Who is Aria or Dravid

What is considered by the Indus Valley Civilization, Aryans or Dravidians

Who is Aria or Dravid

The answer to this question is very clear, that is, history tells us that before the Aryans, there was a Dravidian a nation in the region whom the Aryans came and enslaved and ruled over them. This is a bitter truth of history that many people do not recognize. From this, you can decide for yourself what the people of Sindh can understand.

Missing people of Dravidian civilization: –

Gypsy and lower-class people are very depressed and depressed people. Even though they are considered lower than the so-called lower caste levels, they do not deserve the slightest attention in our class, ethnic and caste-based society.
It is recorded in the history of the ancient people of the Indus Valley that they are called Dravidians, their affinity is that they were black, the small stature. They do not know exactly how they settled in India. However, at the time of the arrival of the Aryans, they had to fight many battles with the Aryans, which is also mentioned in the ancient Hindu religious book “Rig Veda”. In this book, these local inhabitants are described as wild and barbaric, when in fact they had established the fortress of Armenia before the coming of Aryans and had built fortresses of their own, and their trade relations with the Babylonians, But the arts were completely unfamiliar with war and did not even know the use of metal, which led to the defeat of the Aryans and the south.
 Aryans’ religious beliefs can be traced back to their hymns and songs in ‘Rig Veda’, so it can easily be said that the Valley of Sindh is the rich drawer of the citizens who fought for their survival and the survivors were enslaved to the lower level by the Aryans.

Impact of Aryans on the Civilization of Sindh: –

It is well known that the civilizationof the Indus was well developed and its discovery is so modern that the common people have not yet known much about it. As mentioned above, the locals here mentioned in the Rig Veda are mentioned below. There are other Hindu books that are considered ancient, which include Vedas, Puranas, Upanishads, but who and the history of when it was created is unclear and more is not known.
What is considered by the Indus Valley Civilization, Aryans or Dravidians
But the writings and commentaries on Brahmin’sSanskrit writings about these books, written in praise of the Aryan people and the Aryans that make people a favorite breed of the elite class and the god, clearly show that these books were made by the Brahmins. Are created and in some of these writings, they also take the form of God himself.
It is not difficult to conclude from these books that in ancient times the people of India were enslaved by the external invaders named Arya, whose language was Sanskrit and who introduced such social structure of caste as we have nowadays. In South Africa, whites are referred to as racism as Upper Thailand. But strangely enough, even after such a long time, this ancient ethnic structure of caste which was based only on the color and race of the ruling elites remains intact. Only Buddhismchallenged it for a short period and weakened it to some extent but failed to break and Brahminism also absorbed Buddhism. But Buddhism must have shown a way to relieve these oppressed castes.
The people of the river Indus were prosperous, decent, and peaceful. While the invaders from the northwest were hungry, barbaric and shepherd against them. As he was armed with a good iron weapon and conquered, he snatched his hand from the drawers and pushed it south and east. The social structure that the Aryans have created since then remains to this day.
If Dravid is looking for the lost people of civilization, then one should look for the lower castes of India who have maintained their relationship with the earth despite the oppression of the upper castes for centuries. In fact, he is entitled to be called the real people of this civilization, the rest of you have to decide.