Was Slavery a Part of Africa

 Was Slavery a Part of Africa

WasSlavery a Part of Africa?

It is not necessary to say that slavery was part of Africa; rather it is imposed on nations. Europe has so much propaganda about it that people think that slavery has indeed been part of Africa while it is grossly wrong. It is happening in history that an organization comes into being and serves the interests of a particular class and group. And then when that need comes to an end, it slowly disappears over time and remains the only mention in history.
The institution of slavery began in the same way, and when it was condemned, it had to be abolished. This would indicate that this organization is not part of Africabut it has affected everyone who was weak or poor.

How slaves were treated: –

Slavery has been commonplace in all major civilizations of the world. These slaves could also, have been prisoners captured in the war or people who had been abducted or trafficked from other traders who were traded. Customers who bought them used to be kings, nomads, who bought them for their factory or domestic employees or for work in their factories. When the interests of the ruling class were associated with the spread of slavery, they recognized the importance of slavery and emphasized the importance of religion and moral values of every era.
In the same way, the treatment of slaves began to be classified. Those who were good treated the slaves better, and the bad ones used the slaves for their own benefit. Slave status Since the category of private property came into being, they were owned by the property. And the sanctity and security of private property have always been considered as necessary and necessary in the interests of the upper classes. Therefore, by reducing the human status of slaves, it was considered only part of the property on which its masters and masters had full authority and they could work with slaves as they wished.

 Slave Actions: –

From the slaves, the ruling class took on all kinds of work, for example, the farmworkers, workers who knew the handiwork as workers in the mine of minerals and worked as laborers in factories. That is, they needed a slave to carry out all the work and the slaves they bought from it gradually became accustomed to the slaves and also lost their ability to do their work. He even started the process of buying women as a way to breastfeed their children, which increased the demand for black women.
Was Slavery a Part of Africa
This means that slavery has never been part of Africa, but by imposing it on Africans, many have achieved their goals. But some of these slaves have also passed on to those who have achieved superior positions in their abilities. History is full of stories of such brave slaves.