Great Leader Fredrick Douglas

 Fredrick Douglas
Fredrick Douglas

Frederick Douglas

Fidak Douglas‘s name also comes to the head of the struggle for independence, this emotion had dedicated its whole life to the fame of black. This freedom of speech led many stages of the United States to stabilize America by keeping one’s commitment to one another and with its passion.
Friedrich Douglas was born in 1818, a small village of Ston’s suburbs in Maryland’s town. Her grandchildren raised her work as a granny to handle the aged children. At the age of seven, when the feudal operational slavery started, he found out what slavery was. A short time later, he was handed over to a new boss in Bucket Mare City, fortunately, the new boss’s wife behaved well with him, and he read it as a Bible lesson, which was seen by the husband of a day. And she bestowed on her wife because it was considered a very dangerous process to teach Ghulam in that era.

Early life: –

Fedak continued to struggle for acquisition knowledge, if a paper or newspaper piece appears to be on the way, he would hide it and bring it to his bump and hide it in the night and study it. He lived in Bucket Moore, a neutral study of the “Unity Savory Society” of Member, which created new hope for freedom in his heart. During this, he also persecuted much oppression. He got tired of being shocked and the owner sold it to another owner, who had a combination of work and many other slaves used to work there. Friedrich preferred to live there, its fidelity was that Friedrich was a reader who had no knowledge and lived there and was expected to get a chance to study. He also began to teach other slaves in the night, because his quest for independence was strong, so he started waiting for the right time to escape from here, and on the one hand, he took five slaves along with him and escaped from there. Wind

Great Leader Fredrick Douglas
Fredrick Douglas

Arriving in America: –

         All of these people were able to reach the city of Neurayak while taking provinces, where no bail was issued from the fledged slaves. He also met Cambridge of the Anty Selwari Society, the Sambay-e-Mami leader helped him proclaim freedom. As he initially worked on the sea dock (C port), where he began to teach other black festivals at nighttime hours. He wrote himself a book on the topic of oppression and slavery, which made a big blow to the whole region.
In 1847, he collected a fund from different cities and made a newspaper augmentation, and also made the work of stabilizing black parties. During this time he met a young man John Brown, who had gathered many free and free slaves in the mountains of Virginia and Maryland. John Brown’s intention was aggressive, which had a lot of blood loss due to his death so the feeder could not agree with the peaceful struggle. Due to the same activities, John Brown was arrested one day, and he was executed, from his house, some of the feudal posts were also recovered from the house that he wrote to keep it from the process. Fearing for his arrest, Frederick had been in London for some time.
In 1860, when Abraham Lincoln became President of America, Federer returned to America, the civil war continued. Friedrich offered his condolences to the American President, with great help in removing the slavery from black thugs. His move made the fidelity honorable in the eyes of the American government, and the 23-year-old struggle of a minor was found in the form of freedom of black. In 1877 Federer was appointed Colombia’s martialist and in 1889 he became the Hottie Councilor General. He toured several countries of Europe and Africa for the welfare of black, where he described his stand firmly on the level of slavery. This struggle is counted as a struggle whose journey has remained far from the worst slavery of slavery, and the world acknowledged that slavery is not less than a black spot for Europe. This great person died on February 20, 1895. Her struggle convinced the world that why there is no need for circumstances, a step-by-step is an invaluable weapon.


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