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Hassan Ali Afundi, a great leader

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Hassan Ali Afundi, a great leader

Hasan Ali Afandi is the great personality of Sindh which promoted education in Sindh. This great personality established the Sindh education madrassa-Islam, the founder of the widespread of education in Sindh. Hasan Ali Afandi is a Shafiq teacher who felt that the progress of the Muslims in the sub-continent was in higher education.

     This city of  Hyderabad and also begun to celebrate many celebrities and there are some names that are still in history in history, one of them is also a very important and honorable name, without mentioning that Pakistan's history will be inevitable. Mr. Hassan Ali Afande is a late person. The present generation is less aware of this personality, if the person is called Mohsen Sindh, then it will not be harmful. Especially for the acquisition and development of knowledge, their efforts will be remembered until the world remains. Hasan Ali Afridi Talpur was born in the distant government of Hyderabad in the remote government, for initial education he was divided into the seminary in Quranic Quran and Arabic, he graduated from there. Hassan Ali Afridi was also worried about the condition of Muslims because at that time the very weakness of Muslims seemed to be very significant and all the pathways of development were obsolete. In view of this situation, he first got an English education and then passed the examination. Meanwhile, the Ottoman Empire in Turkey stirred the war of war, for which you got the money to help Turks to Turkey. In view of your struggle for this struggle and the love for the Muslims, the Turkish Sultan appointed you as a counselor in Karachi, while addressing your meditation, "Bizidhi" and in exchange for your dedication.
          In addition to your social dues, the British government also gave you a "Khan Bahadur" address. You should always be worried about how to make the progress of Muslims. You believed that a lesson in Karachi should be set up where English education is also organized with religious education. In order to apply this idea, you set the foundation of "Sindh Madrassa al-Salam" in Karachi. Your action is a fantastic feature that does not get any views. This lesson has given the bright stars that the whole subcontinent has come from. From this great discourse, graduates are very honorable names in the students who are proud of the whole region. This lesson gave the founder of Pakistan founder like Quaid -i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, who was able to earn patronage from home and hard work. Apart from this, prominent Ustad Dawood bin Dawood  Potash, Sheikh Glam Hussein Rahmatullah, Ali Abdul Rah man, Ahmad Glam Ali Chhattalla, Sheikh Mukhtar and several other competent students are headquartered. This lesson is a milestone for the Muslims of this region, even today, this lesson engages in listening to future builders like daily. The founder of this great teaching was passed on August 20, 1895, his mausoleum is in Afandi Town of Hyderabad. This Afandi Town used to air at the time of Afandi Bagh and now it is known as the Afindi Town. Sadly, those whose properties are settled, they do not know that the last rest of Sindh's Mohsin is here.

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