Michelle Obama facts

Michelle Obama facts
Michelle Obama

 Michelle Obama facts

Michelle Obama, The first black woman in America who is a writer by profession recently wrote a book about her Memories, which she liked a lot. Michelle likes to mix in the general public which is why people like her too.

 Achievement of Education: –

After elementary education, Michelle also studied Sociology and African American Studies Michelle Obama studied Sociology and African American Studies (BA, 1985) at Princeton University in New Jersey before studying at Harvard Law School (JD, 1988).

Jobs: –

Michelle Obama worked as a junior associate at a law firm. He also held several positions in the Chicago City The government in the 1990s. And held several administrative positions as an Associate Dean at the University of Chicago.

Summary of his book: –

The biography of former American First Lady Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming” has surfaced. In the book, the wife of former President Barack Obama reveals the challenges she faced in becoming a mother of two daughters after a fall. They were even forced to artificially insert the substance into their uterus.
“Many married couples face these challenges; I want them to know that Barack and Michelle Obama can go through this process to maintain their marriage,” says Michelle. Michelle Obama and her husband got $ 6 million to publish the biography. This is a new record about the memories of former heads of state and women. ۔
Michelle writes in her book that she had little hope of succeeding in her husband’s presidential election. She says, “It’s hard to imagine that Wakhi is leading the country where you are being persecuted. African-American people thought the country was not ready for a black president.”In a heartbreaking revelation, Mitchell said in the book that she was unhappy with the election of President Donald Trump to such an extent that even those who took office as president of Trump could not smile.
Regarding Barack Obama’s rumor of not being born in the United States, Mitchell says, “What if a mentally ill person was driving a pistol full of bullets to Washington in search of our daughters
 Donald Trump?” Our irresponsible statements put the safety of our family at stake. That is why I will never forgive them. ”
Michelle Obama facts
 Michelle Obama’s First Lady (2009–17), as the wife of Barack Obama, who was the 44th president of The United States. She was the first African-American woman to focus on supporting military families and ending childhood obesity. To promote healthy eating, she planted a vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House.
Trump, on the other hand, commented on the book, saying that Michelle Obama has received a large sum of money on publishing these memoirs, and publishers want to create controversy to boost sales