song of Black People

Black People Music instrument
Black People Music instrument

 Song of Black People 

Song of Black People You often have heard this song in two provinces of Pakistan: “Sheedi King, we are King or Broo Broo sheedi  Janbo”, the famous song that is a community in Pakistan.
This community is the black community of Pakistan, whose songs were created in praise, their aim was to make a great mark, ie, Sheedi talked about giving a sense of joy. In 1976, the song used to be broadcast from Radio Haydrabad sind, and the creator of this song was the late GM Pilplie artist, who was the late comedy writer of the time, who was the famous comedian artist of the time Hyderabad radio.
His band was famous by the name of the Mumbasa Art Circle, which was a popular band related to intraere throughout Sindh, from which many artists introduced. The second song Bro Bro Sheedi Janbo introduced Leyare an artist in 1980, Sheedowk Baloch, through his cast, which was so famous that many artists also sang. That song, thus, reached the destination of Benjamin.
Sheedi – blacks are populated in the region for centuries, they are composed of many capabilities, and the history behind the history is most worthy of research that is behind the picture behind it. Hidden from the eyes of the world.
I would like to argue that this background should be presented before the world, so it is my beginning to try, hopefully, you will be able to get it. The black shadows of Pakistan are also a historical fact, as well as an inspirational chapter of history, on which the historians have given their own point of view in their own style, it seems that they have worked with Most of his emphasis has been to reduce the black race in every way, and to be black in their bad deeds, to make sure that they are bad.
Do not know who this agenda is, but what has been affected is the result of the attempts to prove the black color of a dark process throughout the world. Every negative action about black color is said, is it correct? If you do any evil thing, then say black is coming by mouth.




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