History of racism:-

History of racism:
History of racism:

History of racism:-

History of racism continues from ancient times, while Aristotle and Eliot have expressed that they are better then the herdsmen, and some people are created slaves by nature so that they should cure us. The roots of current racism in the West are rooted in two historical ideas, one that the Greeks and Romans have made the nature superior, and the other is that the Jews have been found to be from the great God.
 Promote these ideas: –
When European nations belong toAfrica, India, and America, in the fifteenth century, they used these ideas to protect their interests there. In this way, Christians followed the commandments of God, captured the promised lands and treated the same people with the Jews who did the Jews with the Canaanites of Palestine, and convert them into wood collections and filling them. done. When the ideology was caught in the European Union, their conscience did not have any problem with them. When he murdered the ancient inhabitants of America and enslaved black people of Africa by bringing them slaves to Europe, in which it was justified by presenting this theory. When the historians entered the history of the concept and called simultaneously, the speakers of different languages called the nationalists and proven that these nations were independent in their entirety due to their own characteristics, so that they Effectively by letting it profit yourself. In comparison to the breeding men, the emphasis emphasized that “every nation is a historical part of the character,  and therefore its political institutions, social habits, and traditions separate from others.” So their struggle was in the pace of establishing their traditions, social habits, and political institutions. Europeans started setting up the colonial system for its break and embarked on their ideology by force.
History of racism:-
History of Racism

What is the colonies and why it was necessary: –

Colonies are actually a type of occupation in which all the resources and resources of this area are occupied, all occupations of local people are removed during the occupation. The process began in the eleventh century in the beginning. When Europe was aware of hidden wealth in Africa and Asia, traders of Europe planned to take possession of an interest in these areas, for which they also used religion to benefit from them. To stay there, they cut the forests and smoothened the land, while constructing the fortified houses in front of local people. They went to trade but they also used to take advantage of the fertile land, because the wool and wheat industry grew up in the past because of which the population had to grow, so its profit The people became the envelope of all the Mu’awiyah, who suffered from the power of harm and church, they began to pay more taxes and the farmers became unhealthy and proud. In such a situation, traders turned towards other areas and colonies began to exist.
History of racism:-
Its major example is the country of South Africa where non-Africans have attacked, how local people fought their rights, and when they were so happy when they were released from this occupation. The implications indicate that the colonization of Africa slowly and quietly happened. Earlier, people of Africa had complete information about the countries of the Middle East, the Middle East. They used to trade in many parts of Greek, Roman, and Arab Africa. After the appearance of Christianity and Islam, Africa further expanded its cultural ties to the Middle East countries.
 Initially, Europe’s traders used to hold on the shore of Africa, especially their links to the West African shores were just ceremonial, as Sichel David said it was a mutually discovered discovery. There were very few conflicts in the place where the ship used to set up and take food and water there, in the beginning, the Portuguese made their permanent castles and coats. It was later in the early 15thcenturies, soon after the Portuguese hopefully went to India that there would be a huge will get the treasure. But in this way, they discovered East Africa and built the castles for their straw here, out of them, “is the fort of Jesus” in today’s Kenya. The British arrive hear in the  16th  century, after this phase, the discovery of the blind internal parts of Africa began, and then the beginning of the trade of slave, which broke the society of Africa, and many stories of cruelty in the world Are it.

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