Women’s history fact of the day

Women's history fact of the day

Women’s history the fact of the day

Women’s history fact of the day,The woman is being written about from the beginning and will be written until she knows it. Every womanis a story, and no story in the world can land on earth without a woman, neither can the word be absorbed in the paper.  

What is a woman: –

Women’s history fact of the day The woman is like an open book. On each page, its emotions and emotions can be read in ink. We analyze our personality by dividing it into different periods of age, so from consciousness to adulthood, the flowers feel like flowers floating around in a strange mood. Neglected by the scent of their thorns, as well as the foot-injured stingrays, they secretly hide in a swing, knowing their ignorance and weakness. Both men and women feel somewhat isolated at an early age. At this age, girls are just as confident and anxious as they try to look. They search the story in words and make Sunni in it. Whatever it is, the knowledge of this period is an awarenessthat proves to be the basis for years of experience. Women have many roles in societyand at home and every form is important.

  Women’s history fact of the day The woman is such a transparent mirror that the person who looks at her looks the same color. The “manifest” is not the original form of the woman; the origin of the woman is always hidden in the relationships and relationships. If it is his compulsion, then there is a guarantee of survival. Women need the supportof a man at all ages. Relationships like father, brother, husband, and son hold women together. Having or not having any relationship with a man can have a profound impact on a woman’s life and her personality. In a woman’s life, father and brother are the two first relationships that are secretive to her first breath, and after being conscious, with each breath, she realizes her importance.

Thesanctityofthe relationship is a fact:

Father; The sense of security that comes from the first touch of the Father when he is conscious is so deep that in every later relationship, the search for this fragrance takes precedence. And the girl whose destiny is destined for this relationship, even with the happiness of life in the future, a corner of her heart is always insecure. If the love of the Father is not forgotten, then the wounds it receives are as deep as the latter which creates a gap between each man and every relationship.
Women's history fact of the day
Brother; This relationship formed on the basis of equality is of special importance to all other relationships, so having it or not, it also plays a different role in a woman’s life. If a brother’s protection protects him, he also loses the confidence to walk alone in the world and make his own decisions. While not having a brother sows the seeds of infidelity in every relationship associated with men, it also creates the courage to depend on oneself and look them in the eye.

Relationships that protect: –

It is commonly believed that men protect women but! A man does not protect a woman but siblings, spouses, and a son protect his mother. Safety is done only in sacred relationships, not in women.
A woman who wants to escape these relationships may find love in the world of men but never get the honor of being wrapped up in protection. Love that does not have the aroma of honor is not love, and the honor in which love is fragrant is compulsory.
 A woman’s entire life is spent searching for the embodiment of love and respect. When love is sacrificed for the honor, sometimes the boundaries of love fall out. Between these two extremes, life lives on. Demand and desire are left behind somewhere.
The love of devotion and then the journey to the roof remains unchanged. She does not even know what her destination is. What is the gain? It goes well with it, from being worshiped to sharing. Age is all but the journey is not over. Irrigated but not thirsty What should he do? Why is it so hungry? Awareness opens up that honor is the key to every emotion.
If there is no honor, then love is meaningless, if there is no honor, only devotion, if no honor, then a magnificent building without a roof, which is safe but does not feel safe by hanging around with it. The pillars impress the view of the building, obstruct the view, obstruct the dancing of the spectacle but their importance is Muslim in its place. They are guaranteed a lasting accompaniment, preventing life’s worthless creatures from falling to the floor.

Love and honor: –

The girl who fled the house in a search of a dignified place of love and honor in the society, the sticks of “true love”, “blind law” of  the consent of every religion of the “world”, “forced” parents Consent, the timely compromise of the “honorablebrothers, the “generous” happiness of your friends and the voice of your “conscience” may be satisfied, but it is never “honored.”
Not at the cost of your whole life, not even in front of the next generation. They just have to compromise. The compromises with which he took this extreme step to escape. This circle of life is understood by living it all the time. “Honor” is one of the most valuable and most rewarding things in the world that we find for ourselves in the eyes of others and in the eyes of our heart, we always get “Take It For Granted” regardless of its source. So stupid is it that our slightest mistake makes it so clear that the “seal” on the hearts is left, and leaves its own shadow.
Women's history fact of the day

Journey to Success: –

The quality of a woman’s success, her honor in society, the only way to protect her from the blindness of the world is to look at the land and the feet only. This is the actual earnings of a woman, whether her share of the income is not considered equal to the salt in the flour, or even less. If you desire to touch the heights of heaven, then it is fortunate to fall on your face, but this injury is such an injury that it is more difficult to express your pain not only in front of others but also in the isolation of yourself. It goes away Sometimes it happens that a woman is lonely in her own right, in the midst of a full-fledged relationship and a happy relationship. It is not a disappointment but a great reward from the Lord that she is free to make her own decisions without any emotional pressure. The key to survival is loneliness, complete isolation, which does not weaken the shoulder and gives even more energy to the body after it is lost. But “injury” is an injury, which can only hurt a cold winter night.

Last thing!

I wish one could tell today’s educated woman that without the crutches of relationshipsshe could not even climb the stairs of the house of Allah, where she dreams of conquering the world.