Samsung’s Galaxy S series

 Samsung's Galaxy S series
Samsung Galaxy

Samsung’s Galaxy S series…

The phone introduced to Samsung’s Galaxy S series for over 10 years will be equipped with revolutionary technology and there will be features that will make people mockery.
According to the Wall Street Journal report, Galaxy S10 will be the flagship phone of this South Korean company, with which 4 versions will be introduced, out of which 3 will be Regular Galaxy S10, and the fourth is the BMW-based model, 6.7 inches Display, 6 cameras, and 5 g support.
 Samsung's Galaxy S series
Regular 3S10 models will be given 5.8 to 6.4 inches display, while 3 to 5 cameras will be on Front and Back. This company is about to introduce the Reverse Wireless Charging feature to its flagship phone, with the help of Galaxy S10 models sharing their battery life with other devices, just like Matt 20 Pro.
Beyond the X model will be Samsung’s largest display, with 6.7 inches screen, a four back camera and 2 front cameras, next-generation 5G network support.
In fact, it will be a phone like Apple’s iPhone’s 10th birthday, which will change the phone design of this company.
In order to keep at least the basil in the S10 models, Samsung’s new touch display will be used.
These four phones are likely to be introduced during an event in the middle of February, out of which 3 S10 models will be offered for sale soon, while the Wi-Fi support phone is from the advice of mobile operating companies providing this service. The market will be introduced.