Black people history ٖٖReality: --- - (Sheedi) black people in Pakistan.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Black people history ٖٖReality: ---

Black People
Black People 

Black people seek history Reality:---

The darkness of the dark is proud of us, it is the history of struggle, every aspect of which is a manifestation of an unprecedented and vigorous struggle. Black people are abusive for the release of slavery, black rights, equal rights, social justice, and black Americans for the tendency. Malcolm X, Aalawaja Muhammad, Martin Luther King Junior, Mohammad Ali Klee, Roza Parks, Frederick Douglas, and Booker T. Whitling are the flowers of this carpet, which remember the freedom of independence even today. The White House also acknowledges that the reason for the prosperity and prosperity of America, due to the glory and prosperity, is the result of the work of immigrants and black slaves.

The role of blacks:

In reality, in the dark world, there is high integrity of struggle, strength, and loyalty. But the persecution that happened with blacks in Europe is the most painful aspect of history. The Black Nation in the world has been constantly struggling to establish its existence, the sacrifices of infinite generations are part of this struggle, in which some people recognize that same struggle, and some It also includes an integral part of the anonymous people. The civilization and culture of black people are unique in the world as well as unique and humble. Even if they come to love, they also sacrifice life, and they do not forget even in envy. Bhagri and hard work are their destiny, warriors are also adopting peace with nature, so many people also make their negative views about them, but they do not react mostly in silence.

The existence and character of black people in the subcontinent:

Some historians have described the existence of black bodies in the suburban slavery, which comes from the history of injustice, while most of the rulers have brought black people as a guard, where their respects are Not logged in. There are several examples, such as the Kalhora ruler of Sindh, Mian Yar Mohammad Kalhora, in his period, from the Jodhpur in the dark, the martyrdom of people gathered in Sind army and settled their big constituency, while black people in Maharashtra and Gujarat There are states in which Sachin and Janjraaki routes are mentioned. Who is not aware of Malik Shaidi Ambar, whose name is still present in Hyderabad, it is the famous and noble ruler of South India, who has not dreamed of winning the Mughal South India in its own life. Based on the guerrilla's war for several years, he stopped the mogul forces' advance. Shaidi Yaqut Riyadh Sultana's famous soldier's salary, which has always tried to press the history, is also a lot of sunsets, which is unknown to date, but this is the fact that itself is appearing itself. What is silence on the performance of Sind’s great sun of sand , Hosh Mohammad Sheedi, who fought against Charles Napier in 1843?
According to the tenth chapter of Sachin, Mr. Reza Khan says that "their heritage has governed many years, so people call them the title of Nawab." They say that our contemporaries are present in Ethiopia in Mughal ruler of Babur. The supporters came in this region. "This meant that Black people did not live as slaves but as soldiers in this region and settled here just as they lived there.

Black People

The arrival of slaves in America: -

According to the authors, by 1898, a million African slaves were brought to America. During the journey, more than 20 million slaves were killed by violence, disease, and tear knee, while many rude slaves who "messed" were weighed in their feet and thrown into the sea. Most slaves were caught by the seaside and western and central shores of Africa. The number of these slaves consisted of the inhabitants of Biafra, Gabon and Sierra Leone in Nigeria. In addition, people from Senegal, Liberia, Congo, and Ghana were also caught. Pirates coming from the sea suffering from Sudanese and Ethiopian. Due to the good ditches, the abusive children were very beloved. A third of the arrested African slaves consisted of Muslims, however, Islam in North America had reached Columbus before it arrived. Slaves of slaves were established in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia for sale of slaves. At the time, the United States consisted of 13 colonies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, who had declared independence from Britain. In 1776, their 13 Colonies adopted the form of states and made the form of the United States or the USA. 13 red and white stripes on America's flag reveal their early states. In 1625, the total population of these colonies consisted of the 1980s, while the number of slaves increased by more than 2000, which was more than slave owners, who were worst-controlled and cruel rules to control. The quick sentence of torture was executed, and the punishment was given to this intensity that the sale of rope became a profitable business for the preparation of a bird. Ruling work was taken from the relative 'sinners' blood, namely, brother would spread his brother, or a father his son. At that time, get the rope (hang for hanging), there was a threat to threaten, which still stands here. Apart from hanging apart from hanging in the sack, killing the swords, killing idols, burning alive, putting the slaves into acidic drums, and making a weird eye in the feet was a common punishment. Just think that grabbing on Africa, captured by the Americans who broke the protest, stood awake.

Black People
Black People

The Muslims caught up in the United States started inviting and preaching. The majority of these slaves were relatively educated, so in 1898, an Arabic newspaper was released by the name "Cookie America". Cook has got the honor of being an ancient American newspaper. The oldest newspaper here is probably the New York Times, which began in 1851. In 1907 the arrival of the datasheets from Poland, Russia and Eastern Europe, which came to light grew to black people and the American Muhammadan Society was established, which was the first association of American Muslims. The United States's Black population welcomed the open-mindedness of the newcomers. The majority of immigrants consisted of engineers and craftsmen, so on the advice of local Muslims, the number of people turned towards Detroit City of Michigan, where at the time the car industry was at its height. A determination is a major part of Muslim immigrants in the settlement. In 1934, an Arab-born black Muslim, Wallis, Muhammad, founded the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, which later became the Nation of Islam. At the beginning of War II, the order of mandatory damages continued, which the Nation of Islam opposed. His aim was that Islam denies war on the basis of race, nationality, and color, so Muslims can not become part of this war. The decision started with tension and the head of the Nation of the Nation, Aishawaja Muhammad, was arrested.
In 1950, joining the Nation of Islam of Malcolm X (Al-Hajj Malik Shahbaz) and the civil war movement of civil liberties proved to be a revolutionary turn of American history. The Joint Front of the Nation of the Nation of the Nation and the Cyprus Christianity Conference (SCLC) has gathered all the Democrats of America on a platform. Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther King became the symbol of civil liberties, equality rights, justice and freedom, and soon the right to vote for blacks, women and other linguistic minorities. Distributed distribution of black and white basis of schools, colleges, parks, and recreational vehicles, and the United States really got a single name UNDER GOD. Immigration and Nationality Act passed by the Black Americans' struggle in 1965 or the Immigration and Nationality Act, which opened the doors of the United States to all the people of the world with European countries. Earlier, European residents were preferred for green cards.

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