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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

January 30, 2019

how has the internet changed our lives

how has the internet changed our lives

 how has the internet changed our lives

It is a fact that the promotion of present-day technologies is far away, it has got the importance in our lives, which is why development is impossible. Due to this, the contacts are over and over soon, the distances have been removed, this is a revolution which is a result of the work of a few people, which needs to be known.
In this era of technology, Internet services cannot be denied. Because of this, the whole world has become a global community. Now no information is far from any human being.
We talk to our loved ones, send a message, write a video, send photos, read and watch the news, many books download songs, listen to the radio and play online games Booking is available on fingerprints. It's only the best source is the Internet. Now, where did it come from, who made it? This is an interesting question. Actually, this is the result of the hard work and efforts of many intelligent humans.

how has the internet changed our lives

Internet services cannot be denied at the time of this technology. Because of this, the whole world has become a global community. Now no information is far from any human being. We talk to our loved ones, send a message, write a video, send photos, read and watch the news, many books download songs, listen to the radio and play online games Booking is available on fingerprints. It's only the best source is the Internet. Now, where did it come from, who made it? This is an interesting question. Actually, this is the result of the hard work and efforts of many intelligent humans. Internet history is not too old. Only 55 years ago, in 1962, was a JRRL scientist, who founded the network called Intergalactic. Actually, it belonged to an agency named "DAPA" - Defense Advanced Research Project, which was the first goal of making people access all kinds of information using computers in the world. Just by taking this dream, JRL went to the field and became the head of Dripa. His two sons, Vent Craff and Bob, who put Internet name on Internet interrogate network in 1974, and forwarding the JCRL mission, introduced the TPP transmission control protocol system. After this, Dr. Robert Cliff invented a wire in 1976, called Ethernet Kochelle Cable, which could be transmitted from a computer to another computer. Such as file text etc. But it could work in a limited space. Only inside the office, school or any building. Then in 1983 Vent Kraff and Bobo Khen renamed DAPA to Arpa Net and made sure that whatever internet is required, it will have to take TCP. It was just started. Further development occurred in 1984 when Dr. Johann Postal created the web. It could be done in different ways for different organizations, like today we search for .com, .org, .edu, .gov, but now Internet Travels started barely. In 1989, again, Vent Kraft and Bob Juan, both sons of JCRL, took a major step and a company founded the ISP. I.e. Internet Service Provider. It's 2 advantages. One's father's dream was fulfilled, the other hard work was going to turn into a business now because the Internet connection could now go home. It is exactly like telephone wires and a receiver with which we know the name of the modem. So easily, any user's computer was connected to the Internet connection and the company used to receive its bill. This is called Dialup System. In 1991, Tim Burns made www modes - the Worldwide Web. After this addition, many jobs could now be online now. The result of this success proved to be an important breakthrough in the way of many amazing revolutions. The first pizza adopt online service made it easy to book pizza, but there were still plenty of problems.1996 was the year when the first email service hit the Hotmail. Electrical posts could be sent anywhere on the Internet. In 1998, our known search engines were Google Live. The amount of making it leads to the Larry Patch and the Cold Brain. In 1999, tired of internet wires, a young man began to think differently. He thought that sound like a wire can go from one place to the other, why there is no data in the radio, WiFi was born in that struggle, ie the wireless fidelity, which also got a difference between the modem. It was an important milestone that works well for us today. The performer's name is Napix. Wikipedia was a website in 2001. It could be used to solve any issue of education. Now a new era started. The arrival of 2003 began to provide entertainment on the Internet. Apple uploaded up to 200,000 songs in the site called Icon.2004 was the time Gmail launches and data storage capacity was 1 GB, while before Yahoo! only 2,4 MB was given. Now on the Internet, the video was resolved, this problem was resolved after YouTube's arrival in 2005. This element was also done by Google. There was an extra advantage of its launch because both video downloads and uploads could be done.

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how has the internet changed our lives

More interesting work was done in 2006 when Facebook and Twitter appeared. The makers of them are Zuckerburg and Jack Darci. What are the advantages of these sites, they are not in need of any introduction? And many of them have introduced new things that will make life more easy and easy. This development of science and technology has become an important source of ease for humans.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

January 24, 2019

Solar paperback, for charging smart phone

smart phone charger
 charging smartphone

Solar paperback, for charging smartphone:

The charger is very important for charging the phone, there are various tools in the market, as recently a newspaper reported that a Chicago company has invented a great technology called Solar Paper, like the Solar Charger. Works, its size is so precise that it can be kept in notebooks too. The company claims that the laser can charge up to 3000 MAHs of smartphones in an hour.
solar Paper

Solar Paper, this charger is designed with a flexible melt, which would turn it down to 160 degrees, if it was turned to 160 degrees. The company has designed this charger specifically for colleges and university students, who need tablets smartphones to complete their different assignments. An important feature of this device called Solar Paper, which makes it distinguished with other charges is automotive disinfected technology, i.e. the phone automatically shuts charging after hundred percent charging, which does not harm the battery. A solar charge also has a digital screen that is compatible with a typical calculator screen, which shows the charge rate of the phone or tablet, as the charger designs with modern design requirements. Due to this, it has been not only water-proof but also magnet has been installed to increase the power of charging, that you should apply with solar sheets and increase the power of charge as much as you want.

January 24, 2019

Samsung's Galaxy S series

 Samsung's Galaxy S series
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung's Galaxy S series…
The phone introduced to Samsung's Galaxy S series for over 10 years will be equipped with revolutionary technology and there will be features that will make people mockery.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Galaxy S10 will be the flagship phone of this South Korean company, with which 4 versions will be introduced, out of which 3 will be Regular Galaxy S10, and the fourth is the BMW-based model, 6.7 inches Display, 6 cameras, and 5 g support.

 Samsung's Galaxy S series

Regular 3S10 models will be given 5.8 to 6.4 inches display, while 3 to 5 cameras will be on Front and Back. This company is about to introduce the Reverse Wireless Charging feature to its flagship phone, with the help of Galaxy S10 models sharing their battery life with other devices, just like Matt 20 Pro.

Beyond X model will be Samsung's largest display, with 6.7 inches screen, four back camera and 2 front cameras, next-generation 5G network support.

In fact, it will be a phone like Apple's iPhone's 10th birthday, which will change the phone design of this company.
In order to keep at least the basil in the S10 models, Samsung's new touch display will be used.

These four phones are likely to be introduced during an event in the middle of February, out of which 3 S10 models will be offered for sale soon, while the Wi-Fi support phone is from the advice of mobile operating companies providing this service. The market will be introduced.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

January 10, 2019

Who is ended slavery

Who is ended slavery
Abraham Lincoln 

Who is ended slavery 

Abraham Lincoln, according to a popular saying, is a "lump in the pit", it was born in the American Indian form of a farmer and one of the poorly educated families born in this school, only 12 months read, but still, It was a great pleasure to read from childhood. But everyone had the hope of his success.

 Lincoln has done many jobs such as rail slippers, soldiers, shopkeepers, and post-masters, then it was a successful candidate for the Alliance's Legislative Assembly in 1934. During the Law of Legislative Assembly, he studied law and made a bar member in 1937. The possibility of his success began to appear in his novel, so the girl from a big family of My Todd came to him, Lincoln first wanted to dismiss it, but then both of them Got married Due to this marriage, Lincoln did not get any lucky half because he had a significant difference in the nature of both of them, due to which he had some problems even though he had a bad impact. At the same time, the American nation was moving toward a scandal and moral values became a masculine form of slavery, the government has been trying to balance the balance between slavering states and slavery. On one side there were states of the north who insisted that the spread of slavery should be stopped, and on the other side, there were southern states who considered slavery as a sacred duty for their growth. In 1854, Republican became a new party against slavery, four years later, Lincoln was nominated as a candidate nominated by Stephen Douglas, the center of the Alliance's Republican Democratic Party, with which Lincoln began it Prove that he is also best suited as Douglas, where he lost the election Lincoln, but during the election camping proved that he could also be a good leader. The next Democrats party nominated Lincoln for the presidential election, due to the internal differences in the party, the support and slavery of slavery, after the election of Lincoln, the states of the South got the opportunity to separate them from the long term. Gai was sworn and in this regard, seven states also announced their independence, which he also named the Confederate States of America. Later, four other states will also join them, with which the war has suffered substantial losses, if the war of freedom and slavery, it will be perfect. In the early years of this war, the performance of the Southern states was bad, while the North-Strategic War strategy was successful, they had more resources and were also disrupting the southern edges, whose effects began to slowly appear Were there As the battle began to be long, the essence of Lincoln's strategy began to appear. During the internal war, in this critical war, in September 1862, on the attack of General Robert A. Lee's Maryland, Lincoln gave General Mac Killian the head of the Bolivian Puerto Mack, under the advice of his advisors. Mac Clean got a great deal of victory in Antietam, due to which the Confederate Army was prominently stopped and Europe's countries also rejected the support of the Confederate.

who is slavery ended
Who is ended slaver

 Announcement to end slavery: -

Following the victory of Antietam, Lincoln released the release of slavery from the United States immediately, giving freedom to all the slaves in the United States. It is noteworthy that this freedom was just overlooked, but with this announcement, American goals have been morally respected. Lincoln is the president of America who was against slavery and had a strong commitment to ending it. In December 15, 1860, he wrote in a letter to Carolina G. Carolina of Caroline that only a big difference between the North States and the Southern states is that you want to correct and increase slavery, while we believe it is wrong and limited It should be, this letter was published as the head of the newspaper.

 This war continued for more than two years in which the army of the South fought a great fortune. This victory was not just a week that a person named John Waxon shot Lincoln at the time when he was watching the drama in a theater. Lincoln's death was a huge loss to the south and northern states, after the new years of formation, they were very rare, in which very few people remember the words of Lincoln that he had The presidency said in the  speech: "

There should be good emotions for everyone, without being depressed, and come firmly on the truth, fulfill the work which we have taken in our hands. Keep on mind the people's wounds and they Do everything that can establish a fairly peaceful peace. " The liberation of the slaves of Lincoln will always be remembered in the good words in America's history. Due to which the United States received moral patience.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

January 08, 2019

black panther review

Black Panther
Black Panther

black panther review

This is the first time the Marvel Cinematic World presented a story of a black hero. The film is Black Panther's director Rine Kogler, who has also directed the first "Fountain Weinstein". The film 'Touchala' has been introduced for the first time in the film, Tulla Wakanda is a new king of the state. For which actor Chadwick Boseman was selected. Black Panther Marvel is different from the second Super Heroes of the World, but this is also a combination of movies such as the combination of all scientific experiences, the heavenly museum and the   Technologies (Iron Man. Antman).
Black Panther

 The film's story begins with wikanada, which is described as a strange state. The act of performing all the actors is great in this movie and the whole cast and the love cast in the whole cast are clearly seen in the movie and their characters and it seems like this is a new world, which is created by Rine Kogler who Before all super superhero is unique and distinguished. All the roles of this movie are full of many things, which have played an important role in completing the story. The screen of this movie is very good and parallel in which Rine Kogler and Robert have worked hard. While every statement of the statement is strong and every scene feels connected, and especially the character of Tochalha has been presented very well, which is a brother in the form of a king, his personal life as a loving person beautifully. It is highlighted that this character is very good as a superhero.

 It is like watching the film's action, which was featured in a great deal, and at the very end of the film this message is very good that all humans are worthy of respect and honor of any difference, the world's colorful, social, economic and it is very important for a cultural evolution.

 Overall, Rine Kogler's film is a mastermind movie that can keep your impressions in mind for a long time. The 134-minute film of Film Producer Kevin Faiz is a filmmaker for audiences and critics, which is called a great tour. In the movie cast, in addition to the song Boseman, Michael B. Jordon, Lipita Nyong’o, and Dania Gregory, Letitia Wright and Winston Duke, is a great artist.

Black Panther

The film is the best of the paintings of Black Panther, which has been utilized with the full potential of black artists, the film is a masterpiece by removing the traditional traditions. It is a negative expression of all of these fascinating ideas that are often found about blacks. This message is a fact that respect and respect are important for all this time, it is a matter of decent to be decent, you can get back by giving the respect you give. That standard life also plays an important role in the genocide of the race.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

January 05, 2019

michael jackson black or white

michael Jackson black or white

michael jackson black or white

Michael Jackson is the recognition of western music that cannot be frustrated. Some aspects of the life of this black artist are amazing and exciting, while the work of the destiny of the goddess is also working hard. But if it is understood that nature is a reality that can change for some time, but not forever. It does not hate the past, but it is learned from a lot of experience, the color, and shape given by the power change time and again, but it also has to pay.
Michael Jackson, who was born in America's state of Indiana, was from a poor black family, this was his seventh child's child, who was from childhood. The full name of the world's unique and best-performing artist, Joseph Michael Jackson, is in some of the world's artists who have received much wealth, reputation, and respect for a short time. Jackson's father was a tough man, due to his behavior, and he did not even get rid of his children. Jackson's mind began to create an uproar of the rebellion due to the irresponsible violence of his father and his brother, Jackson used to seduce his brother's bands, his band was not so famous that these people were outside the church and various streets But used to perform their own art. Michael Jackson separated due to the behavior of the family. Her advice began when she released her personal album with an American musician 'Kozi Janes' in 1978, selling a million copies. This album featured Jackson on a Locker success path in the superstar list. Jackson's second album released 'Thriller' in 1982, which took Michael Jackson to the arts of the album, sold six million copies of the album, which came to the world record and came to the Gains of World Book. Because Jackson got out of anonymity and became a world reputation, basically disliked Jackson's innocence, he wanted it to be famous, he had a kind of hatred from his black dangers, while his kind of thoughts and desires in his heart It was always active for wearing practical clothes. He used to do plastic surgery to get rid of his black color, which did not prove to be durable in his favor. It used every kind of resentment to hate its past and to prove itself unique, he also employed some doctors to avoid the illness that used to make a definite day. Michael Jackson served the 55th peak plastic surgeons of America and Europe even until 1987 changed the entire shape of Michael Jackson 'skin' impressions and movements and scan. A beautiful Michael Jackson, who owns Black Strap and Nonsense Impact of Black Michael Jackson, came to the world. He released his third album in Baum's name in 1987, 'This was Michael Jackson's first album', the album also succeeded and sold three million copies. After this album, he started his first solo tour. He showed the show of 'City Dargagia' in the country's countries and earned millions of dollars from his show. So he also defeated his black color. After that, Michael Jackson started running away from the past, he quit his family. He changed his addresses, "he rent, but also received a blend of bliss and he also got rid of all his old friends.

michael jackson black or white

During all the steps where he went alone, he was also caught in the circulation of artificial life. He also married Elizabeth Presley's daughter Lisa Merry Pressley to celebrate herself. She also put her big statues in Europe and she also created her first son Prince Michael with a nurse, Debbie Roberts. His daughter, Paris, was also born by Debbie Roberts, daughter of Michael. His attempt was also successful; he has largely rescued from his past so that he had a turn towards his last hatred or desire. He wanted to live for a hundred and a half years. But it was difficult to breathe on 25 June night. Her doctors took her place to senior doctors throughout the country. These doctors tried to save her from death but failed to take her to the hospital and failed. The person who had planned for 150 years, who did not walk on the ground naked, used to put gloves before handling someone 'in whose home sprinkled daily germs daily and he had 25 years No food was eaten by which the doctors had forbidden it. The person died in just 30 minutes at the age of 50.
 Michael Jackson's post mortum came to know that his body was structured due to caution. He was punished by his head. His rings were broken 'his hollow' shoulder 'untouchable marks of needles on the pistols and legs Were there Due to plastic surgery, "Pan Kills" was forced to take dozens of injections daily, but these injections' this caution and these doctors could not save them from death and that day, they were shifts in this world. In which every living person has to come and thus his last wish could not be fulfilled. Michael Jackson's death is a lesson that he told the world that there is a time for death, those who are willing to conquer the world, and ordinary people are not even away from his hands.
 Michael Jackson was the leading person in the art of art, who had so much honor and superiority, even before the power of law.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January 01, 2019

Chancellor James Williams - Africa Within

Chancellor James Williams - Africa Within

 Africa Within

Chancellor James Williams 

Chancellor James Williams was an Afrikan social scientist, historian, and author. He was the author of 1 of the foremost necessary books of the 20 the century, "The Destruction of Black Civilization" (1976).

Early life

Williams was born in Bennettsville, South Carolina, on Dec twenty-two, 1893 because the last of 5 children; his father was once enthralled, whereas his mother was a cook, nurse, and evangelist. His innate curiosity regarding the realities of racial difference and cultural struggles, significantly those that concerned African Americans, began as early as his fifth-grade year. Years later, he was quoted in AN early interview as saying: "I was terribly sensitive concerning the position of Black individuals within the city... I needed to understand however you justify this nice distinction. however is it that we tend to be in such low circumstances as compared to the whites? And once they answered 'slavery' because the rationalization, then I needed to understand wherever we tend to come from."
He rapt together with his family to Washington, DC within the early twentieth century. His 1st married woman, Dorothy Ann Williams, died in 1925, deed him an adult male with 5 kids.


Williams earned  AN college man degree in Education in 1930 followed by a Master of Arts degree in History in 1935, each from Howard University. once finishing an academic degree thesis on the socioeconomic significance of the front church movement within u.  s. since 1920, he was awarded a hydrogen ion concentration.D. in history and social science by yank University in 1949.

Williams began his studies abroad as a professor to the schools of Oxford and London in England, Britain in 1953 and 1954. In 1956, he did field analysis in African history at Ghana's University school. At that point, his main focus was on African achievements and self-ruling civilizations that existed long before the approaching of the Europeans or Asians. His last study, completed in 1964, lined twenty-six countries and quite one hundred language groupings.


In 1935 Williams took the post of body Principal for the Cheltenham faculty for Boys in Maryland. Four years later he became an educator within the Washington, DC public colleges. He entered the utilization of the U.S. federal in 1941, filling a range of positions like section chief of office, statistician for War Relocation Board, an economic expert in a workplace of worth Administration. In 1946 he came to his school as a scientific discipline teacher till 1952. it had been then that he transferred to the department of history, wherever he remained till he retired in 1966.

"The Destruction of Black Civilization"

Chancellor James Williams - Africa Within
In 1971, Williams sent his work of art The Destruction of Black Civilization to Edward Kendall Hunt, a white-owned publisher, for publication and distribution. the subsequent year, the book received a gift from the Black Academy of Letters and humanities. inspired by the award, Williams worked for years to expand and revise the book before publication a second edition. Feeling easier with a Black-owned firm as his publisher, he sent the second version to Chicago's noted collection Press.
When printed in 1987, the second edition of the book received wide essential acclaim from the Afrikan community. In 1979, the twenty {first} Century Foundation honored Chancellor Williams with its first carriage L. Holte International Biennial Prize.
The Destruction of Black Civilization took Chancellor Williams sixteen years of research and field study to compile. The book, that was to function a reinterpretation of the history of the African race, was supposed to be "a general rebellion against the refined message from even the foremost 'liberal' white authors (and their Negro disciples): 'You belong to a race of nobodies. you have got no worthy history to purpose to proudly.'" The book was written at a time once several black students, educators, and students were setting out to piece along the association between the means their history was tutored and therefore the means they were perceived by others and by themselves.
They began to question assumptions created regarding their history and took it upon themselves to form a replacement body of historical analysis. The book is premised on the question: "If the Blacks were among the terribly 1st builders of civilization and their land the birthplace of civilization, what is going on to them that has left them since then, at the underside of world society, exactly what happened? The Caucasian answer is easy and well-known: The Blacks have continually been at the underside." Williams instead contends that a lot of elements—nature, imperialism, and purloined legacies— have power-assisted within the destruction of the black civilization.
The Destruction of Black Civilization is revelatory and revolutionary as a result of it offers a replacement approach to the analysis, teaching, and study of African history by shifting the most focus from the history of Arabs and Europeans in Africa to the Africans themselves, providing instead "a history of blacks that's a history of blacks. as a result of solely from history will we have a tendency to learn what our strengths were and, especially, in what specific side we have a tendency to are weak and vulnerable. Our history will then become directly the muse and leading light for united efforts in serious[ly] coming up with what we must always be regarding currently." it absolutely was a part of the evolution of the black revolution that passed within the Nineteen Seventies, because the focus shifted from politics to matters of the mind.


Dr. Williams died of metabolism failure on Dec seven, 1992 at Providence Hospital in Washington, D.C. He had been a resident of the Washington Center for Aging Services for many years. He was survived by his mate of sixty-five years, Mattie Williams of Washington, and fourteen children; thirty-six grandchildren; thirty-eight great-grandchildren; and ten great-great-grandchildren.