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Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egypt: –
Egypt of ancient kings, in which the reasons for which the importance of agriculture was on one scale, and the use of other metals was common. The result of these two things was that there was a huge rise in the production of grain in Egypt and the lives of the inhabitants of Egyptian culture is undoubtedly ancient, but in the modern society, the tradition of tradition is seen in both modern and traditional rites. Egypt continued to develop from the era Valley Nile were different from those who were homeless, and were searching for food. In the land of fertile and dry land in Egypt, the birds of the Nile resurrected new methods of irrigation, canals, and stops, and the area of both sides of the river Nile grew fertile and dense. It was possible that the powerful kings of the country established governance in the country and made such a government that was interested in national needs and national issues. The Egyptian invented the art writing and took part in the development of various sciences, some of their buildings, paintings, and paintings have still not been able to produce their answers. From Ayram and Abelahol there are not few kings, but the history of the entire era is related, and it is far away in which the date itself was born.
The last major of the ancient empire was the Pharaoh’s Pope, who ruled the government of Farahin after his government’s demise for almost 90 years, but his power was reduced, resulting in that the governor’s governor and the chief priests The freedoms and the foundations of the kingdom were shaken. Thus, a new era began in Egypt, which is known as the Middle East or the Jagirari period in history. At this time, the power of the royal officers increased so much that the power of the kings was almost over. Mimar was divided into different districts and was administered to the winners. As the weakness of the kingdom, the winners began to strengthen their strength even though they became the dominant ruler of their own districts. The civil war broke out on the prosperity of the country, and the districts of Nigeria, Libya, and Saina separately separated from the central government and there were problems in the country that are mandatory with the Jihad system. The conditions and events of this era are not very clear in the history, because it was of time, intimidation, and chaos, but still in ancient times of ancient Egypt shows a little more of the situation. Because of this, there were foundations of ancient Egyptian literature.
Ancient Egyptian Literature & Science: –
In the ancient times, the Egyptians invented art writing and made the first progress in the formation of different sciences of the world; this is their work that ensures that every kind of science reaches the common people. In this era, Egyptian drama and poetry got a lot of greatness, written in the name of the gods named after the gods, which were written about the most important drama influences, in which his life and death, buried and re-live the reflection was done with full sample. This book of this drama has disappeared, but its reference is available in two books because some books are present at this time. They also contain books that contain pictures besides songs that include instructional instructions. In addition, there are also ancient roles of paper in which songs and poems are written, which are written mostly about the praises of river Nail and the kingship of the kings. The development of art surgery, athletic, geometry engineering and geography was so much appreciated that many books were written about it, some of which are still stored in the world’s large libraries.

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