Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Great leader of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Mohammad  Ali Jinnah is known as a person in the world, who was known as a subject person in the last days of British rule in India, to solve every challenge. In order to resolve Muslims’ problems in India, their separate state is considered in a major position. He said that distribution of the subcontinentcan bring Muslims free from the power of Hindus, so the British accepted the position and acknowledged India’s historic decision, in which the Muslim the state of Pakistan was in existence whose founder Mohammad Ali Jinnah became the first head of the country.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah was related to a wealthy family; he had been advocating from the UK and was successful in 1905 before joining the national struggle.In the beginning, Jinnah was the supporters of the Alliance of India, so he took the Indian National Congress. They wanted that while living in this, national awareness should be encouraged in the people of India, but they were soon disappointed by seeing Hindus’ problems and interests, and in 1913 they joined the Muslim League. Seven years ago, the Muslim League was brought to the rights of Muslims and this party was also the pre-party of India’s coalition.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah all India Muslim league

After disappointing the Congress, Jinnah intends to dedicate all its capabilities to the Muslim League, in 1916 he was appointed the President of the Muslim League. The League and Congress’s joint progress played an important role in the approval of Lucknow packets, according to which the right to vote was recognized to ensure representation of Muslims in the future Indian legislative assembly. This alliance of the Congress and the Muslim League could not last long, but Jinnah remained active for the Hindu and Muslim unity until 1937, and that year Congress refused to form the government with the Muslims in the provinces.
Before independence, Muslims were 25% of the population of India, whose majority had studied madrasas. While most of the Hindus had been educated from the English-based schools, due to which the majority of the Hindu majority who were already strong, they were tied to business and government jobs because of English education and Muslims continued to work as mostly farmers or workers. The goal is that in the meantime, the condition of Muslims was very bad and this situation was no interest in them.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah as nationalist

Under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the Muslim League grew up and its influence increased substantially. In 1940, the Muslim League demanded a separate state for Muslims, which consisted of a majority of the areas of Muslims, which was called Pakistan. In the beginning, British and Hindu refused to consider this, but the Muslim League approved the majority of support on all Muslim seats in the constitution held in 1946 for the legislative assembly.
 In August 1947, Pakistan’s independence in British Commonwealth was announced and it’s Governor-General Mohammad Ali Jinnah took responsibility, which later the Constitutional Assembly elected the president. This new country was divided into two parts west and east, with more than a thousand miles of Indian territory, both of which were commonly based on religion, which gradually started creating differences, which ended on separation. And, in 1971, another Muslim country came into existence in Bangladesh.
After the independence of Pakistan and India, some states have affiliated with India and some rivals affiliated with Pakistan. Earlier local governors used to rule these states, in which states were in the Hindu majority, those states affiliated with India and in the states where Muslims were in majority, states were affiliated with the states.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah died in 1948 due to illness, which is counted among the great leaders of the world. Even today, his words are important for thousands of people, such leaders are born with great difficulties, and their struggle will be established as a high example.