Bnana benefit to helth, Bananas are the best diet for human health and Banana zodiac is digestive, healthy, tasteful, and the most productive fruit. It is also found in naturally protected chemicals that help keep the mind intriguing.
50 bananas provide you with a diet similar to a dental dose. Yes The nail can be used as the radioactive radiation measurement unit because it contains a radioactive prototype (we are).
Banana benefit to health Eating only two bananas makes humans feel so much energy that they can work continuously for a half-hour. Afire bin Manson Hongo has also been nailed and that’s the secret of his power. Banana is also helpful in preventing drug addiction as well as any other potassium fruit.
The current banana is a modern type of red and green nail in 1836, which is discovered in 1836. Because the bananas discovered during this period were not sweet. It will also be a surprise for you that if the person and DNA of the human being get around 50 percent, then there may be a banana birthday gift. It is not just a banana of the bananas once again, yes, if there is enough to eat so many bananas, it will also be killed due to the abortion of potassium instead of nails, but it can be a challenge.No one would like to kill potassium abuse.
There is a natural remedy for mental stress and nervous cure and therefore, most of the people consider it as their favorite fruit. A recent study has proven that Banana-eating wife is more likely to be a son during the time, then help the scientists and prove that they are right.

Benefits to the body of a banana

Use the hair to take control of chest, chest Controlling alarms, mental health, nervous cough, ulcer, it also controls the physical temperature of pregnant women, which is essential fBenefits to the body of a bananaor both mother and child. Interestingly, the banana does not have anything to eat greasily, cholesterol or salty but it is the best source of food fiber, vitamin M (Haiti (c)), potassium and magnesium, besides the most of the banana More Vitamins B6 is found.
A nail is called a happy hand. An individual is called bananas. So it means that many hands are called nails. According to a report from the FDA, Kaila has a special identity in reducing the risk of heart attack, thus reducing the risk of cancer.
This is the second major reason for adding bananas to your diet and experiencing it with retakes. The fall of Banana’s peak at the beginning of 1900 was actually a way of assessing health. This fact influenced US law and gave birth to a new law “Sliding Act”. In the countries of the region, the fruit seems to be very big, which is more than 100 pounds of bread. Each offering consists of 400 nails. If the banana looks dry and strong, but the fact is that it also contains 75% of water like humans and carelessness.
Banana is found in about 100 countries around the world, more than 300 varieties of this fruit are found. “The Making Club Museum” has been set up to keep the banana in the south of Highway 111th Super Springs in Mecca, the city of Saudi Arabia. Where you will find more than 17,000 items of banana shape. Banana is removed when it becomes green and hard, then it is cooked with ethylene using it in the store. The banana tree is actually the longest substances of the world, which does not have a wooden strain and it is up to 20 feet.