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King Martin Luther Junior's Inevitabl Role of Black Movement.

King Martin Luther Junior's
King Martin Luther Junior'

King Martin Luther Junior's Inevitable Role of Black Movement

There are many names that have struggled to promote equal equality, love, and peace, which are still worthy of the world for the world, whose efforts are torrent for the world. There is also a name in this kind of people, King Martin Luther, whose struggle is not only for black people, but is a special example for all the peoples of the world. This is the leader who had made a trip to the centuries for a trip to Salah Obama, but in the background of this struggle, there is a river of fire, a tribute too many generations have to pay too on today's horizons every blackmail struggle is like a niggard whose brightness is a perfect example for a new generation. Unfortunately, the dream of Martin Luther King has been fulfilled, but it is possible to accept it in the ratio of time and conditions? Now the need to maintain this dream, for which knowledge is a wonderful and effective source.

King lother
King Lother

This leader, who struggled for equality, love, and peace, was born in Georgia in the  19th century, the most closely seen starter Martin Luther King realized that the development of black race and survival there is a need for a big struggle to ensure mutual love and unity, so its endless and daily work has created many sympathies. In 1955, the arrest of King Luther's struggle in the past to stop the set of allocated buses for Miss Rosa Park's white-ladies has given a new color, which is called a minimize bus. This incident took place in the context of human rights, which created a new milestone for equality. In 1963, the six black organizations of America in the United States organized a rally on racial discrimination and gathered hundreds of black festivals, which are counted as the largest rally for the American history to receive their rights. King Martin Luther's historical address is also known today in this event, which means "My dream is that one day on white red mountains of Georgia, heirs of white arts and black slaves will expect each other. Four children recognize their role rather than their color. "

On the historical day of April 4, 1968, when the massacre, love, unity of Great Britain, a great teacher of King William Luther, was shot dead, but none of his struggles was killed. Even today seven seven seventy cities of the United States have some road or street name, which is the source of its fascinating struggle.

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