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Saturday, December 29, 2018

December 29, 2018

From Slavery to Freedom African reflects

From Slavery to Freedom African reflects

Freedom, African, Black people
 Freedom African reflects

When we mention slavery, Forward Africa reflects the concept of black people, as well as other nations in history. Slavery is actually the second name of the war of interests, for which the expedition is poor. In the present time, if anybody offers his own tastes, namely, he adopts slavery for himself, in return for which he asks for some privileges that are in favor of salaries and services. This means that slavery is not over yet, but it has shaped its shape. There was no justice in the slavery earlier and demanding justice was considered a rebellion, but after the change in its formats, there has been a number of justice scores.

 For a short period of time, the historians ignored this slavery of slavery only because the economic, social interests of Western society, and it was also a part of their imperialism. So neither did they see human values nor saw how much they were harming Africa. The people of Africa were so busy in their survival war that they could not even compromise their oppression, due to which the real facts could not reach the world. But it came to a fact that it is extremely shameful that in the imposing punishment of slavery on Africa, these greedy and brutal Africans are a major role in Africa, whose guilt became a peaceful nation. African people have been suffering from such disadvantaged losses as far as possible. The colonial system also spread due to which stranger was strangers on their own land, fertile areas and lands were taken away from them, while they were not allowed to move there. Mission in the center of religion was activated, in this regard Kenya's first President Jomomocineta said a very beautiful thing: "When non-nation came to Africa, there was a Bible in their hands that they showed in our hands to close their eyes, When we opened our eyes, we had land in their hands and the Bible in our hands "This is the fact that foreigners occupy Africa and locals come under compulsion. Their horoscope returned to Africa so that today Africa is known as the backward region in the world, due to the arrival of these people there was a huge loss of civilization. After the formation of colonialism, the endless race of racism, the worst of all, came to its worst, South Africa, where non-human emotions were based on racism based on racism. Its example has been crushed in a very short history. The polish which South Africa was practicing for racism had divided both black and white separately into separate parts.

From Slavery to Freedom African reflects

Black people outside Africa have always been considered as slaves, and the attitude they have with them comes into a racism category that has been for centuries. In the present period, black or African-born people, also called Hubshe, Sheedi, and Negro, suffer from hatred behavior in every community of the world, it recognizes every black as a slave in the free society. Lives. It is a major example of America, where black people are vulnerable to insecurity, every week, some blacks are killed, no matter where the case runs, where the genocide is a fact that now this new generation It has also joined them, namely, the problems of blacks should be released from every resort which is condemned. There are many rulers and famous people in India's history, who have not brought any slaves, but the historians have counted them in the row of slavery. There was a time Africa was famous worldwide for black soldiers, who used to offer their tents on the wage. These blacks were known throughout the world due to their loyalty and honesty. Therefore, more work was found in Afghanistan, in this regard, Malik Shaidi Ayaz became famous, who is famous as a great adviser to Mahmood Ghaznavi, whose historians described as slave as being black. The black Mughal coming with the famous Mughal ruler Babar came to be a large number of soldiers, who came here and founded two states, Sichen and Zenjera, who are still today, besides many of them were settled in southern India. Malik Shaidi Anbar is counted in the mighty rulers of South India, who never gave up the dream of conquest of the Mughal South India in his life. But the authors also tell them the locker in the slavery category, which is contrary to real history. These were independent and autonomous people who were convinced of equality and justice, but by giving generously to these people, the writers presented a great deal of racism, which seems to have been largely wrecked in history. And trying to keep it out of real facts intentionally.
 On slavery, writers have tried to write the big books and assume that black people are allocated for slavery and they have not yet come out of this psychological effect. This is a great example of America, where slavery is over, but the media tells us the difficult times to face the slavery of society. For those who are struggling to bring in the United States to the slogans, they are deserving, eliminating these prejudices are becoming a very difficult process for them, and it is a rampant and long way, by which they get their legitimate position. Will do Now the struggle against slavery has come to an end, now it is a struggle to achieve equal equality and justice, the foundation of the struggle, which has been named Kofi Anan, Colin Powell, Condialza Rice, and Barack Obama. While working hard to make it more hard work and love. Do you think they can get their destination, know their thoughts? !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

December 19, 2018

King Martin Luther Junior's Inevitabl Role of Black Movement.

King Martin Luther Junior's
King Martin Luther Junior'

King Martin Luther Junior's Inevitable Role of Black Movement

There are many names that have struggled to promote equal equality, love, and peace, which are still worthy of the world for the world, whose efforts are torrent for the world. There is also a name in this kind of people, King Martin Luther, whose struggle is not only for black people, but is a special example for all the peoples of the world. This is the leader who had made a trip to the centuries for a trip to Salah Obama, but in the background of this struggle, there is a river of fire, a tribute too many generations have to pay too on today's horizons every blackmail struggle is like a niggard whose brightness is a perfect example for a new generation. Unfortunately, the dream of Martin Luther King has been fulfilled, but it is possible to accept it in the ratio of time and conditions? Now the need to maintain this dream, for which knowledge is a wonderful and effective source.

King lother
King Lother

This leader, who struggled for equality, love, and peace, was born in Georgia in the  19th century, the most closely seen starter Martin Luther King realized that the development of black race and survival there is a need for a big struggle to ensure mutual love and unity, so its endless and daily work has created many sympathies. In 1955, the arrest of King Luther's struggle in the past to stop the set of allocated buses for Miss Rosa Park's white-ladies has given a new color, which is called a minimize bus. This incident took place in the context of human rights, which created a new milestone for equality. In 1963, the six black organizations of America in the United States organized a rally on racial discrimination and gathered hundreds of black festivals, which are counted as the largest rally for the American history to receive their rights. King Martin Luther's historical address is also known today in this event, which means "My dream is that one day on white red mountains of Georgia, heirs of white arts and black slaves will expect each other. Four children recognize their role rather than their color. "

On the historical day of April 4, 1968, when the massacre, love, unity of Great Britain, a great teacher of King William Luther, was shot dead, but none of his struggles was killed. Even today seven seven seventy cities of the United States have some road or street name, which is the source of its fascinating struggle.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

December 18, 2018

Allama Mohammad Iqbal The Thinker of Pakistan.

Allma M aqbal
SirAllma Mohmmad Aqbal

Allama Mohammad Iqbal The Thinker of Pakistan.

Why do people still accuse the British Empire due to their current situation, did not they have the potential to develop there all these years? According to the fact that every s of destruction. This happened with Muslims in India too. As far as the Muslim ruled over the subcontinent, his move continued to move, when the power of his power was slow down, there were problems surrounding them. With the political, social, civil, and cultural disaster, there was a decline in destruction and destruction in religious life. The hand of religion and religion, half-handed hands became a toy. Shah Waliullah and his associates did some reform in the situation, but despite this, there was no significant obstacle in the growing breakthrough, and the Muslims became more perverse and slowly oppressed. The rulers of non-nationals became the rulers and rulers of Muslims who acted like a stepmother to Muslims. The Muslims were direct victims of their cruelty, then the eyes of the British kept ignoring them as useless, because they had ruined their economic and economic condition, so they no longer had any risk, They used to exploit Muslims in the field and they destroyed the force of mutual understanding. In these circumstances, Muslims had only one case to gain British confidence in any way because, after the failure of the 1857 war, Muslims and other British rulers were coming under which the British declared rebellion against themselves. Seeing all the allegations were Muslims's head. So, that was the case, a child was the head of Mr.Sir Syed Ahmed for the purpose of achieving that goal, who wanted to remove misconceptions between the ruler and the conviction, and at some point they succeeded, but according to their wishes and estimates Has turned aside After gaining English education, Muslim youth became often rebellious, and due to which the religious condition worsened. In this case, there was a severe need for a godly and self-esteemed man. This requirement was fulfilled by the deadly soil of Sialkot, at the same time, that there was a man born Mujahideen, not only by the voice of the subcontinent, but by the voice of Allah, but also the Muslims of the Sun, dreaming of real Islam. He was unaware of the men who were Mujahideen of the Mujahideen, Muhammad Muhammad Iqbal, who cried out to the Muslims of the world, saying that
               "One is to protect the Muslim Hurm."
              Nak beach shines off the beach.
Conditions of Life: -
A Kashmiri family was settled in Sialkot, whose people were seen in respect of Zahid and Taqwa respectively, in the name of a person Noor Muhammad, who was born in 1867, named a son named Mohammad Iqbal. Kept This family was bound to be religious, therefore, "Iqbal" was also trained in a religious and ethical way, he obtained initial education from the school, later admitted to the High School of Sialkot, where intermediate. He passed the examination of the MA from the Government of Lahore, in the time of his studenthood, Maulvi Mir Hasan was benefited from the companionship of teachers like Thomas and Dr. Arnold. The two teachers, after completing their knowledge, came to know about Professor at Lahore College College Lahore, at some time after completing knowledge. After all, Iqbal's relationship with Professor Arnold eventually led him to Europe and received a degree of P, H, D from Munich (Germany) with Beerstree in three years. It was also an Arabic professor for six months at London University, after which he came back to India and started working as well as professor of philosophy in Government College.

Iqbal passed much of life away from practical politics and started politics in the age of fifty years, in 1926The council was elected from Lahore, where he used to pass a useful and effective law for moral and social reforms. After this, Iqbal was appointed President of the Muslim League in the Allahabad meeting in 1930, presented Pakistan's ideology in his first presidential sermon. Which took a great movement within ten years and in a short period of 17 years, Pakistan appeared on the map of the world by becoming a reality.

 I understand that now the reason for understanding is that why the British Empire knows the current cause. It was a struggle that took a lot of time and acquisition was made by Pakistan, whereas the struggle continues to be overwhelmed. Hopefully, this kind of questions will also end by going forward.

Hassan Ali Afundi, A Great Leader

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

December 11, 2018

The History of Sindh Valley

sindh valley
 Sindh Valley

The History of Sindh Valley

 Sindh Valley has created the civilization and civilization of this region. What is Sindh Unless we do not know, we can not know the real spirit? According to the narrator, Ali Sher Qayana Sindh regarding Sindh's narrative from the descendants of Ham bin Nuh writes in his book "Prayer Alkarram"Tuhfat-Alkarram that this name is attributed to the descendants of Ham ibn Nuh, on this area, the historians Sanskrit Sanskrit word It has been said that a river is told. Professor Sher Khan Salro writes in his book 'Indus river's ancient passages' that the "Sindhis are called 'Lion river' in the hill-hill of Tibet and 'Abasin' in the lower mountainous region, namely the father of all and in the plain area It is called Sindh Sagar, the ocean, which passes through hundreds of small rivers, in the plain area, 'Hockro river and other rivers, including Chenab, Ravi, Bias, Jhelum and Staljajj, It is known as 'Saturn'. The civilization that is born on all these rivers is called "Sindh civilization" in which times flow at different times. Mehran, Pran, Sohni, and Phtoo lackeys are called.

Until the beginning of the twentieth century, it was common that the Aryan people had laid the foundation of civilization in 2000 BC, and they started India's history in the hope of the first-ever nation of India. But the archaeologists of India discovered a civilization in 1922, which had developed various destinations of development in a valley about two and a half thousand years ago by the arrival of the arts in India, and that the Samaritan and Babli civilization, We were contemporary. Archaeologists believe that this civilization was the areas of Sindh, Balochistan, and Punjab. Here the inhabitants of the ancient inhabitants settled around 4000 BC in this area. The ancient history states that Harappa and Moen-jo-Daro are the sources of important information related to this ancient civilization. So far, it is not a matter of fact that the population belonging to the population belonged to which generation and from which region had come. The general idea is that the people of different generations were settled here and they used to sign this joint civilization for several centuries, which was later named Valley Sindh and has brought a revolution in history.

Economic and Economic Life: -

The civilization found in the region was irrigated by the river Indus and its adjacent rivers. The land here was very fertile, due to which promotion of farming flourished, the cultivation of grains also started from here, which was also traded by more production, which is proof of large warehouses in the city. Will be present. Most people of this valley were associated with the profession of agriculture and trade, trade transactions were due to change because the currency was not traded at this time, but still, people used to live with peace and comfort. The most important discovery of this valley is that piece of cotton woven fabric that is the oldest discovery of Roi, it shows that there was also a harvest of ROI in this period, as well as the ways to yarn. It is known that the fabrication work also used to be done in large quantities, which would also be traded in other areas.

Other discoveries: -

The items that are imported during the excavations from Moen'jo Daro and Harappa include daily use vessels, jewelry, tools, copper and stone tools, such as the instruments of warfare, idols, and chest clay images of animals. Silver, elephants, elephants and soup's handsome and artificial jewelry have also been discovered. These include necklace, ring, anklet, thumb, nail, silver beads, which shows how much the value of the woman was in their society. There were many toys also discovered that the people here used to care for their children's training, which had different industries established in Moen-Jo-Daro and Harappa, and there was a great importance in the society of traders and industrialists. These toys are made of clay, apple, and elephant. The number of weapons discovered from this valley is low and they are not so dangerous as they have been discovered from the valley of Dajla and Frat, so the common idea is that the people of this valley were not fighters, but it belonged to a nation They had peace.

Political Status Life: ----

Due to the formation of cities of this valley, it seems that there was a ruling class or there was a good system of good governance so that the city seems to be a tremendous mastermind despite being so tired and associated with the feature's layout. Are there But yet it has not been ascertained which system government was established here and what kind of government did the government, there were kings of the kingdom or ruler in the valley or Juhmorit was like Greece. At this time, it seems that everyone used to ban the discipline, so that a city which became a sacrifice and so organized society could not have been ruled by any ruler. It is a matter of fact that whoever ruled here but indicates that many disciplines are confused and safe and here the people of this valley were very peaceful and wealthy. A lot of bricks are connected to the walls of the bricks to protect the city, to protect them from the attack of foreign invaders.

The religion of the people of this valley: -

There is not much information about the religion of ancient valley Sindh people, but some of their many beliefs are known from the seals and stones of idols which have been derived from any holy place or temples or altar The address of the existence is known. Here, a large stroke of Buddhism has also been exported, which shows Buddhism in this region before the arrival of arts. From picturesque images on seals and stones, it shows that people of this area will worship a goddess who will join their religious beliefs. It is estimated that people used to worship here that was beneficial - worship was as common as the earth, tree, and the goddess or the god. One of the aspects of religion that is not clear is that what was the belief of life and death? This question is complex for practitioners and researchers, but it is believed that people here will die or burn their dead bodies after they die. Because the whole Ananja structures have also been recovered from Moen-Jo- Daroe stroke, which shows that there was a custom of burial here. The need for complete and comprehensive research is still there today, which can solve this difficult question.

End of Civilization of Valley Sindh: -

There are many opinions about the elimination of valley civilization, yet it is a secret that how civilization ended. But in the situation in which this city has been exported, it appears that these cities have become destroyed forever or there were some problems in the cities. Many houses of the houses indicate that their death is one. It is possible; this destruction was caused by a storm that has covered the entire area. For the people of this valley, destroying a big accident and tragedy near 2400 BC, it has been destroyed and has been hidden from the eyes of the world for quite a long time, but since the export of Dhu and Dara, The basis for civilization in India was proved wrong. Before coming to this region of Ariyan, here, people were talked and extremely decent people, who were destroyed completely due to the attacks of an accident or an attacker. Similarly, there are many secrets of human destruction and destruction that can not be done till date.

The Ancient People Of Subcontinent:

The Existence Of African Black People In The World:

( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan