Allama Mohammad Iqbal.

The Thinker of Pakistan.
Allma M aqbal
SirAllma Mohmmad Aqbal

 Allama Mohmmad Iqbal 

Allama Mohammad Iqbal the poet of East, was born in Sialkot, a town in Punjab on 9th November 1877. He received his early education in his home town.

           people still accuse the British Empire due to their current     situation, did not they have the potential to develop there all these years? According to the fact that every s of destruction. This happened with Muslims in India too. As far as the Muslim ruled over the subcontinent, his move continued to move, when the power of his power was slow down, there were problems surrounding them.

With the political, social, civil, and cultural disaster, there was a decline in destruction and destruction in religious life. The hand of religion and religion, half-handed hands became a toy. Shah Waliullah and his associates did some reform in the situation, but despite this, there was no significant obstacle in the growing breakthrough, and the Muslims became more perverse and slowly oppressed. The rulers of non-nationals became the rulers and rulers of Muslims who acted like a stepmother to Muslims. The Muslims were direct victims of their cruelty, then the eyes of the British kept ignoring them as useless, because they had ruined their economic and economic condition, so they no longer had any risk, They used to exploit Muslims in the field and they destroyed the force of mutual understanding.

In these circumstances, Muslims had only one case to gain British confidence in any way because, after the failure of the 1857 war, Muslims and other British rulers were coming under which the British declared rebellion against themselves. Seeing all the allegations were Muslims’s head. So, that was the case, a child was the head of Mr.Sir Syed Ahmed for the purpose of achieving that goal, who wanted to remove misconceptions between the ruler and the conviction, and at some point they succeeded, but according to their wishes and estimates Has turned aside After gaining English education, Muslim youth became often rebellious, and due to which the religious condition worsened.

In this case, there was a severe need for a godly and self-esteemed man. This requirement was fulfilled by the deadly soil of Sialkot, at the same time, that there was a man born Mujahideen, not only by the voice of the subcontinent, but by the voice of Allah, but also the Muslims of the Sun, dreaming of real Islam. He was unaware of the men who were Mujahideen of the Mujahideen, Muhammad Muhammad Iqbal, who cried out to the Muslims of the world.   

Conditions of Life: –
A Kashmiri family was settled in Sialkot, whose people were seen in respect of Zahid and Taqwa respectively, in the name of a person Noor Muhammad, who was born in 1867, named a son named Mohammad Iqbal. Kept This family was bound to be religious, therefore, “Iqbal” was also trained in a religious and ethical way, he obtained initial education from the school, later admitted to the High School of Sialkot, where intermediate. He passed the examination of the MA from the Government of Lahore, in the time of his studenthood, Maulvi Mir Hasan was benefited from the companionship of teachers like Thomas and Dr. Arnold. The two teachers, after completing their knowledge, came to know about Professor at Lahore College College Lahore, at some time after completing knowledge. After all, Iqbal’s relationship with Professor Arnold eventually led him to Europe and received a degree of P, H, D from Munich (Germany) with Beerstree in three years. It was also an Arabic professor for six months at London University, after which he came back to India and started working as well as professor of philosophy in Government College.
Allama Mohmmad Iqbal passed much of life away from practical politics and started politics in the age of fifty years, in 1926The council was elected from Lahore, where he used to pass a useful and effective law for moral and social reforms. After this, Iqbal was appointed President of the Muslim League in the Allahabad  meeting in 1930, presented Pakistan’s ideology in his first presidential sermon. Which took a great movement within ten years and in a short period of 17 years, Pakistan appeared on the map of the world by becoming a reality.
 I understand that now the reason for understanding is that why the British Empire knows the current cause. It was a struggle that took a lot of time and acquisition was made by Pakistan, whereas the struggle continues to be overwhelmed. Hopefully, this kind of questions will also end by going forward.

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