technology that changed the world

 changed the world
 changed the world

 technology that changed the world

  technology that changed the world. If you go back 20 or 25 years today, it seems to be a simple and difficult way to man’s life. Simple because people thought Walkman and Tape-record were full of entertainment and because of the lack of moderntechnology, the work of a few seconds took several days.
For example, if someone had to convey his message across the seven seas, it would have been possible when the letter sent by you reached the destination by default, otherwise, there was no option. But today you have easy options for sending messages to you in the 21st Century and to perform everyday tasks. Let us tell you some of the options and important innovations that have completelychanged human life.


 changed the world
If there is a bad impact on human life since the arrival of Facebook, instead of increasing the relationship between relatives and friends, there is an increase in the distance between the relatives and friends, if a relative dies then today, expressing anger on Facebook It is done and nobody has any interest in participating in the funeral prayer. But if you look at its the positive aspect, there are many facts, as it is a platform where two companions of your child get together, but cure, Mac, nausea, and diarrhea are gathered. Where there are new friends, the old friends whom you have made, the picture of them suddenly comes and the memories are updated again. Whatever negative aspects of Facebook should be described, but it is still its social world that we have to accept.

YouTube: –

 changed the world
YouTube has launched many platforms so far, with a platform based on this information platform launched in 2005. YouTubeis a memorable old play or your video by making your own video, YouTube is available for 24 hours.

Blue Tooth: –

Blue Tooth Technology was introduced in 1999, it was the work of accepting it for a mobile phone device computer in the eighth century. Today, Blue Tooth is an important part of our daily life and is spreading more from the coming of the Internet. The main ones are now not only connected to their smartphones but also with laptops and computers, through Blue Tooth

iPod: –

In 2001 when World Smartphone’s arrival was not started then iPodhad changed the world’s opinion of listening to music and watching music. He particularly damaged the Walkman and Tape Records business and rigged the world in its wake.

4 G Technologies: –

In 2008, the International Telecommunications Union has made the conditions for the fastest generation (4G) standards. 4 G.4G provided much faster mobile brand handbag access than third and made possible gaming services, HD mobile TV, video conferencing and cloud computing with telephony. Today there is a lot of service in most of the world’s countries and has changed many lives.

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