Queen of Egypt - (Sheedi) black people in Pakistan.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Queen of Egypt

Queen of Egypt

Queen of Egyp

Queen of Egypt

The archaeological architecture of ancient Egypt is still available for the world's treasury, and its historical history is the master of knowledge and awareness. In ancient times it is recorded that Egypt's first Pharaoh was "Mains", after which many Farhadians ruled Egypt for nearly three thousand years. There are Pharaoh's great palaces in the Egyptian language since the kings lived in a great palace, so they became called Pharaoh.

Caucasian, the only woman of Caucasian, passed away, whose father, Bethlemus, put his crown on his head before Queen, and made him a queen. History states that the funeral of this queen has kept the world arrested for a while. The effect of its burns on Rome's politics, especially for a long time, continued.

Queen of Egypt

A famous personality of ancient Egyptian history, a symbol of beauty and beauty surrounding the seven languages, is said about Queen Al-Culprit Hallam that her death was caused by snake dishes. In this book in history books, Christopher Schaefer, a German historian, historian recently announced that all the Italians had been poisoned by poisoning poisonous past. The ancient world of ancient Egypt is the most famous The person whose stories are part of the literature of every language in the world, and in the world. Become a subject of story novels and story stories. In many languages, popular movies were created on them.

History books show that in the ancient Egyptian history there were seven tribes named Kalipatrah, among which the highest reputation received by the seventh Queen was due to its unique beauty and progeny. In the context of the above tradition The death of Al-Qupprah week, the Queen of Beauty became the master of beauty and beauty. The snake was named as Egyptian Cobra Snake in the history books. However, a German expert historian recently claimed that the killer's death was consumed by poison and he had chosen poisonous opium and herbal poison to die.
 Christopher Sheffer, professor of The University of Germany, and historian Christopher Sheffer says there is solid evidence that the Queen's death was not cobra but was a poison. Professor Schaffer with many other historians and experts Egypt's cities went to Alexandria, where they received information from ancient medical science and snake experts. In a scientific research program featuring a Georgian television channel ZDF, Professor Shepherd said that the possibility is that Cauliphea ate a crown containing opium, cinnamon and a poisonous plant of crown-palms. In this period, there was a known diagnostic to kill within a few hours, while snakes can take several days to die, and there is more trouble.

Review of the history shows that the time of Ultrathin is from the first 30 BC to 51 BC. This is the covenant when Egypt was the last Pharaoh ruler and after his death, Egypt became a Roman province. The Emperor of the Roman Empire was a follower of Geisel Caesar, while Roman General Mark Anthony also had his ceremonies that the Emperor Roman Bishnoi was also And this ceremony was a cause of conflicts and fighting among the Emperor Aurstatus and Anthony.On the other side, Anthony three children were also consumed from the lump of the pillar, and there is evidence that they also got married. This is the third pillar And last was the wedding.
Queen of Egypt

Like El Salvador's death, many stories related to her marriage are attributed. All the kings in the ancient Egyptian kingdom called themselves Pharaoh. According to traditions, the Emperor used to marry his sister. The two brothers had two brothers, one big and small one. They both are known as the thirteenth and the twelfth for.

On the death of his father in the past, the elder brother of Qilliphat was identified as the throne and he married his 11-year-old sister Qulprita. After his death, the younger brother took over the throne and he also married his sister according to traditions. The power of the old brother was a state of power and his grip was weak on matters of affairs due to the battles. It was the time of the rise of Caucasus, and it has increased its influence in the state. After the death of a small brother, the throne came to the throne and the throne and began to call Goddess to continue his rule. Those resulting in the growing influence of Roman emperor on the Egyptian empire resulting from Roman general Mark Anthony Quptratha was shown in the form of a death sentence, which later gave life to 39 years of life alive to Jupiter in the pages of history.

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