famous black people in history

famous black people in history
famous black people in history
famous black people in history
Famous black People in historyThe story of the struggle in black history is long, but today we talk about the six famous heroes who have contributed to changing the history of Africa. These are Nelson Mandela, Steve Biko, Kwami Nkrumah, Jammu Kenyatta, Dr. Wingari Mathai, Patrice Lumumba.
The African nation, Ghana, first achieved independence in 1957 and gave way to the struggle for independence in the continent of Africa. One of the major roles of Kwami Nkrumah in this is the person who taught his earthly love. He was undoubtedly the great leader of Ghana, who said, “We face neither the East nor the West. It was the first president of Ghana who made great strides in changing the history of Africa
Patrice Lumumba.
famous black people in history Patrice Amiri Lumumba is a well-known leader in the struggle for independence and democracy under the control of foreigners. She struggled for independence from the colonies which had become her place in history. At present, the Congo is now a Zamori country, established by the name of Zamora Congo. “The third world mindset is that Africans impose their monopoly on us until we change our attitude,” Lumumba said. The name of Patrice Lumumba is also counted among the historians of Africa.
Dr. Wangari Mathai: –
Dr. Wangari Mathai is the great woman who founded the “Green Belt” Movement to keep the environment happy. She is the first black woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 and a doctorate degree in East and Central Africa. He says, “I stumbled in search of the good but still did not give up. The path I am on is very good for me. Especially because of the Green Belt Movement has encouraged me a lot. She thought I had no problem with raising her voice, women have considered a master anyway so I have no desire to become anything else. 
Steve Biko
Steve Biko is one of South Africa’s most important political activists, a political activist raising awareness among black people in South Africa. When he was martyred in police custody in 1977, he was called the first martyr of the opposition of color. The basic element of black consciousness was that black people should have all the basic rights and human dignity must be upheld by rejecting the ideology of the occupiers. It was his struggle and it was his dream, which created a milestone in South African history.
Nelson Rollehila Mandela is the South African political leader who has dedicated his entire life to the freedom of homeland. He was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and in 1994, he became the first South African elected to the fully representative democratic elections. In 2009, the United Nations announced July 18 as Nelson Mandela Day, a celebration of Nelson Mandela Day, an honor and acknowledged that racism has never been justified and that human values are badly justified. The great leader of the world wrote, “I was born in hunger for freedom. In all respects, I was satisfied. When a young man, it was revealed to me that my independence was already in me.” When the scars were gone, I became more hungry, and this was the time when I saw that not only myself but my brothers and sisters were also in bondage, I started struggling for them. I wished for the freedom of my people to live their lives with dignity and honor.
Jammu Kenyatta
 Kenya is considered to be the 34th African nation in independence in 1963. One of the most important names in the struggle for independence is Jammu Kenyatta. He is a Kenyan politician who awakens African nationalism with great affection. They say, “This land of God is a land devoted to blacks, where they live with dignity. We want our cattle to glow on our land, and their milk is better than any of us.” Don’t use “. His long career is an important milestone in the struggle for independence.