Looking for love and peace - (Sheedi) black people in Pakistan.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Looking for love and peace

Looking for love and peace

I do not understand where this hatred has come from among mankind, why is it also in this era? It is a fact that the class system has also begun with its development, but what is less than a person's honor for his own sake, but after the work, he is not considered as worthy. This is not hypocrisy?

 It is worth mentioning that human being is claiming that he is based on the highest position from all creatures of wisdom and knowledge, beauty and thought, and all the people of the world agree on this claim but they It has not been decided that the people of the race and religion are superior in humans. Because of the blood of human beings in the world, human beings have not shed human beings, so many other creatures must have not shed, despite the sacrificial sacrifice of human beings, it has not been confirmed that who is high and who are few How the war

 A few days ago, I read a letter and wondered that man manages his values so much while I understand that what is actually the problem. The event is like that
 During a flight coming from London to Johannesburg in South Africa, a white woman in the economy class, which was a woman or a female, was fifty or more, became a black man. That he is not happy with that situation. He called the bell and called for Air Houstes and said that you can imagine the worst situation I am facing. You people have put me in a dark aspect. I do not agree with this dirty person. You arrange an alternative set for me. Air hostess, who belonged to an Arab country, said to the woman, Ms. you should be comforted, so the foliage is completely filled but I try to find out some empty chair somewhere. After a few moments, Lotta said to the lady, Mama, as I told you that the foliage is completely full and no chair in the acronym class is empty. If I informed Captain the situation, he also checked the business class but there was no vacuum in it. Consequently, we have a set of first-class classes. Before the white woman said something, Air hosts said to her, "Well, our company does not fit an economy class passenger in the first class, but in this special case, Captain has decided that no person Seating with such dirty person does not make his journey fixed. So...
 Airhostes turned their way towards black and said, Mr., will you pick up your hand luggage and visit me? We have arranged an alternative set for you in the first class. Near passengers who were looking at this situation were not expecting a definite decision. People stood firmly on the lines and appreciated the verb that was a type of slap on the face of this white woman. The man of Adam, born from the spinach, whose origin is the soil, whose top dresses are made of an insect, whose lunch is made from the slaughter of one (honey bee), and such an uproar and so forth The abode is a horrible grave. 

 The way to love and respect one another can eliminate this hatred. It should be the first priority to be able to bear strength and accept each other، This is the path of love and peace. 

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