King Najash the Ethiopian

King Najash the Ethiopian

King Nijash the Ethiopian, Najash speaks of the ruler, the king in Swahili. The area of ​​Ethiopia (now Ethiopia), called present-day Abe-Sinai, has played an important role in the history of Islam. During this period, the first migration of Muslims was still remembered with good words in history

King Naiash the Ethiopian
King Najash the Ethiopian

Place of imprisonment

Ethiopia is a region of Africa that has been the home of the descendants of Ham, son of “Noah,” Kosh. From ancient times, this region is now known as Ethiopia. Before converting to Islam, Christianity was practiced here and there was talk of justice. Ravi writes that Ethiopian Nakashi is such a high place in the court of honor that he wrote the names of the Holy Prophet (s), and he also gave him the title with his many names. How enormous is the nagging offer of honor and honor in the form of his personality that after the consecration, he offered his invisible prayer funeral and there is no partner in his worship

 In Swahili, “Najash” is called the ruler, and when the Muslims migrated there, the name of that time was “Ishmah ibn Abjar”. In the Urdu Digest article, Najash writes that Abu Jalees Nadwi writes: “Asmah bin Hin Abjar was a good man, kind and poor. Since he was a guardian, he was raised in a very good environment. When his father died, he was unable to run the government at that time, so the affairs of the government were handed over to his uncle. Took the pledge that when the affairs of the province became eligible, he would be made king

 After some time in his uncle’s heart, the idea of ​​complete occupation of the government began, and he began to think of ways to oust the school, he consulted with his compatriots, who suggested that the error was peace. For the sake of the test, the massacre of the people would be akin to inciting the people to revolt so that they should be deported. So the king, on his advice, ordered the exiles to be deported

۔ It was only two days ago that the black clouds appeared in the sky in the form of clouds, and gradually the whole horizon began to form, the sun went into captivity along with the Lashkar of their rays, the atmosphere swelled. The heavens will be full of wrath, and heaven made the resurrection of wrath that no one dared to lean on beyond the wall. In the same thunder and lightning, suddenly lightning struck at the royal palace and the king’s village was smashed

King Najash the Ethiopian
King Najash the Ethiolian

The skies of the sky became colder, the clouds left, even the storms stopped and the sun began to shine freely. Then the issue of succession arose. Each of the princes was sought, but no one deserved to be the king’s heir and the new king of the country; To attack and add it to his pen

The sense of the fragility of the situation had made one head-on. All were anxious and anxious. No ray of hope could be seen from nowhere. Some of the saintly elders suggested that it was useless to expect anything other than a testament. Therefore, the government should be called back to the court which all the people of Raya believe in and that is the solution to this problem

 In this way, the affairs of the government were summoned to him, and in the kingdom of Ethiopia, there was a period of justice and justice which, during the period of the new Najash Isma’ah bin Abjar of the eunuch of Ethiopia, echoed in the atmosphere of Ethiopia. Najash, since he was also a scholar, intended to accept this message in his heart

Muslims Migration to Ethiopia

 When Muslims migrated to Ethiopia under the leadership of Hazrat Jafarbi, they considered Ethiopia a safe haven. When this news came to the chiefs of Quraish, they immediately contacted the council and determined that they should be restored or killed along with the king of Ethiopia, so that the chiefs of Quraish collected valuable treasures. The most sought after and departed Qur’anic young man Amr bin As-As and Abdullah bin Rabiha with these gifts sent to Ethiopia. Upon arrival at Ethiopia, the two met his interviewers before the imprisonment, offered gifts to them and said that some of our young men had fled their homeland after being deprived of their ancestral religion and had come to your country and sought refuge. If you ask them to return, then you guys should advise that the gamblers be handed over to us, no question about their religion or nation

After that, Amr bin Asad and Abdullah bin Rabiha came to King Najashi’s court and kissed us in peace. “Some of our ignorant people have left their native religion and have come to your country to seek refuge, it is not that they have accepted your religion of Christianity but they have laid the foundations of a new religion which You do not know and we are not aware of it. That is why our nation has the honor

After listening to the whole thing, King Najash the Ethiopian looked at his interviewers, and he requested in great literature that asylum should be trusted by these two gentlemen as we are well aware of the religion of the newcomers. Najashi said, “But justice needs to be known to them as well. If they have really invented a new religion or belief, they will be handed over to them, otherwise, their support and support is our top duty.” Because I can never forget the favor of Allah upon me, He protected me from the rebels and made me a place of dignity and honor in my homeland by failing their hypocritical deceit, so justice is every fundamental right. Is. Then King Najash the Ethiopian called on all the refugees to explain their beliefs and religion to their people

When the companions of the Prophet (peace be upon him) appeared at the court of Najashi under the leadership of Hazrat Jafarabi, his companions and elders were sitting open their books, on the right side of Najashi. What a shame that you did not prostrate to the king. On this, Hazrat Jafar Abi Talib replied with confidence and dignity that prostration is only Allah’s right not for any human being

 King Najashi the Ethiopian glanced at this and looking at her with great love asked, “What is the fact that you have adopted a new religion?” You also have nothing to do with Christianity. Hazrat Jafar ibn Abi Talib said, “Sir, we have not invented a new religion nor any innovation has come into existence. He has come to us with the guidance of his Lord. They have brought us out of the darkness and made us the light of the light, and struck the blood vessels of ignorance and made us brothers and sisters.

They were greedy for their sins. and made us a bouquet of good. We were bloodthirsty for our neighbors. They made us angry and sad. Made, we believed in power and God, they made us responsible for the weakness of the weak and the helpless, we were terrible attributes. They made us human friends. We used to eat the dead, they taught us the lesson of living halal, Mr. High, as far as the personal family status of our Prophet Makram is concerned, he is the highest lineage in his nation. From childhood to adolescence, every single aspect of his life is as spotless as the moonlight, in his case, the spirit of honesty and security speaks in such a way that even the enemy cannot remain without confirmation. They swear by God

King Najash the Ethiopian
King Najash the Ethiopian

His Excellency our Master is the Apostle of the Apostles. Thay is teaching is that of the Apostles.

Thay is teachings tell us that he is the Messenger of Allah. Ordered to be treated with kindness. Forbidden from forbidding and forbidding bloodshed We have confirmed their belief in their Prophets and have obeyed their heavenly laws. This was our crime, due to which our nation became an enemy to our lives. The goods have been sent

 They want us to leave the worship of God alone and worship the stones again and ask them to pray, but the path of realism has become clear to us, we can never turn to idolatry again because they Having filled our lives for two years, we have come to your shelter saying that you are the protector of truth and justice. By staying under your shadow, we can worship our Lord with persecution

King Najashi the Ethiopian asked that if you remember some part of the heavenly revelations that came to your Prophet (peace be upon him), recite it. Jafar started reciting Surah Maryam. As I got down, a glimmer of truth shone in their eyes. When they took over their nature after a while, they addressed Am and said that the Gospel of Jesus was holy and these verses were the same. There are chandeliers of chandeliers. I will not hand them over to you in any case, and as long as I am alive no one can change my mind in this matter

When you came to know about the cruel treatment of Muslims with disrespect, they were honored in your heart and when you learned of their conversion to Islam and confirmed the Quranic verses, The status quo was followed by the closeness and deepening of the relationship with the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) which continued till his death