The world Black people of black race

 The world  Black  people  the black race
The world Black people of black race

                    In the world  Black  people of the black race                         

History is a mirror model for explanation and explanation of the current form of human society. There are different types of people’s temperament that they reveal. Since Imperialism’s coming, the societies that are purely pure, have proved to be extremely harmful, from which new trains appear to be exploited, and black people of a black race are dominant in its victims, while it continues. His motivation also includes the actors who advocate racist behavior, who have played an important role in promoting and strengthening the facts, he invented the White Nation’s edge on a black race. Breeding ideology was promoted.

Social behavior

                Many symptoms are attributed to black color in the world, but most of this color is commonly mixed and it is a complex question. What are the factors behind which they do not get black color? Let’s review this, the fact that black and white have come true and they all know well. There are different colors of people whose identity is visible from their height and the blackness, they also come black, but the people of discussion are equal, how can it be ethnic differences, if they do not try to prevail over each other Even if there is a mention about the black people, there is a sense of black race in mind that it is a misconduct. It is obvious that the black fits in this contraction, black color is also our purse. These racism trends have never been too low and it is difficult to assess damages

Breeding trend

       It is said that all Europe is known for racism. But especially in the United States racism trends have become extremely dangerous. America has proved to be a very bad country with regard to the sale and sale of slaves, where humanity is the story of human beings. It is a different thing that these are also great scholars of human rights, but it is also a real fact that the role of black people in their development is a real argument. History states that the world’s first blood bank in the 40s, black doctor Charles Drew, was founded before Edward Buckey was the first black American, who had pacified eighteen hundred. H. D degree obtained from the University of Jabal. In the 18th century, a black doctor, Williams, made the first operation of Heart Surgery, US Ambassador Ralph Bianchi got the first Nobel Prize and was given to the second Martin Luther King. Black Nobel Tony Morris, a Nobel Prize of Literature, was given in the 1970s. The first black governor of State Virginia, Douglas Wales, has been able to reach only five blacks, including Barack Obama, in the New York City, while only two black judges have been able to reach the Supreme Court. Also in the history of America, whereas black people got a chance, they got the idea of racial racism. Mohammad Ali Wali is the King of Boxing, the world can never be forgotten, with which it has become a color correction. They will always rule in people’s hearts. Revenue Jackson is the Black who participated in the race for a presidential candidate in Fortune Thieves, a while ago, during an interview, says that still there are strong roots in the United States. The blacks of the world still have to go far away. Blacks are known in the world with hatred and hatred behavior, which is the basis for the creation of the ultimate race of the white race
Europe finds justification for slavery, but in consequence the oppression and injustice increase in the European society, they need to be reviewed. Dark blacks fell into a human level, forced them to take care of them in the eyes of the world, by which the people of the world understood that Africa is such a state where there is no civilization nor civilization today. Does not exist. It is Europe’s hand to decline Africa, before that they lived like wild animals in the wild, because of these ideas, black places fell in 
place of world history and its identity now slavery and racism The reason is

( Sheedi) Black People In Pakistan

Written In Relation To The Black Months, A Historical Fact.

Great Leader Fredrick Douglas

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