Hair protection with shampoo

Hair protection with shampoo, The best way to protect your hair is to look your best. There are many things on the market for this but caution is required in their use.

As different as the skin of our hair. Just like everyone needs a skin cleanser that suits their skin. Similarly, it is important to choose the best cleanser for proper hair cleaning.

Hair protection with shampoo

The best shampoo for hair:

The main purpose of shampoo is to remove dirt, grease and dirt from the hair. Due to the hot and humid climate and polluted environment, dust, density, dead skin cells, salts and fat accumulate in the hair. It is not enough to just use water to clean it, but also shampoo. Use is required.

Shampoo removes all dirt from the hair, but remember that substandard shampoo can damage the hair.

According to experts, shampoo is essential for both the beauty and health of clean hair. It is important to keep the scalp hair clean. Experts further say that shampoo should be at the top of our list of hair care priorities. It is not enough for us to buy any shampoo, but to buy a shampoo that is not only the best alternative to your money but also contains the vitamins and healthy ingredients needed to make your hair really healthy and beautiful.

Hair protection with shampoo
Hair protection with shampoo

Soaps and most home-made compounds are highly alkaline. Shampoos contain perfumes, preservatives, conditioners and conditioners. Shampoos contain perfumes, preservatives, conditioners and cleansers. Protect them by creating a new layer on top.

Conditioning agents remove cuticles and dryness and make hair soft and supple so that it does not get tangled in the hair. A good shampoo not only maintains the softness of the hair without removing the natural oils but also makes it smooth, shiny and volume.

We should choose a shampoo that is suitable for our hair. For example. Balanced cleansers for normal hair, dry and intense cleansers for dry hair, soft cleansers are best. Before choosing any shampoo in the opinion of experts, try to find different shampoos available in Sasha, and make sure that the shampoo available in Sasha is suitable for your hair.

Shampoo cleaning method:

For hair that is long, thick and beautiful, take a tablespoon of baking soda and dissolve it in a cup of clean water. However, if you have long curly hair, you can increase the amount of water and baking soda in the same proportion.

Hair protection with shampoo

Apply this solution on dry hair. Leave it like this for a minute and then lightly massage it on the scalp. Then massage from the roots of the hair to the scalp. Sooner or later, wash your hair with clean water. It will also clean the hair and you will not need shampoo. Shampoo can also be done if you wish.

For conditioning, mix a tablespoon of fruit vinegar in a cup of clean water. Add a few drops of oil, honey, or lemon juice if you wish. Apply it on the hair and massage for a while and then wash the head with clean water. Doing this once a week will make the hair soft, supple and shiny.

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