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Barack Obama is facts

Barack Obama is facts
Barack Obama

Barack Obama is facts

Thus, black people in Europe are identified as slaves, but there are some black people who took away the labels of slavery by their hard work and sent themselves in such a manner that they were able to turn history. Happened. It is a matter of fact that Europeans recognize their efforts very difficult, while still doing racial expressions such as Delhi when such scenes came to pass when Barack Obama became the first black American president. The eight-year-long period of Obama proved to be an episode that cannot be blacked out by the whole world, the effect of this era will be written that a black house in the white house for a nation where the house was banned It's up to date. It's a realistic reality
When Obama made the first black president in America's history, the hope of enduring racism in the United States, not only in the whole world, was awakened in a new era, in his first address to reduce US military role in Iraq, the Afghan war. What is the determination? But when there was no progress on any of its commitment to eight years, all the hopes were changed to uncertainty and concerns. Despite being the first American President of the Black race, the United States failed to eliminate racism based on racism, but during this period, genocide-based actions increased. According to the US media report, more than ten black Americans were killed in nominated American police from 2009 to 2016, in which the majority of black teens were black, black began to be considered as insecure and massively Protest and protest.
Barack Obama is facts

Obama's Breakthroughs Success: -

In the Obama era, America has got many achievements in the country and at the international level that can not be ignored. Obama's historic nuclear deal is acknowledged by the Obama administration's great success. Which led to a decrease in tension between the United States and Iran, and another major achievement was that the enemy of a mighty enemy like Cuba, restored the diplomatic relations with the country and the honor of the first US president to visit there also The head goes on, which will reduce the past tiles and the relations between the two countries are common. Obama overwhelmed America's traditional ally in the last days of his power and surprised at the time when the United States did not vengeance against the Jewish settlement Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories in the Security Council. The United States has always vowed this resolution, while Arab and Islamic countries welcomed the United States movements and the Israeli Prime Minister reiterated the Obama administration.

Obama's failed economic and economic policies: -

Before Obama assumed Obama's power in 2008, the US had gone towards the pistachios, which has not been seen from the arrival of Obama, giving more facilities in the corporate sector, by the end of 2008, the profit of the corporate sector He had $ 671 billion in 2016, he reached a $ 636 billion dollar in 2016. The wealth came to the pocket of certain people. This situation can be gauged that a record of the wealth of four hundred and fifteen people in the United States increased from $ 57 trillion to two trillion dollars. On one side the wages decreased in the Obama era, on the other hand, basic things increased. Rather, health, education, and release expenses increased significantly. Obama claims that millions of new jobs were created during his period, but according to the research of Harvard, Preston and other institutions, at that time, fifty-five percent of the time or part-time type jobs, and thousands of school management at the name of education, Many teachers and many people associated with it were unemployed.
The law about Obama's public health program was very popular, but according to critics against the US administration and the Obama administration, health is shifted to the people rather than the State and the Corporation, under this law. This feature was even more expensive than ever. While millions of people working in the corporate sector are forced to deduct their salaries under this law. Some analysts suggest that by ignoring the common people in the distribution of wealth and resources, it was concluded that such a person like Trump took up the problems and made their election campaign successful. Breeding and prejudice actions in the United States and the killing of black youths by police, largely increased, but it is still the fact that for the first time, too many small welfare laws have been introduced for black men, women, and children. gone  Law enforcement was made for older and retired people. In his last speech at the US President Barack Obama's debut, Obama claimed that America is better than ever in any way compared to eight years ago, and America's future is in safe hands and also that when the tendency is shaken So it's dangerous.

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