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This site mentions the historical delicacies of black in various fields, as well as the situations and events of the black people who have earned themselves a worthless history in the world. Apart from this, the culture of black people has also been highlighted in this site, in which Sheedi festival dates and how it is celebrated. What is the fact that the martyrdom of Sufiism in Pakistan is discussed in addition to this, there is also discussion about slavery.

            Research is the process in which there is no reason for a lie, and when the research itself is self-examined, gold is seen as a coworker. By the way, many books and articles have been written about black prisoners, and this chain may still continue, but the feeling which seems to be emotional or still trying to bring to mind what is upset. In this case, you have to decide what I have achieved in your standard.

 Talking Sheedi When I reached consciousness, I saw my martyrdom full of sadness, insomnia and economic tightened diamonds surrounded by Sheedi, the attacks of those who behaved differently. Our expectations were related to the youth who were at least become a source of salvation from this kind of behavior. I saw the horror and anxiety and blindness in their eyes, the one who seeks to find a leader and a true sympathizer, who can survive the survival and better future of the future generation, who can be able to cope with the wounds of the soul, from its generation. Love   They used to be big about the circumstances and events they had heard, every row was in them or say that every art was molded. It was historian people who had a lot of secrets in their breasts. I know from them and what I have learned from them has kept this site ahead of the world. Now it’s up to you how much you deserve it

 In this present time, I am continuing to improve the prosperity community of the Sheedi community chairman. We have different ideas about the ideologies that they have described in our research, there are some facts and some of their own personal ideas. So in order to highlight the real fact, I have investigated the history and culture of the black circles of my region, which I am trying to recognize through ordinary people. This research is far from the evolution of black people, it mentions the black people who have also made great sacrifices for this tradition and have created a great name regarding knowledge and literature. Even so, many anonymous shadows, who can not become a part of history, but their deeds are famous, my discovery is continuing for them. I hope you will feel good for me, remember me in your prayers.

                                     Sheedi Yaqubi Qambrani