Basketball game

Basketball game, tennis is a favorite and exciting sport of tall players from all over the world on the court. In this game, there are two teams of five players and on the last edge of each team’s court hangs an open basket made of rope traps on a pole, in which the player of the opposing team, the ball as big as a football.

Basketball game
Basketball game

 They try to bounce it with their hands and put it in the basket. The basket is open from top to bottom, so the ball thrown from above comes down immediately and thus the game continues uninterrupted.

Basketball history

The history of basketball is not very old. In 1891, James Nai Smith, a physical trainer from New England (USA), mapped the game to continue his gym class after a day of continuous rain. His students gave him a lot of advice in preparing the map, but none of his advice was enough to limit the game to the walls of the gymnasium. Finally, he hung a basket 10 feet high on the two opposite walls, thus inventing a new game.

Basketball game

 The players were asked to form two teams and try to bounce the ball and put it in the basket. Once the ball reached the team’s basket, a point would be scored on it, thus the game of basketball came into being and after a few changes it took the form of a regular game. Later it was played in the open and basketball was hung on poles on both sides.

 The basketball used to be in the form of a sneeze. When the ball reached it, a player would climb on the pool and take it out of the basket, which would not only waste a lot of time in the game but sometimes break the pole. The solution was to cut the bottom of the basket, so that the ball would come down automatically when it reached the basket.

Invented the game of basketball

 Basketball was named after its inventor, Dr. James, and its first regular match was played on January 20, 1892, at the YMC Gymnasium Albini in New York, with nine players. After about 5 years, this number was increased to 10, that is, the same five-player formula was adopted by removing the imprisonment of 9 players. After leaving YMC, the game was later played at the college and university level, making it popular throughout the United States.

Basketball game

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the game spread from the United States to eight countries: Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, and Switzerland, all of which founded the International Basketball Federation in 1932. Basketball from the 1936 Berlin Olympics entered the Olympics, and the United States defeated Canada in the first final.

 In 1950, FIBA, the first international competition of the International Federation of Football Associations, was held in Argentina, and three years later, under FIBA, the World Women’s Basketball Championships began in Chile. At the Olympics, women’s basketball entered the 1976 Montreal Olympics, and in 1989, Fiba stopped distinguishing between amateur and professional athletes, and since 1992, professional athletes have competed in the Olympics.

The best basketball player

Basketball game

 The United States is currently one of the best basketball players in the world. Walter Norman Chamberlain, Larry Jobard, Aaron Johnson Jr., and Michael Jeffrey Jordan are well-known American players, while Croatia’s Drazen Petrovic is also a well-known player. The US team is very good at basketball, but Serbia (formerly Yugoslavia) is the number one team, having won five gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals. In second place is the United States, which has won 11 medals, but has four more gold medals than Serbia. The Soviet team is number three. It is followed by Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Chile, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania, and the Philippines.

 American basketball player LeBron James is currently at the top. He plays for the American basketball club NBA. He recently won the Player of the Year award when he was named Player of the Year 2012-13. LeBron James has won the Player of the Year award for the fourth time in a row in the last five years.