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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

October 31, 2018

Black people history ٖٖReality: ---

Black People
Black People 

Black people seek history Reality:---

The darkness of the dark is proud of us, it is the history of struggle, every aspect of which is a manifestation of an unprecedented and vigorous struggle. Black people are abusive for the release of slavery, black rights, equal rights, social justice, and black Americans for the tendency. Malcolm X, Aalawaja Muhammad, Martin Luther King Junior, Mohammad Ali Klee, Roza Parks, Frederick Douglas, and Booker T. Whitling are the flowers of this carpet, which remember the freedom of independence even today. The White House also acknowledges that the reason for the prosperity and prosperity of America, due to the glory and prosperity, is the result of the work of immigrants and black slaves.

The role of blacks:

In reality, in the dark world, there is high integrity of struggle, strength, and loyalty. But the persecution that happened with blacks in Europe is the most painful aspect of history. The Black Nation in the world has been constantly struggling to establish its existence, the sacrifices of infinite generations are part of this struggle, in which some people recognize that same struggle, and some It also includes an integral part of the anonymous people. The civilization and culture of black people are unique in the world as well as unique and humble. Even if they come to love, they also sacrifice life, and they do not forget even in envy. Bhagri and hard work are their destiny, warriors are also adopting peace with nature, so many people also make their negative views about them, but they do not react mostly in silence.

The existence and character of black people in the subcontinent:

Some historians have described the existence of black bodies in the suburban slavery, which comes from the history of injustice, while most of the rulers have brought black people as a guard, where their respects are Not logged in. There are several examples, such as the Kalhora ruler of Sindh, Mian Yar Mohammad Kalhora, in his period, from the Jodhpur in the dark, the martyrdom of people gathered in Sind army and settled their big constituency, while black people in Maharashtra and Gujarat There are states in which Sachin and Janjraaki routes are mentioned. Who is not aware of Malik Shaidi Ambar, whose name is still present in Hyderabad, it is the famous and noble ruler of South India, who has not dreamed of winning the Mughal South India in its own life. Based on the guerrilla's war for several years, he stopped the mogul forces' advance. Shaidi Yaqut Riyadh Sultana's famous soldier's salary, which has always tried to press the history, is also a lot of sunsets, which is unknown to date, but this is the fact that itself is appearing itself. What is silence on the performance of Sind’s great sun of sand , Hosh Mohammad Sheedi, who fought against Charles Napier in 1843?
According to the tenth chapter of Sachin, Mr. Reza Khan says that "their heritage has governed many years, so people call them the title of Nawab." They say that our contemporaries are present in Ethiopia in Mughal ruler of Babur. The supporters came in this region. "This meant that Black people did not live as slaves but as soldiers in this region and settled here just as they lived there.

Black People

The arrival of slaves in America: -

According to the authors, by 1898, a million African slaves were brought to America. During the journey, more than 20 million slaves were killed by violence, disease, and tear knee, while many rude slaves who "messed" were weighed in their feet and thrown into the sea. Most slaves were caught by the seaside and western and central shores of Africa. The number of these slaves consisted of the inhabitants of Biafra, Gabon and Sierra Leone in Nigeria. In addition, people from Senegal, Liberia, Congo, and Ghana were also caught. Pirates coming from the sea suffering from Sudanese and Ethiopian. Due to the good ditches, the abusive children were very beloved. A third of the arrested African slaves consisted of Muslims, however, Islam in North America had reached Columbus before it arrived. Slaves of slaves were established in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia for sale of slaves. At the time, the United States consisted of 13 colonies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, who had declared independence from Britain. In 1776, their 13 Colonies adopted the form of states and made the form of the United States or the USA. 13 red and white stripes on America's flag reveal their early states. In 1625, the total population of these colonies consisted of the 1980s, while the number of slaves increased by more than 2000, which was more than slave owners, who were worst-controlled and cruel rules to control. The quick sentence of torture was executed, and the punishment was given to this intensity that the sale of rope became a profitable business for the preparation of a bird. Ruling work was taken from the relative 'sinners' blood, namely, brother would spread his brother, or a father his son. At that time, get the rope (hang for hanging), there was a threat to threaten, which still stands here. Apart from hanging apart from hanging in the sack, killing the swords, killing idols, burning alive, putting the slaves into acidic drums, and making a weird eye in the feet was a common punishment. Just think that grabbing on Africa, captured by the Americans who broke the protest, stood awake.

Black People
Black People

The Muslims caught up in the United States started inviting and preaching. The majority of these slaves were relatively educated, so in 1898, an Arabic newspaper was released by the name "Cookie America". Cook has got the honor of being an ancient American newspaper. The oldest newspaper here is probably the New York Times, which began in 1851. In 1907 the arrival of the datasheets from Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe, which came to light grew to black people and the American Muhammadan Society was established, which was the first association of American Muslims. The United States's Black population welcomed the open-mindedness of the newcomers. The majority of immigrants consisted of engineers and craftsmen, so on the advice of local Muslims, the number of people turned towards Detroit City of Michigan, where at the time the car industry was at its height. A determination is a major part of Muslim immigrants in the settlement. In 1934, an Arab-born black Muslim, Wallis, Muhammad, founded the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, which later became the Nation of Islam. At the beginning of War II, the order of mandatory damages continued, which the Nation of Islam opposed. His aim was that Islam denies war on the basis of race, nationality, and color, so Muslims can not become part of this war. The decision started with tension and the head of the Nation of the Nation, Aishawaja Muhammad, was arrested.
In 1950, joining the Nation of Islam of Malcolm X (Al-Hajj Malik Shahbaz) and the civil war movement of civil liberties proved to be a revolutionary turn of American history. The Joint Front of the Nation of the Nation of the Nation and the Cyprus Christianity Conference (SCLC) has gathered all the Democrats of America on a platform. Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King became the symbol of civil liberties, equality rights, justice and freedom, and soon the right to vote for blacks, women and other linguistic minorities. Distributed distribution of black and white basis of schools, colleges, parks, and recreational vehicles, and the United States really got a single name UNDER GOD. Immigration and Nationality Act passed by the Black Americans' struggle in 1965 or the Immigration and Nationality Act, which opened the doors of the United States to all the people of the world with European countries. Earlier, European residents were preferred for green cards.

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October 24, 2018


Black in Pakistan
Black in Pakistan 


Facts about black people living in Pakistan, their history, culture, and information about Life Style. Black people are settled in the region for centuries, most of whom tell us the most powerful, but the facts are contrary to know.
Now in order to solve the existence of black bodies in this region, we must study two units of this region, which has a daraware and a samat. According to experts from the Alanasan experts, since the ancient and original nations of this region are inhabited from here, since the world came into existence or those nations settled in that region when Africa and Asia were a continent. Where these tribes continue to walk, the size and height of the population and emigration of such people argue that there is a connection between the African nations of these nations. According to Historian statement, "The Arab government has been in Sind for three hundred years, in this period Arabs will bring African soldiers and employees together, who later settled there and joined the local population through marriage.
But the author, ancient author of the book, (Ancient Sind)  Bhero Mahal Mher Chand Addwani , says, "According to the research of geologists, it is found that in the ancient times when northern India was mostly covered by seawater, the region of South India was exported to Africa, Salon (Lanka ), And was found by Austrian drug. " Its straightforward means the black-populated inhabitants of this region are ancient and eternal here. Sind’s renowned historian Rahim Dad Molai Shedai referring to the statement of German historian Rizli regarding the ancient nations of Sind, that the colors of ancient and ancient people of India and India were black, wide, nose, and medium-sized bites. ". Commenting on the English Newsletter 'News Line', Hassan Mujtaba, "According to the historians, and Anthropologists,  Koli, Bhail Jogi, and other adjacent tribes belong to the oldest generations of the subcontinent, in the Dravidian tribe. Arya invaders enslaved as Sind’s civilization fell down. "
 This ancient history of Sind is always anonymous, therefore the date has been revised in the narrative of the narrative. The same hunger also happened with the history of blacks, black rings started by black people, whose primary center was Egypt. A large number of martyrdoms Kalhora ruler Yar Mohammad Kalhora invoked from the state of Jodhpur, who were placed here in the army. This was the last year of Mohammad Kalhora, the trusted guards and the oppressed soldiers fought a war against the Talpars. That's why the rhythm has been implemented in the second government's policy of consolidating them. The martyrs who had compromised them were also their employees and employees, who have given birth to slavery, while not mentioning any martyrdom in the context of the courtesy of Marines. Burns age coats come from Hyderabad and it is brought to the court in the form of a joke, nobody protector or citizen can see it, and there is no evidence in the court. This means that many things have been shifted to this point.
Similarly, in 1843 the motives of the British-fought war have also been targeted from history. On the contrary, the contrast has also been tried to declare the insight of the war hero, Hosh Mohammad Sheedi. The late Khursheed Kaim Khani writes in his book "Bhattakati Nasty" that "it is not new to present or break the history, every ruling class is just as a friend of his own and family members. But now we have to look forward to the new history of history  So that we can reach the truth and the real facts by placing the hidden cover. We have to do so to understand the misconceptions and misconceptions about Hosh Mohammad Sheedi. "There are great questions about the writers, in which he writes who was Hosh Mohammad Sheedi and who came here? First of all, answering all the questions, it is necessary to understand the fact of Sheedi and it is important to find the justification of Shaheed Shaheed in this region, then by going, we can understand the facts of Hosh-Mohammad Sheedi. The fact is that the British After the occupation, slavery ended in the region, because wherever the British went away, they ended slavery, in this way the black martyr was also free. But the shadows who were with the lumps.And those who were not with the lumps were happier because they were extremely difficult for the lumps. Many migrants moved to this area and moved towards the region and difficult areas. It is also sad that the writers writing on behalf of the martyrs are giving the names of the historians the name of the history because there can be no mourning on the intersections. Shaidi was so busy in his survival war and it does not know who Where did you write?

Social condition:

  According to Dr. Feroz, "writes that there is no estimate of such people who are considered martyrs or who belong to the African race". See, as far as Sheedi women have married a marriage outside their community, just like Sheedi men have married women outside the community. These often do all the things that others do, they are highly educated and professor, There are also lawyers, doctors, engineers, and auditors. However, it is a feeling that socially they are considered lesser, they also have many prominent figures. In addition to consciousness in overall society, literacy ratio is also growing in the community. So ahead of the future, the future of the martyrs is bright. They have a new awareness of their social status. The pedestrian term "dada" does not like educated people, while Sheedi is also considered as an inauspicious term, Sheedi used to dislike the word 'sheedi' most often in Sind, due to which the main reason was that the caste and poverty of society Disadvantages have spread much negative propaganda to maintain their dominance in this region and especially in this region, it has been tried to believe that black women are slaves and falsehood, they should be enslaved by slavery. Belong to While there is no point of integrity in these things.

Role of blacks in the history of the occupation: -

The fact is that if any history of a nation is written, the beginning begins with its evolution, then it becomes understandable of its history. Not only do you know what is happening on the other side of the island, which is a collection of ingredients. Black black black people in the world belong to 'Ham Bin Nuh', they are whose infinite children settled in Africa and settled in other parts of the world. Blacks are known due to the fact that the region they live in, the region integrates themselves according to the climate. Apart from this, their patriotism, loyalty, and tolerance are also significant. Civilization and civilization and knowledge and skills are a great experience. Now, if history is reviewed in real style, black shadows look like a unique and distinct nation whose culture, customs and livelihoods are also different and prominent, whether people speak or speak African languages, but their values The element of culture is represented in an African way.
The unique beliefs of the tall bites and the senses reflect themselves, and most talks about them are attractive. In Sindh and the entire subcontinent, blacks are famous for their loyalty, and loyalty. Sheedi Malik Ambar has ruled a great ruler of South India, whose mouth of warfare lies in harmony with it, as long as he survived, he did not let the dream of conquest of the Mughals succeeded. His rule was  (1550-1620) and during the Mughals, there were numerous attacks in which he did not win any victory. In this war, Malik Shaidi Anbar adopted the strategy of guerrillas war and had long been facing Mughal alien. Apart from this, Shaddi has been in the region as well as his states and their two autonomous states were established till the time of division, in which there was a Sachin and a Zanjeera kingdom. The base of the Navy flew by the martyrs during the Mughal King Akbar period and they were called Amar al-Awar. While in many different states, Shaidi is enjoying major administrative issues for the past.
The role of Shallmen Sheedi, who offered a goat for integrity and integrity in the Kalhora era, could not be part of the history of their innumerable history but is still alive in our hearts. This is the role of Sind history that has been intensely targeted by history, and in the same manner, the role of Shaheed Hosh Mohammad Sheedi would have been if Charles Napier did not mention it in his memories. Hosh Mohammad Sheedi seems to be very impressed with many intellectuals, why this is why he is a scholar. For historians, it is not even less common that almost all the black Sindhi languages speak in Balochistan, what to do with it. If blacks are found in this region, then there are many areas where inhabitants of the world are like blacks, which can be known by research.

Black culture:

Regarding culture, it is a fact that the black people combine themselves together with one's glory, and it is a major role in pride, and this is especially made by MugerMana, which is a hole in the middle of the hole. Is made. Camel is skinned on its upper part and it is surrounded by a velvet or a cloth covering it. It is the widespread remains of African black people in Pakistan and due to its survival, it is black No one else can save apart from the fans. It is still like a heritage and where there is a large majority of black females, it is arranged for it.

The mangho pir festival is called a combination of Sheedi Rumble, Karachi is a sign of the existence of the martyrs. It has been from ancient times, also known as the annual martyrdom gathering. The specialty of this festival is the crocodile, according to the tradition, the actions of Baba Farid, which is not a meat-offering worship but belief. While saying that this meat does not eat, it does not go well for years of martyrdom or young girls offer this meat. It is all wrong, there is no truth in it. The crocodiles that make crocodiles happen to recognize their chief. In most of the black shadows of Pakistan, they are linked to Sufiism, due to which they are quite significant. We have been doing this tradition for our cultural past centuries, which also has our identity and belief.

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October 18, 2018

The Ancient people of subcontinent: -

Ancient people of the subcontinent
Ancient people

The Ancient people of the subcontinent

This question in history is still awaiting the answer to how black people exist in the subcontinent. Because everyone seems that black people have been brought from Africa to great oppression, and the writers have also written many books with its knowledge and knowledge of the world with these humanity sores. Lots of movies have been made on this topic, which reflects the persecution in full range, while some Europeans have started studying this topic in their major educational institutions, which is a good process. In this process, the new generation of people will know how their heritage has developed, and while the new generation of black pigs will be aware of how their landscapes are doing, and how to do this to the destination. Have arrived
When historians are present, they display black people in this region also brought Africa from slaves, but it is not true because the date of judgment has already been done. History tells us that ancient people of this region belonged to the Dravidian race before the Aryan, these were black and medium-tall people who fought wars with them during the arrival of the Aryan, which was mentioned in the ancient religious book 'Rig Vaid' I have also written. The archaeologists have called these ancient residents wild and barbaric, but in fact, these dune plants were neither wild nor were they corrupt. Rather, they had begun to embark on an illustration and their trade relations were established with the Babylonians.

The ancient people subcontinent

The Arrival of Aryan

One of the features of this feature is about the world's statistics published on 13 February 2013, which states that "the owner of the region was a black nation before the invasion of the country." These black-lanes also had a tremendous effect on which they were called Dravidians, their common profession was farming and these dung peoples were more modest and advanced in all nations of their country. In the form of Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, the archaeological works are enough to record seal verification. When the arts attacked the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, then Taxila was the first center of the Dravidian nation, which came to their way, the ancient archaeological discovery discovered in the state of Nagalaya, the Dravidian nation, found presence before the Arabs. Are there It is obvious that in order to enter Punjab and Sindh the first Taxila area will be dumped and it will have easily conquered the other cities of Punjab. Some black dacoits of Taxila were enslaved in the arrests and some were fleeing to South Punjab and Sindh as the people went ahead and the Dravidian nation ran forward towards Sindh. Of course, these horoscope arts have also grown up with great living standards, but what can be a fight against a brutally nation's opponent who had a great deal of potential in military weapons. Harappa or Jalilpur was probably the last center of the dangers that conquer the arts. After completion of the arts till Sindh, during the victory of Sindh and Punjab during the conquest of the Black Dome, they were made slavery and those who succeeded in fleeing were the edges of Sindh's southern and southern part of the Arabian Sea. Take refuge in relatively dangerous areas. The remains of the slaves made by dacoit arts are the famine, mythology, the peak, the chambers in present Punjab, whereas there are still black Shaidi tribes in Sindh and the present mosques and coastal areas near the coast. Later, the coastal settlements of the Arabian Arabs included another black blood called the "Kaledin" nation, and the modern history has been remembered by the name of "Koli" nation.

I think it would be a good idea to say that the second major attack on the subcontinent was in the form of English, due to which the movement of slavery was against the slavery, so the Parliament of Parliament collected content about slavery by eliminating slavery. Given. He also mentioned this law here, and the suburbs of the suburbs were largely ignored by the imperialism of the imperialism, in which Jagirdars and investors were involved in the exploitation of ordinary people. But the British continued patrolling their government long after patronizing their winners and investors.

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October 12, 2018

Slavery and society

Slavery and society.

The theory of slavery regarding black and white has been presented so much to the world that it seems like the nation was a slave from the point of view, but it is not so. The historians too long overlooked the interests of Western society and white people, so they never considered what they had done to African Africans. have been. He only caused problems for innocent humans for his benefit, whose results were not effective for themselves. He highlighted the prejudices between black and white, while black always showed signs of sin and evil. They made such kinds of black, such as blacklist, black color, black sheep, black magic, and Karo-Kare in Sindh, black blacks which fall into the category of evil practices and The black people tried to give up. It is in the fact of the history that during the occupation of Britain's occupation, he never blamed the blond people in the subcontinent's people, they would always call them black people, namely, they were from the ancient history of the region. The ancient history of this region also indicates that black people were inhabited in that region.

slavery and society

Reasons for slavery: -

Historians have explained slavery in an institute that has not yet ended, according to that time, there have been many amendments in the organization and human rights were disseminated so its situation has changed. If it is considered to be the case of slavery, then slavery causes a lack of hatred, mutual harmony, and unity, besides weakness is also an important cause. Anyway, the power factor is inclined to make the weak slaves. When the power of the African black people sold out the weak tribes of slaves, the world attracted them. The outside people also walked on their steps and formed a profitable business.
The reason for the formation of imperialism is also slavery so that they will establish their own anger and courage on people. Earlier, the traders used to do this or the traders used to do this, but the goals were the same as the two classes. According to the authors, as slaves used to come into private property category, their position was owned, while today the privilege and security of private property are considered legal and necessary in the interests of the owner. That is why by reducing the human level of the slaves, it is considered to be a part of the property only. The rules were made for them in which no rights were taken.

slavery and society

The movement against slavery (Mr.  Granvill Sharp )

The movement started against slavery in 1710, under the "Anti-Salary Committee" which caused an event. As a rich man threw his slave in a street after a severe violence, Mr. Sharp took him to his brother's hospital when he found his slave in death. Two years later, the old boss caught it and sold it at £ 30, when he became a slave and became a slave to London City, when he told Mr. Sharp, he spoke to the London Mayor and tried his efforts. Freed this slave from After which he was in favor of regular slaves. That was  Mr. Sharp, the first British, who founded the movement of freedom of slaves.S
Mr. Sharp also consulted with the lawyers and legal experts of the time, but he could not take any lawyer as his own. After that, he himself studied the old and new rules of the UK, and he wrote a book entitled "the iniquity of the slaves in England," in which he criticized his lawyers. Targeted and sent some of its copies to newspaper editorials. After the publication of this book, the situation of slaves in London started to worry. Then Mr. Sharp became a routine practice that the prisoners, poor population, and ports, wherever they were seen as slaves, could free them under legal knowledge because of which people started calling them slaves of slaves.
It is a fact that in 1722, the law was enforced in London that whatever slave stepped on to London's coast would be completely free. The reason for this law was to enforce that a slave had given a mischief to a slave who was tortured by Mr. Sharp, so he turned the court against this misconduct and the bench of twelve JJ decided this decision. That slave should be released, so this incident caused the execution of the law which had a great success and was also the result of a breakdown of Mr. Sharp's slaves. In 1783, the first Anti-Salary Society was established, which took a lot of struggle in making the opinion public opinion about the country. This great man, who was a day-long struggle for slaves, died in 1813 but left behind the oppression and hard work for this movement.

These were the reasons for special humanitarian sympathy, which led to a lot of help in removing slavery from the neck of the human, and the movement became very refreshing against slavery. !!!

How do you think of this article, if there is any question in it, I must be aware of it, please know about your opinion.

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October 09, 2018

The ancient music of Pakistani blacks( Sheedis)

The ancient music of Pakistani blacks( Sheedis)

The ancient music of the Pakistani blacks,(sheedi) which is still being held this day, is a special part of every kind of joy of their happiness.

Singing songs on this music are called Mawai, which is a type of African poetry, this type of ancient era has passed on generation. Because of ancient times, there was no tradition of reading of black people, but today songs are protected by black people who are singing in their happiness and festivities.
The study of African literature shows that in various tribal languages they speak, so many types of poetry run in their own tribal languages. The type of "ijala" type of "Arakhi" is a type of poem that is known as "oriki", the song "Orin" is written in the poem, as well as stories and stories.  Black people in Sindh use "Mowi" type, which are attributed, the Medani type of happiness has the element of joy, and the "Goma" which is being delighted in the Swahili, which is "Swahili". " is called. This video contains a wrist

Ancient Music

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October 05, 2018

The existence of African black People in the world: -

 black People in the world: -

      All the authors agree that the black race of the world belonging to Ham ibn Nuh, how it may not be history. Since this continuation consists of millions of years, so many facts have been lost. Some historians say that before the establishment of the Embroidery, there was no history of African blacks nor was it past, while there is a huge hand of machinery in spreading and making the ideology, which is the main reason. That he wanted to prove his existence and activities in Africa on this basis.

Black People
Black People

There are civilizations in continental Africa.

        Various tribes and cultures in Africa, due to which, Africa is still a combination of different cultures, these ancient traditions and rituals are still in different ways today. When European arrivals came to Africa, they found civilizations in different categories, in which some tribes were gathering food, some were cattle-feeders, while they had some empires and governments, whose name is no longer part of the history. 
        The ancient civilizations of Africa would end up cultivating such civilizations like Ghana, Ukzam, Benb, Zimbabwe, Mori, and Nobia, people of Africa knew how to use nature to achieve their goals. They used to use the land according to nature requirements, so much needed farming. Which shows that they were well aware of the nature of the earth. The artifacts of ancient artists discovered in Africa are regarded as a living example of the greatness and magnitude of African civilization, besides works of construction and construction of Felda are considered remarkable. He created his mastermind and created several masterpieces in the field of science, which led to his knowledge of progress, whereas Ethiopia's letter is notable. Africa's relations with trade were from other nations of the region. African traders had access to other regions of Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Asia. That is, the nature and evolution of Africa created many new invasions in the world, which is an indication of their decent.

Black People
Black People

Processing of other nations in Africa: -

      It is mentioned that the process of colonization in Africa began to slowly, while the ancient Africans were aware of the territories and the Middle East countries. They used to trade in many parts of the Arab, Rome, and Greece, at that time traders, used the time to stay on African shores, therefore it is called for peace and development in Africa. But the European people, who are familiar with the inner parts of Africa, are estimated to be a rich country.
The result of the breakdown of slavery was in African society, the results came to light, when the Portuguese discovered East Africa, they built the castles for their safe stay, which is now "the fort of Jesus" in Kenya. available. European imperialism for slave trade was a huge need for markets, which could promote their industries in the form of slaves, so they called 'Royal Niger Company, The British East Africa Company, British South Africa, and French, Welsh and German companies were established. These companies established their domination in Africa on the basis of arms and also invested, due to which the number of machinery also increased, which strengthened the religious trend. It was the time when European people found that Africa is a fertile region, and there is a lot of wealth, so the people of Europe set up a part of the Lotus corps and set each other. By attending Berlin in 1884, he convinced that what should be done in every nation's part.

The struggle against slavery

          In fact, the European nations did not occupy Africa easily, but African black mothers have always been very upset. History about it tells us that France took twenty years to capture Africa. Similarly, 9 nine major wars were fought in the UK to establish their domination in South Africa, in which Zulu defeated them in a big defeat in 1878. In addition, Germans, Italians, and the Believers had to fight hard wars in the region. In this whole world, there was no complete peace and security anywhere in Africa, and this chain was established until the colonial system was stable in Africa, which is a major cause for the intervention of other nations in Africa. Also strengthening

Black People

               The tradition of the weakness of the African culture was removed and their lives were destroyed, the European authorities categorized them on the adoption of mobile cars, as well as adopting European food and clothing habits. As a result of Africa's distribution, the families were separated by which they were intended to mobilize new entities and flavors. Many children left for the children away from the mother's shadow, just because nobody could get much discouragement. Therefore, the mourning against Dai Mei in his resurrection gave him the true face of Europe in history. It is also the case of non-mortality even today when it comes to monsoon.
It is a matter of people who have the same effect on the people of the world. These are the people of history who have been living in the history of history, the people of the world who are coming to life, are the masterpieces of mutual and loyalty