Indus River Valley Civilization: —

 Indus River Valley Civilization:
Indus Valley

 Indus River Valley Civilization:

Indus River Valley Civilization according to the researchers of the Geologists, the presence of Gravity is 14 billion years old, due to different chemical transformation. It started cooling slowly and the water began to decrease, due to which the mountains made the process and the surface of the water began to appear. This level was named continent. According to experts, Sindh showed that 13 million years ago. In the north, it is a hill chain of Himalayas, whose designs have been 7 million years old. This mountain is also known as a young mountain. It is the world’s highest mountain after it’s becoming cool and cold, it started snowing on it and then turned into a flow. This flow started flowing in the river after the success of millions of years. Hundreds of small rivers flow from Nakim to the Himalayas. These small fluxes are combined with each other and form large flux. The river Indus is also one of the major rivers which led to the Sindh Sindh by flowing on its own. Land Sindh has been born millions of years ago. Sindh collected stones, grains, soil with them in Sindh and thus became Sindh. The existence of Sindh is from the river Indus. Sindh creators are about Tibet and Himalayas who have borne the existence of river Indus.
 Indus River Valley Civilization:
Indus River

 Sindh means the word: –

Sindhu means Sanskrit or sea in Sanskrit. According to the Sanskrit Gazetteer of India’s Imperial Gazetteer or Professor of Automotive, the main word of Indus (river) which means to flow. This means that Sindh means “such a river that flows forever or not.” Professor Max Maller says, “The word” Sindhu “has been derived from Sudan, which means to be saved.” Protecting the inhabitants of the river from which river Indus flows through the attacks of non-invaders and wild sores, both of these things seem to be hearted, but the first means is more noticeable, in which water flows through the meaning of Sindh. It is said, and if the flowing ocean is called, it will not be abundant (1) ….. Birumal Mehal Chand Advani (ancient Sindh) 2 Imperial Gazetteer of India.

 According to the river Tibet, it is said that it is derived from the lion’s mouth, people from the part of Hama Leh in the Karakoram are called it (Porbandar) river. It is called Abbasin (the father of all) till the Taurus-under Taurus. Sindh worships people of this world, in some form of Adro-Lal, in some cases, they say that Sindh is the only source of bread for us. 

Sanskrit is an ancient language which means trapped. Where has this been truncated, could it mean a language before? The answer is that Mohan Joe’s bid. The meaning of the words written by Mohan Modi clearly means that before it was spoken in Sindh any other language, which is called ‘Sindhi’ will not be wrong, and Sanskrit is a continuation of this language. Another proof of the river Indus river is that Arya has called Sindh (Sindh) as a spoiler, namely seven rivers.

By which Sindhu means clearing this discussion has shown that Sindh is the word of the sixth Sindhi, which means the river and it has been used as later. This name has been running so far and in the Sindhi language, no other name has taken place. At the moment, the river is also used for the river, which is the word of Persian.

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