History of the cricket world cup

History of cricket world cup

History of the cricket world cup

The World Cup start in the history of cricket would be a good idea if the first limited and match was played between the Australian and England teams on 5 January 1971. There was no plan for this match as the test match was fixed between the two teams, but due to the rain, it was difficult to play matches, so the organizers thought that limited and match of the two teams were made to save the audience from disappointment. Be done In this match, England made the first innings for 190 runs, which Australia’s team easily made and honored the first one-day win. The start of one-day matches started and now it has become a major event in the event of the World Cup. we take  From this perspective, a look at the World Cup competitions.

 First World Cup

The first semi-cup was held in England in 1975, in which eight teams participated. A total of 15 matches were played in the first World Cup. In the first World Cup after grouping matches, Australia, England, New Zealand, and West Indies teams in the semifinal. In the first semi-final, Australia beat England by 6 wickets while West Indies defeated New Zealand by 5 wickets in the second semi-final played in London. West Indies won the first World Cup by scoring 17 runs in the final. The 10-run innings of 102 runs were given by the West Indies’ Claveau lead man of the match.

Second World Cup

In 1979, the secondWorld Cup was hosted by England. There were eight teams here too. The England team scored 43 runs in the first semifinal match with nine runs in the second semi-final as West Indies scored 43 runs in the second semifinal. West Indies once again defeated Batsman and England team by 92 runs. Like this, the first two World Cup West Indies won. Wins Richards, who made the 138-run runner in the final, was given the main match.

Third World Cup

In 1983, the third World Cup in 1983 was held in England, and in this Indian team showed that he was fantastic in the Kapil Dev’s capture, which neither India nor any other people of the world thought of. There were eight teams this time. In the first semi-finals, India beat host England while West Indies beat Pakistan in the second semifinal. West Indies team reached the World Cup for the third time in the match. India had no time before West Indies in the final, but on that day there was something else and India wondering the whole world while winning the wicket against West Indies. In the final, India made the first innings and made 183 runs. There was a very small score for the strong team like the West Indies, but his entire team was out only 140 runs. Mahendra Amarnath, who was taking three wickets, was named Man of the match only in twelve overs.

Fourth World Cup

In 1987, the fourth World Cup jointly hosted India and Pakistan. For the first time, the tournament was getting out of England, for the first time compared to 60 overs instead of 60 overs. Sadly, both host countries went out in the semi-finals. Australia beat Australia by the end of the day when India defeated England. In Australia, Australia beat England by seven runs. Bon was awarded the man of the match.
5th World Cup
In the final match in Australia and New Zealand in 1992, Pakistan won the title of becoming World Cup champions in Australia and New Zealand in 1992. Waseem Akram became the man of the match due to performance. Due to the new rules in the tournament South Africa suffered a lot of opposition.

Sixth World Cup

In 1996, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka hosted the sixth World Cup. In this World Cup, Sri Lanka’s Jury Surya presented an outstanding set of sharp battles in the over-over overs. The final was also finalized. Sri Lanka won only when he defeated the Kosovo wicket. 107 runs in the innings, Arvind Desilva was given the title of the match.

Seventh World Cup

England hosted the seventh World Cup once again in 1999. Australia was beaten by eight wickets in the final this time with the World Cup captured. The World Cup was declared as Shane Men of the match.

8th World Cup

The eighth World Cup of 2003 was held jointly in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya. After 1983, the Hindu stand-by team reached the final for the second time. In the final, the Indian team failed badly and only 354 runs in the reply of Australia’s 359 runs. Australia won the second round and got the first time to win the World Cup for the third time.19 Ricky Ponting, who was in the 40th innings, was awarded the title of Man of the Match.

History of cricket world cup


9th World Cup

West Indies hosted for the first time in the ninth World Cup in 2007. The match was played between Australia and Sri Lanka. The rain in Munich, which lost the loss to Sri Lanka. Australia got the lead in 53 runs in this match. Australia won the fourth round for the fourth time. The 14-run innings, Adam Gilcaster, found Man’s the match.

10th World Cup

In 2011, the 10th World Cup was held in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh hosting. The first time the World Cup final was played between the two Asian teams. In the final match, India beat Sri Lanka by 6 wickets and in the final match, After winning the World Cup in Kapil Dev’s Cup in 1983, this time, Dhoni got this address. Dhoni scored 91 runs in the innings and managed to get the title of Man of the match.

Eleventh World Cup

The eleventh World Cup was held in Australia and New Zealand in 2015. Australia was once again perfected and defeated New Zealand by seven wickets in the final and captured the World Cup for the fifth time. James Falkner was declared Man of the Match.
This time a team gets the honor to win the World Cup, whose thrilling competition continues.

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