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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

Responses to Black people History, Wet Nursing

Responses to Black people Histroy,
Black people

 Responses to Black people History, Wet Nursing

The inhumane practice became very popular in the 1800s. Once a slave mother had a child, she was hurriedly assigned to a white mistress and forced to breastfeed her white baby instead of her own.
Mother nomination power is a perfect gift for nomination. Most research shows that breastfeeding is a complete and full diet for the child that can not change. But sometimes the mothers do not have information and They cause children to breastfeed themselves for different reasons. Immediately after the birth of the mother, mamma is called cadastre (yellow colored obesity). Mermaid is the best nutrition for the baby. This type of milk contains more specific types of protein compared to lateral milk. It is the intake of food for the baby and preserves anti-baked antibodies to the diseases. The benefits of mother's milk are as follows:
 Responses to Black people History,

1. Mothers make the baby powerful and healthy. Vitamin A is sufficiently sufficient for the nutrients.
2. Mammals contain async fatty acids, which are important for the development of the nervous brain, eyes, and blood drainage.
3. The amount of protein in the mother's milk is high, the protein contains protein-controlled proteins that protect the baby from infection.
4. Protein-based proteins are digestive and they reduce the risk of allergies.
5. Mother's milk contains anti-infections that protect children from different diseases.
6. Moderate children help protect children from infections of urinary swelling and urine apart from hand, respiratory diseases and ear infections.
7. Monday is breastfeeding for a child due to breastfeeding, such as breast cancer, and bones filled.
8. Drinking milk gives a baby feel comfortable and deep.
9. Helps strengthen people.
10. Privacy is easy and digestive easily.
11. This milk is very clean and its temperature is always appropriate.
12. If a mother gets some kind of infection, the mother's body comes in the blood cells of the blood and makes antibodies in the mother's body that helps in controlling infections and protecting them. Some of them are antibiotics. Moms reach the breast and help keep it safe by reaching the child.
 Responses to Black people History,

wet nursing

 In the eighteenth century, when slavery was at its height, black women had a large demand for black women, because white milk had a lack of milk or had no power in their milk, due to which their children were born weak. They had the milk of a woman for power and fornication that could eliminate all these weaknesses. Treatment of it, Europe pulled out to bring women who have all the properties in milk. Remember that the first Arabs used to offer their newborn dairy, which also had a baby feeding for a special period, many such examples are present in the history and the tradition also changed the tradition, so when European He was in trouble with difficulty, he also found out that the solution should be provided to fulfill the nutritional needs of the children. So they were women who were pregnant or who had small children in slave women, used to feed their children on their work, giving them the names of wet nursing. There are many women in the history of black people who are allocated for this task.
It was the way to bring such slaves to the common slaves, but there was a demand for women with little children. This method was adopted when the need for powerful milk for European nominated children was mass. Here, leaving the prejudices, keeping their needs in view of black women, it is the truth of the history that many artists did not show, but it was a reality and it was needy.
Understand that the reality of slavery is very tremendous. Whose effects are still today? The removal of identity, autonomy, culture, and humanity was a necessary aspect of slavery. To working girl masters, the sole means for them to be ready to justify the enslavement of individuals was to get rid of all things that created them, people. They policed black bodies; they told them once to urge up when to eat when to own sex when to use the lavatory. There was nothing joyful regarding being a slave.
Understand that this was a method of survival. See, strive as they could, the spirit of slaves couldn't be fully broken. The need for freedom and therefore the right to measure couldn't be erased. They herb to take care of their mental health. They danced to preserve their culture. They laughed as a result of crying was exhausting; there was work to be done.
 Responses to Black people History,

Wet nursing 2Do you perceive that there have been individuals who're a job was specifically to “break in” slaves? To beat them into submission? To threaten with, and sometimes truly mutilate their bodies by taking off limbs and sex organ, whipping slaves till their skin naked as a jaybird off like paper?

So you wish to not recognize the “back story” to the image. as a result of there was no humanity in slavery. The girl within the image didn't walk up to her master and say “I don't have anything to try and do these days, am I able to please feed your baby?” Her body wasn't hers. There was no alternative. Whether or not her master had the “decency” to raise her to feed the kid, rather than simply forcing her to try and do it, a solution of “yes” wasn't out of joy, however rather that she didn’t extremely have an alternative, to start with. 

Thursday, April 18, 2019

April 18, 2019

Barack Obama is facts

Barack Obama is facts
Barack Obama

Barack Obama is facts

Thus, black people in Europe are identified as slaves, but there are some black people who took away the labels of slavery by their hard work and sent themselves in such a manner that they were able to turn history. Happened. It is a matter of fact that Europeans recognize their efforts very difficult, while still doing racial expressions such as Delhi when such scenes came to pass when Barack Obama became the first black American president. The eight-year-long period of Obama proved to be an episode that cannot be blacked out by the whole world, the effect of this era will be written that a black house in the white house for a nation where the house was banned It's up to date. It's a realistic reality
When Obama made the first black president in America's history, the hope of enduring racism in the United States, not only in the whole world, was awakened in a new era, in his first address to reduce US military role in Iraq, the Afghan war. What is the determination? But when there was no progress on any of its commitment to eight years, all the hopes were changed to uncertainty and concerns. Despite being the first American President of the Black race, the United States failed to eliminate racism based on racism, but during this period, genocide-based actions increased. According to the US media report, more than ten black Americans were killed in nominated American police from 2009 to 2016, in which the majority of black teens were black, black began to be considered as insecure and massively Protest and protest.
Barack Obama is facts

Obama's Breakthroughs Success: -

In the Obama era, America has got many achievements in the country and at the international level that can not be ignored. Obama's historic nuclear deal is acknowledged by the Obama administration's great success. Which led to a decrease in tension between the United States and Iran, and another major achievement was that the enemy of a mighty enemy like Cuba, restored the diplomatic relations with the country and the honor of the first US president to visit there also The head goes on, which will reduce the past tiles and the relations between the two countries are common. Obama overwhelmed America's traditional ally in the last days of his power and surprised at the time when the United States did not vengeance against the Jewish settlement Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in the Security Council. The United States has always vowed this resolution, while Arab and Islamic countries welcomed the United States movements and the Israeli Prime Minister reiterated the Obama administration.

Obama's failed economic and economic policies: -

Before Obama assumed Obama's power in 2008, the US had gone towards the pistachios, which has not been seen from the arrival of Obama, giving more facilities in the corporate sector, by the end of 2008, the profit of the corporate sector He had $ 671 billion in 2016, he reached a $ 636 billion dollar in 2016. The wealth came to the pocket of certain people. This situation can be gauged that a record of the wealth of four hundred and fifteen people in the United States increased from $ 57 trillion to two trillion dollars. On one side the wages decreased in the Obama era, on the other hand, basic things increased. Rather, health, education, and release expenses increased significantly. Obama claims that millions of new jobs were created during his period, but according to the research of Harvard, Preston and other institutions, at that time, fifty-five percent of the time or part-time type jobs, and thousands of school management at the name of education, Many teachers and many people associated with it were unemployed.
The law about Obama's public health program was very popular, but according to critics against the US administration and the Obama administration, health is shifted to the people rather than the State and the Corporation, under this law. This feature was even more expensive than ever. While millions of people working in the corporate sector are forced to deduct their salaries under this law. Some analysts suggest that by ignoring the common people in the distribution of wealth and resources, it was concluded that such a person like Trump took up the problems and made their election campaign successful. Breeding and prejudice actions in the United States and the killing of black youths by police, largely increased, but it is still the fact that for the first time, too many small welfare laws have been introduced for black men, women, and children. gone  Law enforcement was made for older and retired people. In his last speech at the US President Barack Obama's debut, Obama claimed that America is better than ever in any way compared to eight years ago, and America's future is in safe hands and also that when the tendency is shaken So it's dangerous.

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April 03, 2019

wangari maathai facts

wangari  Maathai  facts

wanari maathai
Wangari Maathai

wangari  Maathai  facts

There are also women in the black nation, whose ability, nephew, conservative and determination intentions have played an important role in turning history. Today we talk about the determination and commitment of a woman born in a developing country like Kenya, whose name is the Wangari Maathai. This woman has to change the condition of her country's people with her ideology and thought. The determination and struggle whose influence has affected the world and its name are respected. This is the first African black lady who was recruited by the Nobel Prize to try hard work in Kenya, democracy, and in the field of the ecosystem.

Wangari Maathai was born in Kenya on 1 April 1940, his father used to work on a white farming ground. The wing was sold at a Catholic Boarding School at the age of 11 where he began his early education. During that period the struggle to get independence from the British government was continuing, so during this period, this ninety-nine girl saw a lot, battles, clashes, and corruption while being boarded in the boarding school. It was very intelligent, his career was a great, and he got a scholarship in 1960 and he got the opportunity to go to America, where he got a Masters degree in Biology. She selected Biology in the educational career, her favorite subject in which she drowned her back to 1969. It was the first black woman in East Africa, who made her Ph.D. made in Africa all over Africa.
When the Wangari arrived in maturity, he saw poverty in his people, poverty, hunger, and hunger, he felt that hunger and misery are causing many problems, and the majority are also missing the basic needs and facilities of life. When people can not afford to abstain from their stomach, how can they focus on cognitive problems with the political system's problems and the environment or keep awareness and awareness about it? Kenya had arrived at the drought of destruction caused by drought and natural disasters. Therefore, he founded the Green Belt Foundation for the protection of the environment in the 1970s and started changing the country.

wangri maathai
Wangari Maathai

Due to his excellent educational record and ability, he was given a senior position in the University of Nairobi, where he was invited to campaign for the rights of women staff and was also trained in the United States during his staying and training. There were also various influences on women. In the mid-1970s, environmental pollution and its devastating effects in Kenya (drying and earthquake) caused concern in it. It was believed that by controlling environmental pollution, many social and economic issues of the country can be solved. During that time his parents got married, when his husband came to the political field in 1974 and became an MP, he changed the condition of the public with the help of his husband, Decided to give money, and take action. During this time, he started planting for the first time to reduce environmental pollution, but financial troubles stopped the way. However, their interests did not get rid of them. And in 1976, when UN Conference got an opportunity to attend, then raised McKinley of the environmental pollution and raised voice for shaking, after which he had the opportunity to head for the planting of Kenya, which had great success. After this campaign, his organizational became a compelling and effective voice of environmental protection across Africa.

In the year 1980, she was elected the Chairperson of the National Council of Wyoming Kenya and continued to be in office until 1987. The Council worked well on environmental issues in their headquarter. At the same time, they should also be happy for the welfare of humans and the solution of Kenya's inhabitants, in this respect the reputation of this lady spread across Africa. On one occasion, he said, "I do not know why I am so concerned about, there is someone inside me that tells me that there is a problem and I try to solve it."

In 1990 and 1992, they found interest in Kenya's political situation, they also protested against the government's policies and strategies, and should be active in promoting real democracy in the country. On this front, they had to face many problems, and they were on hunger strike and also recorded a protest on every wrong decision and unfair work. He would be ready for the solution of the Middle East and the country as a whole because of which he knew all Africa and he had full support from the people. In 2002, he stood for the election as a candidate for the election, and in the next year, in 2003, regarding natural resources and environmental pollution, he has ranked the most important position. In 2004 he was awarded Nobel Prize for supporting democracy against the dictatorship.

These mutually embarrassed women who have been beaten up on every front and disagree with rights were suffering from an illness like female cancer, died on September 25, 2011. His death came to pass by completing a chapter of commitment and integrity in Kenya.

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April 02, 2019

slavery in Africa history:

slavery in Africa history:
آAfrican History

slavery in Africa history:

The continent Africa and its people are most vulnerable to slavery in the world. But it is important to know why it was enslaved, by the way, these people look more exclusively due to their color and race, these people are known to be important in the world due to hard work and hard work. They have the potential to integrate every season and every region, so their demand increases.
The standards set in the world due to the colors have been made in the human mind so much that it is not possible to get out of bad and good results. The great worshipers who have used the resort to promote it have been present since ancient times, but the most dangerous thing in them is slavery. This slavery continues today and its rise began when the colonies were started in Africa, namely non-African actions in Africa so that the people of Africa were able to make every kind of struggle for their freedom. You have to earn freedom. The Nawabadiatas was started with the launch of African Natural Resources, under this aim, they started their development work, but as soon as they started to know about the wealth there, they stopped the development work. Doing the wealth of there started returning.

slavery in Africa history

The tradition of slavery before or even with African blacks began when the world was acquainted with imperialism. This system has played a major role in humanity's attention and its effects are still important today. His signature signs are still present in the form of pyramid alloy, which is known as great masterpieces of imperialism in the days. But the attention of the world is not based on this, they are just presenting the slavery of Africa, while the customs of forced labor from slaves have invented the preaching of Egypt from Egypt. Now it will be a mixture of alienation of Egyptians from Egypt to turn away from facts. It is very difficult to confess the world that Egypt is the most decent region of Africa, where the ruling class will consist of black people, where civilization is in the ancient civilizations of the world, but the historian and the researcher black They offer slaves, so it is difficult for them to present the rule. In order to separate the chapter of slavery from Egypt in the world, the role of the world played an important role, I understand that the black people today are said to be evil because they are not able to digest the word of slavery. And whose revenge is being taken from them till now?

Breeding and Black: -

Preparations between black and white are very ancient, when the people of white people belong to black people, white people of people represent black and white people as symbols of sin and evil to prove their superiority. I grew up and participated. And the words of this kind were made in which the black color highlighted a kind of sense of commotion. If we review this, the causes of racism are neither natural nor permanent in every society, but it is a non-natural creation, the purpose of which is through it. Uniform equivalent rating should be set up permanently. The main reason for the backwardness of the nations is that the distribution of resources is not on equal equality, therefore, both racism and reverence are related to each other, and the main reason is that the resources of a community of resources include Be kept away from reach Another situation is Amiri and the poor that is like racism. In the present case, it is a sense of human emotions like a class system, the roots of this system are so strong that it is difficult to end it.

Breeding Needs: -

The slavery was terminated in 1833, but the foundation of the European industry and its superiority was the same. While it was necessary for them to continue exploiting black people after the end of slavery. Because in Europe many blacks were considered to be less than white. Therefore, now the white investor just needed to get mixed with all those prejudices already existed. And it should be found in the form of a regular theory, so if slavery does not remain there, exploitation with the help of this theory continue s.

slavery in Africa history

Under this theory, some say that black men are not, and others recognized them as humans, but they could be enslaved and foremost. And this could make their lives better in the slavery of the European Union. Therefore, racism has become very intense, whose effects have remained for many centuries and still appear, therefore the theory of race-racing emerged under defense needs and it was argued that Africans are fewer, so they are worthy of slavery. This was the reason for which Africa was severely tortured by slavery, which had to make a big struggle for the freedom of independence, and how many nations did not know the tribulation of the African nation. Has opened the path of exploitation. Do you think this is a correct procedure?