Hosh Muhmmad sheedi

Brave warrior hosh Mohammad Sheedi

Brave warrior Hosh Mohammad Sheedi

This is the mention of the brave warrior Hoshi Mohammed Sheedi, who sacrificed his life and kept the honor of Sindh’s survival and unity. Let’s look at the fascinating motivations of Fateh Sindh.

 The history of Sindh is incomplete without the mention of Hoshi Mohammed Sheedi, which is a bitter truth of the history of Sindh which has been tried in this article. The role of this warrior, who sacrificed his life for the survival and unity of Sindh, is always the flame path

 Brave warrior Hosh Mohammad Sheedi
Hosh Mohammad sheedi

       Brave warrior hosh Mohammad Sheedi was born in a time when the Sindh government was dominated by the Talpar rulers. There are many contradictory references to them, while scholars, researchers, and historians seem to offer their point of view, but all agree that Shaheed Hosh Muhammad Sheedi is the hero and hero of Sindh

The history and history of the martyrdom of Shaheed Hosh Mohammad Sheedi has remained silent throughout history, while Charles Nepper acknowledges the bravery and courage of Shaheed Hosh Mohammed Sheedi, “This man Brave warrior hosh Mohammad Sheedi at a time when Mir Sher Sher’s defeated army was dispersing, and he bravely resisted his enemy’s path by demonstrating his unparalleled valor and moral standard, and this action made his name known forever. ” ۔ Various historians have written different things about Shaheed Hoshi Mohammed Sheedi. In many places, he seems hesitant to even consider Sindh as a spat

Mansoor Qadir Juneiju in his book ‘General Hosh Muhammad Sheedi‘, quoting Maher Khallavi, writes, “There is no news about the early life of “Brave warrior hosh Mohammad Sheedi”. How can he know now? For this, it is necessary to have information about the Sheedi who say that Shaheed Hosh Mohammed Sheedi is buried in the fort of Hyderabad, so this is not true as the last interaction in this fort took place between Talpar and Kalhora rulers. There was war, no battle was fought from the fort at the time of the conquest of Sindh by the British

The motivations of Fateh Sindh are heartbreaking, Khurshid Qatakhani writes in his book Wandering Breeds: “At the time of Mir Fateh Ali Khan’s death, Mir Subedar Khan was too young, so instead of Nirseer Khan being installed on the throne. ۔ When Subedar Khan was young, he was obsessed with this and he dreamed for his revenge and throne in his heart. Subedar Khan came to this occasion when Charles Napier decided to conquer Sindh, he helped the British in every way, and in February 1843 closed himself a fort in the battle of Miani. ۔

Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi did not show up with Subedar Khan on this occasion and displayed a high moral standard, on which Subedar Khan excommunicated him from the fort and threatened to punish him for the actual victory of the British. On February 21, 1843, when the British entered the fort of Hyderabad, they looted the fort’s fort and captured Mir Subdar Khan and Mir Mahmud Khan. Hoshi Mohammed Sheedi was greatly enraged by this defeat and he prepared a group of Sheedi youths to take revenge on the British and Mir Sher Mohammad came to Mirpurkhas .

The day Sidh nwueredas conq

 On March 23, 1843, Napier stopped the advance of the Sindh army at Phalili Par (Doba), with the two armies confronted and a dueling battle ensued. In the evening, the British army was attacked by Sindh traders due to a few traitors, which caused the Sindh army to flee. On this occasion, Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi advised Mir Sher Muhammad to go out of the battlefield and arrange a major attack by preparing reinforcements so long as we hold the British here, Mir Sher Mohammad should not leave the battlefield. Wanted but under the circumstances and circumstances, they left the field. Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi changed the tactics of the defense to adopt a defensive strategy and began to chant slogans of the Murso Marso-Sindh na Desh to organize the dispersed army but there was something else.

           Some historians seem to be prejudiced against Shaheed Hosh Mohammed Sheedi, who seems to be unable to digest this hard truth in history. Captain Moinuddin writes in his article, “On the day that Hoshu Sheedi is martyred,” Hosh Mohammad Sheedi Talpar was a wealthy slave who was originally a slave, whose war strategy was also praised by Nepper.

He further writes that when I arrived at the place where this war took place, I found a local man who said that his grandfather also fought in this war and when he mentioned to us his war. Tears were released from his eyes, he said, even when the army of Sindh burned with the help of a traitor, Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi did not allow the mourners to silence. I asked where was the Baloch Lashkar? Because I read in a book that a group of Baloch riders was in a village near Dabba, why didn’t they help Hosho Sheedi in this critical moment? The man replied, “You are right, they had more riders than the English, but after leaving  Sher Mohammad’s field, Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi also asked them to attack the English, but he ordered a Sheedi. Manna believed against his splendor so he did not come forward and when Sheedi was martyred, then the British climbed on them and they escaped.

            It is not certain that Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi learned of the artillery skills from the French army, or that he fought against the English in the army of Napoleon Bona Pate in Egypt. This is what  Nepper has written in his book “Fateh Sindh”, but there is a gap of 50 years between the war in Egypt and the suburbs. There may be another black person who thinks he is conscious, the other thing that happens is that Hoshi’s personality is downplayed. If the job is slavery then all the servants are slaves who were then the servants of the Miras, while the difference between slavery and employment is significant.

 Mahar Kachlavi quotes Seth Nowmal’s memoir as saying that if you want, I will take some soldiers from Zanzibar because they are not prejudiced but honest and loyal soldiers. Now, what Maher Kakhilovi has said is a big acknowledgment that the discussions in the Sheedi were discussed in connection with military and construction work in Karachi. Some time ago I met an elder who told us that our elder was brought here in connection with the construction work and that he had a large number who were settled here. This ancient village was known as Sheedi Goth where only the Sheedi Village Road remains and the old Arab Sheedi Mosque is reminiscent of the old era.

The view of historians

          Researchers have talked about Shaheed Hoshi Mohammed Sheedi as merely a bully, who was Hushu and where did this question come from when you know all about sheedi. The history of the Shadias is not short when the Talpar rulers took over Sindh in 1782, there were various Shadi states in southern India at that time.

 This is a lost sheet of Sindh history that must be searched. The ancient civilization of Sindh also provides clear indications that the founders of this civilization are black, under whom further research is underway. Recently, a black researcher, “Ranko Rashdi“, wrote a book on it. Much has been written about civilization; now if we take it and find the existence of black in India and Sindh, many secrets of history can be revealed.

 Brave warrior Hosh Mohammad Sheedi
Hosh Muhammad sheedi

          In his book ‘Freedom and Slavery’, Mian Siddique Musafir Sheedi writes that even before the Talpar period in Sindh, there were many village villages of Sheedi, during which period Sheedi was the guardian of royal families and palaces. His loyalty and honesty were great. The list is named after Shaliman Sheedi, the famous soldier of this era, who did not allow the army of Talpurs to besiege the fort of Hyderabad for two years even to the gate of the fort.

  The Khurshid Qaimkhani  writes in Bhtckte Naslee”The Wandering Breeds” that “Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi was neither a journal nor a regular army soldier, but it was Mir Fateh Ali Khan who conquered Sindh from the Kalhoras in 1782.” His father was a slave “while himself writing that” when Mir Sher Mohammad’s army was leaving the field, Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi reviewed the deteriorating conditions and showed his great intelligence and curiosity. He advised Mir Sher Mohammad to withdraw his army and regroup and attack next morning, till then With the Allies, I withhold the English army.

That night, Hoshi Mohammad Sheedi, along with his chosen comrades, fought the British army and was martyred one by one, but did not even take the name of retreat. On that historic night, he shouted, “Don’t give a damn on Mariso Mariso.” Now, what should be considered a fact? It is a matter of fact that this war first reached its final destiny in one day, in which the testimony of Sheedi and his comrades makes it clear that this war. Only Sheedi has fought; if this war had been fought by the whole army of Sindh, the English could not have conquered Sindh.

          The irony of historians is that they have worked hard to present the facts. All their emphasis was on slaughtering Hosho Sheedi, calling him Hosho Sheedi the best adviser, where he appeared to admire his combat tactics and seemed to deviate from the military. Are. But no matter what they say, it is clear that the role of Brave warrior hosh Mohammad Sheedi is significant in Sindh’s survival and survival, which his Sheedi brothers supported. Even today you see that milking is often forgotten in the hierarchy of loyalty, despite the fact that the British are in the mood for fun and the pattern against them is still a lesson.

The shrine of Hosh Mohammad Sheedi

Hosh Muhmmad sheedi
The shrine of Hosh Mohammad Sheedi

  The battlefield of Doab is where the English built the tombs of the dead and their monuments in the battle. Also connected are the graves of the martyrs who were martyred in this battle. The place is located in Narijani, on the road from Jakhara Gate to New Hyderabad City on Mirpur Khas Road, near which there is a housing scheme called New Hyderabad City. Every year, on March 23, Shaheed Sindh celebrates the day of Sheedi people with great pride, and pay tribute to him, this should be done at the official level as Hosho Sheedi is the hero of the whole Sindh. Do you agree with that?

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