Lawrence of Arabia : –

Lawrence of Arabia
Lawrence of Arabia


Lawrence of Arabia : –

Dear friends, you must have heard the name of Lawrence of Arabia, an officer in Britain’s military. The name of this personality has been heading to end the Islamic caliphate, but it is a very important role. Due to its famous, there are films and plays that are based on the conditions of his life, the mention of the man who fought against the Muslims during the independence of Arabs and distributed such a thing that united till today. Let’s read about her life.

Who was Thomas Edward Lawrence:-

It is said that it was the second among the unfortunate children of a rich earthquake who was born on August 16, 1888. He studied history from Oxford and had long been investigating Syria and Iraq on the causes of the defeat of Europe in the Crusaders, where he crossed the Arabic language and also reviewed the fortresses used in the Crusade war.

The process of eliminating the Khilafah: –

The process of eliminating Islamic Caliphate was at the time when the Crusaders were on the rise but defeated Europe’s dominion forced them to take the second path. Even after these wars, small clashes may be part of the usual. But when Turkish Mujahidin defeated Britain’s ten thousand armies under the leadership of Colonel Khalil Pasha in 1915, then qualified Europe realized that it would be difficult to win the war with Muslims, divide it, divide it and divide it. The policy will be adopted. For this, he started organizing the spy system in Arabs and started searching for a person who was aware of the Arab Mood. Such a person got them to the UK Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence, who was the most qualified and subject to this task, also known as Arabic and also knew the Arabian temperament. So it was sent to Arabia by sending it to Task.

The True History of Lawrence of Arabia: –

Lawrence set up a spy agency in a Basra hotel and also included two Arab youths along with them. He initially tried to coincide with his work Salman Fazzi, a member of the Turkish Parliament, and tried to join him, but refused to reject this offer and drew him out of Turkey. Then, returned to the Lawrence Arab country and tried its strategy on others. He started the process of making Arab devotees his own consent and spend a lot of money on them, which led to the reach of Governor Hussain Sharif Hashmi and succeeded in making him his companion. He made a contract with Hussein Hashmi that he would be ruled by the king of Jordan when the rebellion was successful and his elder son would be appointed ruler of Syria but the British government did not act on this agreement, but by accepting this agreement It was also uninterrupted that Lawrence was very fatal, and mentioned the deal as he did in his book. After making his views as Husain Hashmi, Lawrence focused on his Husayn’s sons Abdullah, Ali, Faisal, and Zaid. The belief that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “You are in despair” says Sayed Zada. Initially, the four did not pay much attention to Laurence’s words, but because of his father’s insistence and chronic things of Laurence, his heart slowly hatred against the Turks, thus the Arab rebellion against the Turks, Laurence was happy by launching and London reported that the game has begun
It is clear that the current Saudi ruler, who is called al-Saud, was defeated by the Central Arabs, defending present Kuwait, although the Saudi King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Sultan Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman again resigned to Riaz. CaptureBy engaging in trying to regain his father’s lost the kingdom, there was no such part of the British rebellion against Khilafat Islami, and at any time there was no such part of his center Riaz, Mecca, And as far away from Medina, where camels did not reach Mecca, Jeddah, and Medina, but in weeks.
After the agreement, Sharif Hussain started a rebellion against the Khalili-ul-Islamist and his eldest son Faisal Jihad pledged to take part in the rebellion against the liberated al-Islamists, Faisal bin Sharif with his armor, Lawrence. As well, the rebellion started against Turkey
The brother of King Abdullah’s grandfather’s father-in-law, Faisal ibn Sharif Jordan’s grandfather, Lawrence, made the guardian of his personal army, who were armed with guns and camels with broken guns, according to the time source, the army was a specialist in the tribal war or Then it was his profession to return to commercial caravan. Lawrence instructed him with a regular fight and was given modern weapons to the British army officers in Cairo, with machine guns and advanced guns and syrups against the Turks, equipment for rescue equipment for a regular fireplace system. It also included goods. Lawrence, with his other experienced colleagues, transformed this untouched army into a military raid on the army whose task was to destroy an army made by Khilafat Islami.
Lawrence first damaged the railway line, he destroyed the first bridges, so the way of the Islamic army should be stopped and visitors from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, and European countries Lose. Therefore, the rebellion was strengthened by such great harm to the Muslims, and this loss has not yet begun. These were the facts that Muslims then fought hard. Does the question arise if there is any such situation in the present period?