From Slavery to Freedom African reflects

 Freedom African reflects

When we mention slavery, Forward Africa reflects the concept of black people, as well as other nations in history. Slavery is actually the second name of the war of interests, for which the expedition is poor. In the present time, if anybody offers his own tastes, namely, he adopts slavery for himself, in return for which he asks for some privileges that are in favor of salaries and services. This means that slavery is not over yet, but it has shaped its shape. There was no justice in the slavery earlier and demanding justice was considered a rebellion, but after the change in its formats, there has been a number of justice scores.

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King Martin Luther Jr Role of Black Movement.

There are many names that have struggled to promote equal equality, love, and peace, which are still worthy of the world for the world, whose efforts are torrent for the world. There is also a name in this kind of people, King Martin Luther, whose struggle is not only for black people, but is a special example for all the peoples of the world. This is the leader who had made a trip to the centuries for a trip to Salah Obama, but in the background of this struggle, there is a river of fire, a tribute too many generations have to pay too on today’s horizons every blackmail struggle is like a niggard whose brightness is a perfect example for a new generation.

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Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

Iqbal passed much of life away from practical politics and started politics in the age of fifty years, in 1926The council was elected from Lahore, where he used to pass a useful and effective law for moral and social reforms. After this, Iqbal was appointed President of the Muslim League in the Allahabad meeting in 1930, presented Pakistan’s ideology in his first presidential sermon. Which took a great movement within ten years and in a short period of 17 years, Pakistan appeared on the map of the world by becoming a reality.

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