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History of Gotham Buddhism

In the sixteenth century, some new religious movements arose in most of the world’s most subordinate areas, which raised an effective voice against the complex and ancient religions. Zurashtasht in Iran made great changes in the beliefs of ancient Iranian religion and put a foundation for a new religion, convergence in China, by publishing new ideas by combining religion and politics with religion. Anxiety reaction to the division of Caste Patriots in India was that the Jaino and Buddhism publication was stirred and tried to get rid of the oppression of the oppressed people.
Gotham made an uprising against man and man’s discrimination and tried hard to eliminate the difference between height and humility. It was near equal to Brahman and Shodh. The difference was just the process. An enemy could penetrate to Shodhar’s position due to his practice, and a poem could have achieved the status of Brahman due to his good deeds. He eliminated the division of caste and taught people truth and cleansing. Throughout the days of Gotham, his teachings reached every corner of India and in the third century, BC Buddhism was accepted by the majority of India and patronized such as Ashok and Kanisha. Buddhist teachings should be directed towards the Swinghav’s life before its publication and its details of the fall of India in India because Buddha’s founding life was very influential on religion’s teachings and publications.

.Gotham Buddhism (568-488 BC)

Gotham Buddha was the real name of Sudharta, and he was born in a small state of Nepal valley. There is a difference between historian Gotham Buddha, on which the majority of historians agree that he is 568 BC. The conditions of the early life of Gotham did not know much, because of childhood, it was a source of savings and it seemed to feel more rage and worries than the luxury of life. Although the young princess had all the luxuries of royal palaces, the effects of the innocence of life started on the heart, the pleasures of the world could not afford it, and the Prince became isolated. Raja Arshadhan wanted to conquer his son’s marriage by marrying her, at the age of 18, a young princess was married to a sensual princess Yashodhara, but the relationship between the wife could not comfort her, and she felt comfortable and comfortable. During my life, I was worried about the restless and unhealthy people and kept thinking of their problems.
It is said that four things affect the life of Gotham Buddh, that when it sees an old person, it feels that he himself can be weak and compassionate; otherwise, if he sees ill, he would feel that What can be a disease, the third is that if someone was dead, he would realize that one day he had to suffer from the abortion of life, but when he met a dark alien feud, with the face of his face and satisfaction. So he felt that the way to get rid of growth, illness, and death is that man should take away the desires and needs of the world. Ray and frozen life.

The rise of Buddhism:

In the history of India, but in the history of the world, Raja Ashok’s era is called the time of Buddha’s rise. This raja is an important place for its goodness and patience. He strongly emphasized the principles of truth and religion, what he did to eradicate his discomfort and to establish prosperity and peace in the country, are still able to write letters. Buddhism was published abroad in Ashok’s era, which resulted in the message of religion spread in Kashmir, Gandhara, Syria, Egypt, and Sri Lanka, Burma, Siam, Malaya, Indonesia, Indonesia, Japan, China, and Tibet. went. The followers of this religion are still present in a number of Sri Lanka, while its preachers also succeeded in Kashmir and many of them adopted Buddhist religion, even in Syria and Egypt, the religion did not succeed. The fact is that the development of the Buddha religion as much as Ashok’s patronage could not be in any other way.
History of Gotham Buddha
Gotham Buddha

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