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Sunday, May 12, 2019

Kofi Anan Heart-winning Ambassador

Kofi Anan Heart-winning Ambassador
Kofi Anan

About Kofi Anan Life

Kofi Anan, born on 8 April 1938, Kofi Anan, born in the city of Ghana, was a good ambassador, expert economist and politician. Kofi Anan became the Secretary-General of the United Nations in January 1997, where he performed the duties of the seventh secretary's office by 2006, Kofi Anan was also given a Nobel Prize for Peace in 2001 with the United Nations in 2001.

Kofi Anan went to America on the scholarship at the age of 20, where he studied the economy and later he got higher education in Geneva. Kofi Anan started his career from the UN Institute of Health and then worked in Africa for several positions. He also served in New York with the same institution. He was active for the procurement of the Rohingya crisis. Before that, he had worked for the UN special delegate for some time. There was also the head of the organization named Kofi Ananth Elders, founded by former South African leader Nelson Mandela.

Kofi Anan Heart-winning Ambassador

Kofi Anan's first marriage was held in 1965 with Nigeria's female al-Keja. After a long time after the marriage, a daughter-in-law was born Ama Anan, and after that, she became a son of Kooja Anan. This marriage of Kofi Anan was separated from both sides until the 1970s and eventually divorced in 1983.

 Kofi Anan married another woman from Switzerland to female navy Maria in 1984, with a daughter of Nina, who was born in a second marriage. Kofi Anan has always elevated others, real inner heart, warmth and excellent performance inside Was found. Wherever there were problems and need help, Kofi Anan used to arrive there. He made his determination and sympathy in the hearts of many people, and that's why he will live in the hearts of the people.

Kofi Anan Heart-winning Ambassador

Kofi Anan devoted his life to make the world a peaceful place through his compassion and service. They hardly worked hard to unite us and they would never be able to fight for the sake of each person.

Kofi Anan, serving as the United Nations Secretary for the United Nations, died in Switzerland at the age of 80. Kofi Anan's demise was reported by his family and the 'Alders Foundation.  August 18, 2018.

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