They Drink It review

They Drink it
They Drink it


They Drink it Review

The Drink It” is a drama of Michael Long Hurst, a similar theater experience that offers a spectacular appearance of political and exploitation systems. This drama describes political tension, crime, exploitation, violence and negative human behavior in the background of Congo’s situation. 

After watching it, the visitors are able to understand the situation in a far-off country. Congo holds a history of tribal wars and colonial periods fought in violence and dark times. Belgium ’s has occupied this African country and established the worst exploitation system. Millions of African victims were injured by white assault. Indeed, all the history of the demographic system is unable to present an example of anguish like Congo (Joseph Conrad’s famous novel “Hart of Dark Misses” offers a glimpse of it.) Although later, Belgium’s resignation power came out there. He was forced to go but he kept trying to separate Katanga’s wealthy province from the country to return its natural resources. Because Belgium’s mining companies had the interest, so Belgian backed the separatists. Although the separatists were pressured after the long and bloody war of the year, the country was in constant control of violence. The warrior soldiers were robbed in the villages and under the influence of girls under a “war strategy”. The responsibility of raising the killings and insurgency 
is also imposed on the neighboring country of Rwanda 
They Drink it

Dramat Naveed, Adam Brius, 
highlighted the presence of a large number of Kongo refugees in London, highlighting “Hart of Dark Ness” in Congo. According to the drama story, a white liberalist of Kenya-born Liberty, Steve organized an annual festival to describe the origin of Congo. Various groups and NGOs are expected to attend this festival called “Congo Voice”, but it is still to be seen whether or not the Cargo immigrants will attend it. The Public Relations Officer and Steve’s former beloved have supported this program. Steve soon came to know that he would have to listen to the immigrants of Congo and on the other side politics was also politics. Despite the threat of a warrior group, the festival was not canceled. Stephan also faces his problems as he relates to the wealthy white immigrant who controls the large part of Kenya’s economy. He is serious for help; therefore he raises himself to establish Kongo Voice instead of Kongo immigrants. We see tremendous anger, anxiety, and ideology in the drama. At the beginning of the play, mine’s rainy and difficult environment shows where local people work. It is the land of Congo where minerals and precious stones extract. The next scene is of a slop where a newborn girl is lying on the bed and she is insisting to listen to her father’s story that the sound of sudden shooting starts coming. Father tells the daughter that he should run and go to the jungle, but the invaders catch him and drag him and target collective aberrant. The Father tries to save it, but the deeper wound on the head with a sharp tool is dropped down, never to get up. In the next scene, a white nurse is taking care of the girl that Steve enters inside. She is very worried about these situations. He insists that the third part of the Congo Voice Committee should be in the Congo refugees, but they have pressure on the extremists. They leave these committees one by one because of this pressure. Then Anne Marie is attacked and an eye is lost. In a stupid scenario, extremist groups form anti-government videos. In this, members of this group roast under the shoes of the president. Since they are just three, they often change their boot and trousers so that more people can be affected by the video. At the time Steve enters there, two of them are changing the triggers.
Referring to political differences, residents of Bargo share a sense of guilt that they are living comfortably in London leaving their homeless unbelievers. The new generation is also feeling losing its identity. These issues are commonly shared with all immigrants. Adam Brice makes these serious problems very carefully and also produces resistance. There are many references to Congo’s exploitation on this radar. Its minerals are underway. At present, almost half of China’s exports, which include rare metals such as tentالم and tungsten and jets. It is used in all metallic computers and mobile phones. The total amount of mining in Congo is with human hands. Although the outlet metallurgy is used in modern technology, these people do not have access to modern machines. At present, a Canadian construction firm is building modern structures so that heavy machinery can be reached there. This is likely to increase production. However, as shown in the play, this problem is of the elite ruler there. Unless they do not correct their affairs, foreign powers will exploit them.
There is no way more than the theater to express human sentiments, conflicts, and relationships. A good drama, acting and stage performances, plays a staged role in internal and external conflicts among different characters. The drama writer tells the story about his problems and matters and then shows them in the stage of dramatically. Both internal and external facts are described in the story. Indeed, the stage needs to show more essence of acting than TV and movie because there are actors in front of the audience and there is no fault and no room comes.