearful man, who is a law-enforcement lawyer.  Made a criminal, who made the family-friendly husband homeless, who forced a person who loved life-to-life life of a monk. I learned from my colleagues who were with me in the struggle that threatened their lives for the sake of an ideology, and I saw that jurists call not to get rid of fear, but to dominate it. The brave man is not the one who is afraid, but the brave one who conquered him. We had chosen the path of open eyes, which was not an easy path, and we did not have any misunderstanding that the path would be easy. As a young man, when I joined the African National Congress, I saw my colleagues paying the value of my ideas and that was too much. In fact, Nelson Mandela emerged as a leader in the whole world, who knew what her purpose was, her axis of struggle, excluding her nation from the terrible darkness of slavery as well as protection of her rights and society. They were respectfully respected. In 1994, when Nelson Mandela was elected the first black president of South Africa, the world saw that a new South Africa intention was created where the formation of a swinging society became a new head. The world recognizes that Nelson Mandela has changed the map of politics of non-equality and racist discrimination against the struggle of the world, freedom of slavery against slavery and racism, non-equality and backward class. The awareness and consciousness of elimination highlighted. Mandela has said in one of his speeches that "I have dedicated my life to the African people, I have fought against the dominion of white people and I am also against the dominance of black people, but I Freedom and humility is a desire for society, in which all people can live with love and love equal to them. This is my dream for which I am alive, and I hope I will get it if I need a sacrifice for it, so I am also going to die

Today, Nelson Mandela is not in the world but the interpretation of her dream is set and timeless, she has left behind a struggle against imperialism, which is a torrent for world politicians. Those people are golden people There are many bright aspects of the history of the tail. The words stored for words are also reduced. This is the history of the people for whom they were written and also poetry. Actually, Nelson Mandela was a leader and leader who was fully aware of his purpose and was keen on destination. In the heart of the people to withdraw their people from the darkness of slavery and to protect them in a secure and secure society, they would be a brave and honorable place. They succeeded in winning their nation's civil war due to their intention, so their name will always remain in history

( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan
Mugerman ( Like Durme )

Sunday, September 2, 2018

September 02, 2018

(Sheedi Tanzela Qambrani) A New Chapter of History

A New Chapter of History
Sheedi Tanzela Qambrani

A new chapter of history:(Sheedi Tanzela Qambrani)

In the way, a new chapter in Barack Obama became America's first black president, in the same way, a new chapter of history in this region, as a member of the Provincial Assembly of Sind SheediTanzela Qambani Province Sind province of Pakistan. Has happened Tanzania Qambani, a Women of Pakistani martyrdom community name net PPP as a Member of the Provincial Assembly on a special seat. It is not less than a great honor for the martyrdom community, because this community is counted as a backward community in Pakistan. Qambirai, a relative of Matli from Badin, in Sind’hs coastal district of Sindh, is the first woman who has reached this position, she adopted politics after graduation in computer science from Sind University for which she was the Pakistan People's Party Select the form, which has ended the impression by giving it the provincial assembly seat that Sheedi is backward people.

History Of Black Person

Sheedi community's Sind sacrifices are part of history, they have great names, such as Shalman Sheedi, Hosh Mohammad Sheedi, and many anonymous people who have ordered themselves to show their love for the past. Their number in Sind is cozy, loyalty and honesty. These peaceful people are also present with their culture and values today. The journey from Shalman Sheedi to Muhammad Siddique Musafir Sheedi and Tanzela Qambrani has been a great patience, which has also begun many mischiefs, but those who love Sheedi love have proved to be sincere and sincerely devoted people. The tradition of simplicity is being narrated by the traditions of their contemporary people. Muhammad Siddique Musafir  belonging to the same coastal area has tried strenuous efforts to promote education in Sind, his books of the academic curriculum were also taught in Seedi as well as curriculum in Bombay Presidency, in addition to Sindhi literature They were also famous poets, his poetry consists of Hexagon, Kites, Rivers, and Ghazals. In 1919, he founded an elementary school in Tando Bago, which was believed to be the third largest high school in Sindh, where he especially focused on fighting and training. Today, Tanzania is in front of us with arts of Qambani 

Mugerman ( Like Durme )

( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan